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  • Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

    This is the first modern textbook, written in the 21st century, to make explicit the many connections between physical organic chemistry and critical fields such as organometallic chemistry, materials chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, and biochemistry. In the latter part of the 20th century, the field of physical organic chemistry went through dramatic changes, with an increased emphasis on noncovalent interactions and their roles in molecular recognition, supramolecular chemistry, and biology; the development of new materials with novel structu...

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  • Student Solutions Manual To Accompany Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

    This Student Solutions Manual, which provides complete solutions to all of the nearly 600 exercises in the accompanying textbook, will encourage students to work the exercises, enhancing their mastery of physical organic chemistry. When used properly by students to compare their solutions with the detailed solutions provided in the manual, it will serve as an excellent tool for sharpening skills and encouraging a deeper understanding of the concepts that are covered. Like the accompanying text by Anslyn and Dougherty, this manual also includes ...

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  • Organic Chemistry: Theory, Reactivity and Mechanisms in Modern Synthesis

    Provides the background, tools, and models required to understand organic synthesis and plan chemical reactions more efficiently Knowledge of physical chemistry is essential for achieving successful chemical reactions in organic chemistry. Chemists must be competent in a range of areas to understand organic synthesis. Organic Chemistry provides the methods, models, and tools necessary to fully comprehend organic reactions. Written by two internationally recognized experts in the field, this much-needed textbook fills a gap in current literatu...

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  • Student Solutions Manual for Modern Physical Organic Chemistry by Michael B. Sponsler (2005-08-15)

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  • By Eric V. Anslyn - Modern Physical Organic Chemistry (12.2.2004)

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  • Organic Chemistry: A Mechanistic Approach

    Offering a different, more engaging approach to teaching and learning, Organic Chemistry: A Mechanistic Approach classifies organic chemistry according to mechanism rather than by functional group. The book elicits an understanding of the material, by means of problem solving, instead of purely requiring memorization. The text enables a deep understanding of underlying principles that can be applied to a wide range of problems and systems. It also teaches a way of thinking and analysis that will serve students well across many academic discipli...

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  • Physical Organic Chemistry (2nd Edition)

    Extensively revised and updated, this second edition covers the basics of the subject and the mechanisms for a wide range of chemical reactions. The text emphasises the frontier orbital theory and the use of the Hückel molecular orbitals to account for chemical reactivity. This is fully supported by references to the necessary experimental evidence, extensive data and new research methods currently in use. ...

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  • Modern Physical Organic Chemistry


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  • Anslyn & Dougherty's Modern Physical Organic Chemistry Student Solutions Manual

    The manual includes not only answers for each of the end-of-chapter problems, but also descriptive solutions that show how the answers are obtained. Selected problems also have Going Deeper highlights that explore interesting and important

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    Anslyn And Dougherty Modern Physical Organic Chemistry
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    Anslyn And Dougherty Modern Physical Organic Chemistry
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