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  • AD Skyraider Units of the Korean War (Combat Aircraft Book 114)

    The Douglas AD Skyraider is considered the most effective naval aircraft of the Korean War despite the emergence of new jet fighters that captured public imagination. Built to replace the World War 2 workhorses like the Dauntless, Helldiver and Avenger diveand torpedo-bombers, the Skyraider operated numerous combat missions from carrier decks and from US Marine Corps land bases throughout the conflict. Drawing from personal interviews with AD pilots, the authors paint a harrowing picture of the deadly combat of this often forgotten air war as p...


  • Ad Skyraider Units of the Korean War

    The AD Skyraider was the most effective naval aircraft of the Korean War. This book tells the story of this often forgotten air war through personal interviews with its brave

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  • The Imjin War : Japan's Sixteenth-Century Invasion of Korea and Attempt to Conquer China

    In May of 1592, Japanese dictator Toyotomi Hideyoshi sent a 158,800-man army of invasion from Kyushu to Pusan on Korea's southern tip. His objective: to conquer Korea, then China, then the whole of Asia. The

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  • This Kind of War : The Classic Korean War History, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition

    Updated with maps, photographs, and battlefield diagrams for a special 50th anniversary edition of the classic

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  • Korea: The Ground War from Both Sides (Images of War)

    Korea the Ground War from Both

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  • Korean War

    A vivid and meticulous assessment of one of the most misunderstood episodes in recent history, this is a look back to the first war we could not win--not just the big picture, but also a

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  • The Coldest Winter : America and the Korean War

    The bestselling author of the thrilling work on the Vietnam War, "The Best and the Brightest," offers unrivaled research and formidable journalistic skills to shed light on another dark corner of American history: the Korean

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  • The Korean War


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  • B-29 Superfortress Units of the Korean War - eBook

    This book is the story of a majestic bomber of the propeller era flying perilous combat missions against a sleek, nimble warplane of the jet age, the Soviet MiG-15. A very heavy bomber and a

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  • This Kind of War : The Classic Korean War History

    The authoritative, highly acclaimed classic history of the Korean War, This Kind of War is a dramatic and hard-hitting account of the conflict written from the perspective of those who fought

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  • The Coldest War : A Memoir of Korea

    On the 50th anniversary of the Korean conflict, Brady vividly describes his life as a young marine lieutenant in Korea, his rapid education in the realities of war, and the pressures of command. Brady is

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  • 1951 Korean War Navy Carrier Operations

    Ad Skyraider Units Of The Korean War
    Korean War (Event),United States Navy (Organization),Richard Keller,20th Century Docume...


    Ad Skyraider Units Of The Korean War
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    Ad Skyraider Units Of The Korean War
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