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  • Mr. Lincoln's T-Mails: How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War

    The Civil War was the first "modern war." Because of the rapid changes in American society, Abraham Lincoln became president of a divided United States during a period of technological and social revolution. Among the many modern marvels that gave the North an advantage was the telegraph, which Lincoln used to stay connected to the forces in the field in almost real time.No leader in history had ever possessed such a powerful tool to gain control over a fractious situation. An eager student of technology, Lincoln (the only president to hold a p...

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  • Joint Operations In The North Carolina Sounds During The Civil War - eBook

    This study is a historical analysis of Union joint operations that occurred during the American Civil War in northeastern North Carolina. The study begins with a historical overview of joint operations then transitions into the

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  • Divided Allegiances : Bertie County During the Civil War

    This volume examines divided loyalties between Union and Confederate forces in an eastern North Carolina county. The author painstakingly identifies those natives who served each side and graphically describes battles and social upheavals that engulfed

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  • Social and Industrial Conditions in the North During the Civil War...

    Social and Industrial Conditions in the North During the Civil

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  • A Most Unsettled State: First-Person Accounts of St. Louis During the Civil War - eBook

    During the Civil War, St. Louis was under martial law. The city was divided to the core. A Most Unsettled State conveys this precarious dynamic through the pens of those who experienced it. Author NiNi

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  • Midnight in America : Darkness, Sleep, and Dreams During the Civil War


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  • Lee's Invasion of the North : the Campaign of Antietam (Sharpsburg), 1862, during the American Civil War

    The defeat of Lee's great advanceThis book, concerning a pivotal campaign of the American Civil War, gathers together numerous accounts by those who were present when these events took place. Robert E Lee's great initiative

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  • Duty Driven : The Plight of North Alabama's African Americans During the Civil War


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  • Seven Months In The Rebel States During The North American War, 1863 - eBook

    “Captain Scheibert’s [book] was available only in German until W. S. Poole edited the present version. A member of the Prussian army since 1849, and ‘well known as an authority on fortifications,’ Scheibert was sent

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  • Practical Liberators : Union Officers in the Western Theater During the Civil War

    During the first fifteen months of the Civil War, the policies and attitudes of Union officers toward emancipation in the western theater were, at best, inconsistent and fraught with internal strains. But after Congress passed

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  • The Seventh Star of the Confederacy : Texas during the Civil War

    This new anthology incorporates the latest scholarly research on how Texans experienced the war. Eighteen contributors take us from the battlefront to the home front, from inside a Confederate prison to inside the homes of

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  • Northern advantages during the civil war

    Advantages Of The North During The Civil War

    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Civil War

    Advantages Of The North During The Civil War
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    Northern/Southern Strengths in Civil War

    Advantages Of The North During The Civil War
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