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  • The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

    In Michael Bungay Stanier's The Coaching Habit, coaching becomes a regular, informal part of your day so managers and their teams can work less hard and have more impact.Drawing on years of experience training more than 10,000 busy managers from around the globe in practical, everyday coaching skills, Bungay Stanier reveals how to unlock your peoples' potential. He unpacks seven essential coaching questions to demonstrate how--by saying less and asking more--you can develop coaching methods that produce great results.– Get straight to the poi...


  • Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings (Mastery Series Book 1)

    Want to overcome negative feelings? Feel like you aren’t good enough? Need help dealing with stress? Have you ever been so consumed by negative emotions you thought they’d never go away?The solution to deal with negative emotions is to understand how your emotions work and apply specific techniques to ensure you manage them as effectively as possible. Master Your Emotions is the ‘how-to’ manual your parents should have given you at birth. By reading it, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to deal with negative emotions so you can li...

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  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

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  • Fun Is Good: How to Create Joy and Passion in your Workplace and Career

    Maverick marketing whiz Mike Veeck is ready to share his simple, fail-proof formula for business success: Make work fun and you’ll create a culture of creativity that attracts the best employees and encourages customers to spend their money.Veeck stresses the need to reexamine the way business is conducted, from employer-employee relationships to customer service.The Fun Is Good philosophy has worked to make enjoyable evenings for all at Veeck’s ballparks but has also transformed a half-dozen struggling or start-up teams into a thriving $25...

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  • The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias

    "Favorite Books of 2018" The Greater Good MagazineForeword by Laszlo Bock, the bestselling author of Work Rules! and former Senior Vice President of People Operations at GoogleAn inspiring guide from Dolly Chugh, an award-winning social psychologist at the New York University Stern School of Business, on how to confront difficult issues including sexism, racism, inequality, and injustice so that you can make the world (and yourself) better.Many of us believe in equality, diversity, and inclusion. But how do we stand up for those values in our ...

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  • Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business

    Casey McDaniel had never been so nervous in his life. In just ten minutes, The Meeting, as it would forever be known, would begin.  Casey had every reason to believe that his performance over the next two hours would determine the fate of his career, his financial future, and the company he had built from scratch. “How could my life have unraveled so quickly?” he wondered. In his latest page-turning work of business fiction, best-selling author Patrick Lencioni provides readers with another powerful and thought-provoking book, this one cen...

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  • The Nonverbal Advantage: Secrets and Science of Body Language at Work (Bk Business)

    The workplace is a “blink” world: studies show that we form opinions of one another within seven seconds of meeting and that 93 percent of the messages people receive from us have nothing to do with what we actually say. So the ability to recognize and develop good nonverbal communication skills can be a huge professional advantage. Carol Kinsey Goman combines the latest research and her twenty-five years of practical experience as a consultant, coach, and therapist in this fun and practical guide to understanding what you and the people y...

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  • Won With Purpose: Positively Impacting Lives On And Off The Field

    So many businesses today focus on maximizing profits. In their pursuit ofdollars and cents, they sacrifice employee happiness and customer satisfaction. In the end, these companies wither away.Andrew Limouris believes that giving people a true purpose―something other than financial gain―leads to accomplishment,ultimately improving the company’s bottom line in the process. Won with Purposeshowcases Andrew’s attempts as the leader of a national staffing company and youth footballcoach to cultivate a deeper purpose within his teams. He’s...

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  • Talent Readiness: The Future Is Now

    GETTING THE RIGHT PEOPLE, IN THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME, WITH THE RIGHT MOTIVATION.Tom Casey and his collaborators want ALL CEOs  to appreciate the imminent “Perfect Storm” of human capital change.  As CEOs navigate the unchartered waters of globalization, declining engagement, and shifting demographics, they are seeing a dramatic imbalance between talent needs and talent availability. As well, CEOs are confronted with the difference in work styles and priorities of four generations of employees and need to reconcile t...

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  • WorkInspired: How to Build an Organization Where Everyone Loves to Work

    Axiom Business Book Award Silver Medalist in Leadership • Soundview Best Business Book A “Highest Rated CEO” who has transformed his organization into a billion-dollar company and a “Top Place to Work” shows leaders how truly prioritizing employees isn’t just good for employees—it’s good for business. Imagine a company where everybody loves to work, where employees feel not just “satisfied” but truly cared for, respected, and energized. Think of the impact this would have on recruitment, retention, customer satisfaction, in...

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  • Gender Sense: How Gender Affects Negotiation (Negotiate Like the Pros)

    Increasingly, women are taking their places at corporate tables as fully participating executives. They are interacting with men as equals, not as subordinates. The “man’s world” that used to exist has been  evaporating - sometimes slowly, to be sure—ever since women won the right to vote. The ideal situation—the one toward which we hope we are moving—would be a work force populated equally by men and  women at all levels, with equal opportunity for all. In such an environment, men and women would develop a common language based u...

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  • How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere : The Secrets of Good Communication

    A master of the art of conversation shares ideas on effective communication skills, explaining how to get one's message across, interest listeners, recover from mistakes, and develop self-confidence in situations ranging from business meetings and

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  • Sync or Swim : A Fable About Workplace Communication and Coming Together in a Crisis

    "The workplace is stressful these days. Sync or Swim is a refreshing story of a sheepdog and a puffin that helps us to solve a frustrating mystery: Why do morale-building programs often hurt morale .

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  • Five Stars : The Communication Secrets to Get from Good to Great

    "[In this book, the author] breaks down how to apply Aristotle's formula of persuasion to inspire contemporary

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  • E-mail : A Write It Well Guide: How to Write and Manage E-mail in the Workplace

    The book is the updated version of E-Mail: A Write It Well Guide. In today's fast-paced, competitive business environment, everyone needs to communicate clearly and use time productively. E-Mail: A Write It Well Guide is

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  • The Purpose Revolution : How Leaders Create Engagement and Competitive Advantage in an Age of Social Good

    "More and more, employees, customers, and investors want their work and money to not only provide for their own material needs but to also help create a better world for all. Bestselling author John Izzo

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  • Don't Break the Rope! : A Parable about Collaboration, Communication, and Teamwork in the Workplace

    Are you new to an organization and want to learn the "soft skills" needed to succeed? Are you concerned that your style doesn't fit with the teammates you've been assigned? Does your workplace drive you

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  • Dirt Is Good : The Advantage of Germs for Your Child's Developing Immune System


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  • Workplace Communication - eBook

    It’s time for a paradigm shift in workplace communication!Are you ready to increase the dynamics of your communication environment at work – to evolve from a routine message distribution system to a powerful change agent

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  • Communication and the High Performance Workplace - eBook

    It is said that communication is the key to success in this era of rapid change. Good communication skills are said to be among the most important characteristics of high-performing teams. Yet the importance thereof

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  • The Roles and Challenges of Communication in the Workplace - eBook

    Abstract: This article discusses the appropriate roles of communications within the workplace as well as challenges that are caused by poor communications. Topics explored include: Understanding cultural differences, creating positive climate, understanding communication flow, and

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    Advantages Of Good Communication In The Workplace
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    Advantages Of Good Communication In The Workplace
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    Advantages Of Good Communication In The Workplace
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