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  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Process Control: Lecture Notes Erasmus Intensive Course (Linguistics; 7;multilingual Matters)

    This book is the result of a united effort of six European universities to create an overall course on the appplication of artificial intelligence (AI) in process control. The book includes an introduction to key areas including; knowledge representation, expert, logic, fuzzy logic, neural network, and object oriented-based approaches in AI. Part two covers the application to control engineering, part three: Real-Time Issues, part four: CAD Systems and Expert Systems, part five: Intelligent Control and part six: Supervisory Control, Monitoring ...

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Process Engineering

    Artificial Intelligence in Process Engineering aims to present a diverse sample of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in process engineering.The book contains contributions, selected by the editors based on educational value and diversity of AI methods and process engineering application domains. Topics discussed in the text include the use of qualitative reasoning for modeling and simulation of chemical systems; the use of qualitative models in discrete event simulation to analyze malfunctions in processing systems; and the diagnosis of...

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  • Condition Monitoring Using Computational Intelligence Methods: Applications in Mechanical and Electrical Systems

    Condition Monitoring Using Computational Intelligence Methods promotes the various approaches gathered under the umbrella of computational intelligence to show how condition monitoring can be used to avoid equipment failures and lengthen its useful life, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs. The text introduces various signal-processing and pre-processing techniques, wavelets and principal component analysis, for example, together with their uses in condition monitoring and details the development of effective feature extraction techn...

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  • Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Theory and Application (MIT Lincoln Laboratory Series)

    An introduction to decision making under uncertainty from a computational perspective, covering both theory and applications ranging from speech recognition to airborne collision avoidance.Many important problems involve decision making under uncertainty―that is, choosing actions based on often imperfect observations, with unknown outcomes. Designers of automated decision support systems must take into account the various sources of uncertainty while balancing the multiple objectives of the system. This book provides an introduction to the ch...

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  • Neural Networks in Bioprocessing and Chemical Engineering

    Neural networks have received a great deal of attention among scientists and engineers. In chemical engineering, neural computing has moved from pioneering projects toward mainstream industrial applications. This book introduces the fundamental principles of neural computing, and is the first to focus on its practical applications in bioprocessing and chemical engineering. Examples, problems, and 10 detailed case studies demonstrate how to develop, train, and apply neural networks. A disk containing input data files for all illustrative example...

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  • Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs

    #1 New York Times BestsellerLegendary venture capitalist John Doerr reveals how the goal-setting system of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) has helped tech giants from Intel to Google achieve explosive growth—and how it can help any organization thrive. In the fall of 1999, John Doerr met with the founders of a start-up whom he'd just given $12.5 million, the biggest investment of his career. Larry Page and Sergey Brin had amazing technology, entrepreneurial energy, and sky-high ambitions, but no real business plan. For Google to change th...

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  • Efficient Numerical Methods and Information-Processing Techniques for Modeling Hydro- and Environmental Systems (Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics Book 21)

    Numerical simulation models have become indispensable in hydro- and environmental sciences and engineering. This monograph presents a general introduction to numerical simulation in environment water, based on the solution of the equations for groundwater flow and transport processes, for multiphase and multicomponent flow and transport processes in the subsurface as well as for flow and transport processes in surface waters. It displays in detail the state of the art of discretization and stabilization methods (e.g. finite-difference, finite-e...

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  • Universal 1/32 DIN PID Temperature Controller

    Universal controller, works with either mechanical relay or SSR Display: One lines, Four digits. ºF or ºC Input type: TC: K, E, S, R, J, T, B, WRe3-WRe25. RTD: Pt100, Cu50 Input range: K (-200~+1300ºC), S (-50~+1600ºC), WRe3-WRe25 (0~2300ºC ), R (-50~+1600ºC), T (-200~400ºC), E (-200~900ºC), J (-200~1200ºC), B (350~1800ºC), Pt100 (-99.9~600.0ºC) or (-200~+600ºC), Cu50 (-50~150ºC) Display Resolution: 1°C, 1°F, or 0.1°C, 0. 1°F with Pt100 Accuracy:±0.2% or ±1 unit of full input range Control mode: PID, On-Off Output mode: Rela...

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  • Estimation with Applications to Tracking and Navigation

    Expert coverage of the design and implementation of state estimation algorithms for tracking and navigation Estimation with Applications to Tracking and Navigation treats the estimation of various quantities from inherently inaccurate remote observations. It explains state estimator design using a balanced combination of linear systems, probability, and statistics. The authors provide a review of the necessary background mathematical techniques and offer an overview of the basic concepts in estimation. They then provide detailed treatments of a...

