Shopping Deals on 22.02.2020 at TOPPIDUS

The modern world of e-commerce offers the current buyer hundreds and hundreds of thousands of offers for every taste, color, size and format and needs. Demand creates supply and high prices. When there is no demand, the price goes down, thereby pushing buyers to make a purchase.

What you need to know about discounts?

The relationship between the buyer and seller are reduced to finding the optimal balance in understanding the value and value of a product or service and discounts play an important role here. How to turn them to your advantage?

Discount variations are many:
  • cumulative loyalty program discount;
  • discount for seasonal sales;
  • discount in the sale of the remnants of the previous collection;
  • promotional discount when launching a new product or service (or even launching a store);
  • trade-in-discount, at which a used item changes to a new one with a surcharge;
  • discounts, bonuses that can be spent on the next purchase;
  • wholesale discounts;
  • discounts for any actions (for example, when making a purchase online);
  • one-day and grand sales discounts - for example, Black Friday;
  • discounts that you get after purchase (cashbacks on the card, promotional codes, discounts for action, etc.).

No need to give yourself a setup to use all the options for discounts, but to be interested in current promotions of your favorite brands is quite reasonable. If the purchase was planned in any case, it is better to make it at a discount than to pay the full cost.

How to timely learn about discounts

On the TOPPIDUS platform, daily information on sales and promotions is published daily. Service users will be the first to find out about lucrative offers and may ask clarifying questions to representatives of brands. Also implemented the ability to go to the site of companies to view the characteristics of the product and reviews about it. Such information is free: all that is required of T users is to independently determine which price of the product is most attractive to them. Use TOPPIDUS and enjoy the bargain.