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  • Towards an effective delivery of public services in Africa : report of the 28th Roundtable Conference of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM), Arusha, Tanzania : 4-8, December 2006.

    • ASIN: B007HGF352

  • Culture, Philosophies and Reforms in Public Administration for the Globalising World: A Reflection on Local, Regional and International Perspectives (Association ... and Management Book Series 1)

    The aim of this scholarly collected work is to contribute to the scientific discourse on public administration in a globalised environment. The book reflects on governance challenges in South Africa and in Africa, with its point of departure being the ‘master narratives’ (the so-called grand debates) such as New Public Management and, specifically, the role of technology. It also reflects on the so-called middle range discourses concerning organisational-level issues in government (e.g. leadership and work procedures) and explores new solut...

    • ASIN: B07PDH1BPX

  • Enhancing the performance of the African public service commissions : report of the workshop held at the Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda, 7-11 April 2008.

    • ASIN: B007HGRTAY

  • The Ecology Of Public Adminstration And Management In Africa

    • ASIN: B008VS4M9I

  • African public services: Challenges and a profile for the future

    • ASIN: 0706964284

  • Public Enterprises Performance and the Privatization Debate: A Review of the Options for Africa

    • ASIN: 0706934504

  • The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey

    This book explores the transformation in the healthcare system in Turkey since 2003, which has been portrayed as a benchmark for building universal healthcare systems in emerging market economies. Focussing on healthcare politics in an under-researched developing country context, it fills a significant lacuna in existing scholarship. This study answers these questions: What were the political dynamics that enabled the introduction of healthcare reform in Turkey? What political conflicts did the reform generate? How and to whose benefit have the...

    • ASIN: B0732SG3KN

  • Public administration in micro states : a case study of Seychelles

    • ASIN: B007HDXF4Q

  • Decentralisation in Africa : A Pathway out of Poverty and Conflict?: A Way Out of Poverty and Conflict? (European Association of Development Institutes Publications)

    Grounded in empirically-based country case studies, this new study provides a sober assessment of what decentralisation can achieve. The current momentum for decentralisation of government in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world is unparalleled, but are the benefits claimed by its advocates being realised? Focusing on two claims in particular, this book questions whether decentralisation does offer a significant pathway out of poverty and conflict in Africa. Issues of poverty reduction are addressed in Uganda, Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania...

    • ASIN: B005SQFBOQ

  • Meeting Students Where They Live: Motivation in Urban Schools

    Motivation and hope are two items in short supply in many urban schools. But it doesn't have to be that way, according to Richard L. Curwin. Based on input from teachers across the United States and on his own personal experiences, Curwin offers suggestions that every school can use to keep students in the classroom and looking toward a brighter future.In Meeting Students Where They Live, Curwin urges teachers and administrators in urban schools to move away from a focus on control, uniformity, lack of tolerance, and ironclad rules toward an ap...

    • ASIN: 1416609563
    • Brand: Brand: Association for Supervision Curriculum Development

  • Report of the expert consultation on the role of autonomous funds as intermediaries in channelling money for social and economic development in Africa: Kampala, Uganda 4-6 April, 1995

    • ASIN: 9185214213

  • Novick & Morrow's Public Health Administration : Principles for Population-Based Management

    Rev. ed. of: Public health administration / edited by Lloyd F. Novick, Cynthia B. Morrow, Glen P. Mays. 2nd ed.

    • UPC: 22915148

  • Public Management; Thinking and Acting in Three Dimensions

    Managing in the public sector requires an understanding of the interaction between three distinct dimensions—administrative structures, organizational cultures, and the skills of individual managers. Public managers must produce results that citizens and their representatives expect

    • UPC: 40400915

  • Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management : A Handbook for Academics and Practitioners

    Menifield's budgeting and finance book firmly connects budgetary theory and practice. It provides instructors a standalone book that covers all of the major thematic areas expected of a book of this

    • UPC: 56143797

  • Public Management and Administration

    The nature and management of the public sector has changed dramatically since a more flexible, market-based model replaced the rigid, bureaucratic form of public administration of the 20th century. The fourth edition of this highly

    • UPC: 921447921

  • Financial Management in the Public Sector : Tools, Applications and Cases

    The new edition of this popular book provides a step-by-step guide on how to use financial management and budgeting tools in the public sector. The book features a practical, case-study approach, and includes plentiful exercises

    • UPC: 27547432

  • Public Administration in the Globalisation Era: The New Public Management Perspective - eBook

    This book explores the transformative effect of globalisation on the theory and practice of public administration in the twenty-first century. It outlines on the complex dynamics of worldwide changesthe reformulation of the fundamental premises of

    • UPC: 712699897

  • The Autonomy of the Modern Greek Public Administration - eBook

    Essay from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, Panteion University, Athen (GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF LAW), language: Modern Greek, abstract: ???????????? ?? ???? ???????????? ?????????? ???? ??? ????????? ??????????

    • UPC: 726466026

  • Zukunftsorientierte Personalentwicklung: Der 'Master of Public Administration - MPA' in der deutschen Steuerverwaltung - eBook

    Wissenschaftlicher Aufsatz aus dem Jahr 2012 im Fachbereich BWL - Personal und Organisation, Note: 2,3, Universität Kassel, Veranstaltung: Personalmanagement, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Das deutsche Steuerrecht wird vielfach als das weltweit komplexeste Steuersystem erachtet. Die Gründe

    • UPC: 550198650

  • Research Methods in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management - eBook

    Now in a thoroughly revised and refreshed fourth edition, Research Methods in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management is beloved by students and professors alike for its exceptional clarity and accessibility and plentiful illustrations. This new

    • UPC: 596135440

  • Person-Job Fit Changes As A Consequence Of Public Management Reforms In Self-Governmental Units - eBook

    The research is based on the assumption that management reforms cause changes in municipal administration and its person-job fit. The theoretical description of the problem is possible by drawing on Edward's (1991) person-job fit theorem.

    • UPC: 874524379

  • "Public affairs, governance & the fourth industrial revolution"

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