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  • Planning in Intelligent Systems: Aspects, Motivations, and Methods (Wiley Series on Intelligent Systems Book 11)

    The first comparative examination of planning paradigms This text begins with the principle that the ability to anticipate and plan is an essential feature of intelligent systems, whether human or machine. It further assumes that better planning results in greater achievements. With these principles as a foundation, Planning in Intelligent Systems provides readers with the tools needed to better understand the process of planning and to become better planners themselves. The text is divided into two parts: * Part One, "Theoretical," discusses...

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  • Artificial Cognitive Architecture with Self-Learning and Self-Optimization Capabilities: Case Studies in Micromachining Processes (Springer Theses)

    This book introduces three key issues: (i) development of a gradient-free method to enable multi-objective self-optimization; (ii) development of a reinforcement learning strategy to carry out self-learning and finally, (iii) experimental evaluation and validation in two micromachining processes (i.e., micro-milling and micro-drilling). The computational architecture (modular, network and reconfigurable for real-time monitoring and control) takes into account the analysis of different types of sensors, processing strategies and methodologies fo...

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  • A Concise Introduction to Decentralized POMDPs (SpringerBriefs in Intelligent Systems)

    This book introduces multiagent planning under uncertainty as formalized by decentralized partially observable Markov decision processes (Dec-POMDPs). The intended audience is researchers and graduate students working in the fields of artificial intelligence related to sequential decision making: reinforcement learning, decision-theoretic planning for single agents, classical multiagent planning, decentralized control, and operations research. ...

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  • Positive Systems : Theory and Applications (POSTA 2018) (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences Book 480)

    This book presents high-quality original contributions on positive systems, including those with positivity in compartmental switched systems, Markovian jump systems, Boolean networks, interval observer design, fault detection, and delay systems. It comprises a selection of the best papers from POSTA 2018, the 6th International Conference on Positive Systems, which was held in Hangzhou, China, in August 2018. The POSTA conference series represents a targeted response to the growing need for research that reports on and critically discusses a wi...

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  • Learning and Generalisation: With Applications to Neural Networks (Communications and Control Engineering)

    How does a machine learn a new concept on the basis of examples? This second edition takes account of important new developments in the field. It also deals extensively with the theory of learning control systems, now comparably mature to learning of neural networks.

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  • Computer Software Structures Integrating AI/KBS Systems in Process Control: Workshop : Papers (IFAC Postprint Volume)

    The past few years have seen rapid developments in computer technology, giving rise to a range of system control options which can be applied in the process industries. These include; open systems, expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy systems and object-oriented systems, all of which are covered in this key volume, which provides an invaluable summary of the latest international research in this area....

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  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Process Control

    Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Process

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  • Assistive Technology and Artificial Intelligence : Applications in Robotics, User Interfaces and Natural Language Processing

    Assistive Technology and Artificial Intelligence, Vol.

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  • Advancing Artificial Intelligence Through Biological Process Applications

    As science continues to advance, researchers are continually gaining new insights into the way living beings behave and function, and into the composition of the smallest molecules. Most of these biological processes have been imitated

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  • Industrial Process Identification - eBook

    *Industrial Process Identification *brings together the latest advances in perturbation signal design. It describes the approaches to the design process that are relevant to industries. The authors’ discussion of several software packages (Frequency Domain System Identification

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  • Artificial Neural Networks for the Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of Technical Processes

    This book investigates the properties of locally recurrent neural networks, developing training procedures for them and their application to the modeling and fault diagnosis of non-linear dynamic processes and

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  • Machine Learning for Beginners 2019: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Predictive Modelling (Data Mining Algorithms & Applications for Finance, Business & Marketing)

    Machine Learning for Beginners 2019: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Predictive Modelling (Data Mining

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  • Anaphora Processing and Applications : 8th Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution Colloquium, DAARC 2011, Faro Portugal, October 6-7, 2011. Revised Selected Papers

    Anaphora Processing and

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  • Controlled Natural Language


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  • Artificial Intelligence Demonstration - AI on the machine level

    Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Process Control
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    Power Industry 4.0 with Artificial Intelligence

    Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Process Control
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    Application of Artificial Intelligence in Process Control Lecture Notes Erasmus Intensive Course Lin

    Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Process Control