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  • The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

    Could everything we know about fossil fuels be wrong?For decades, environmentalists have told us that using fossil fuels is a self-destructive addiction that will destroy our planet. Yet at the same time, by every measure of human well-being, from life expectancy to clean water to climate safety, life has been getting better and better.How can this be?The explanation, energy expert Alex Epstein argues in The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, is that we usually hear only one side of the story. We’re taught to think only of the negatives of fossil f...


  • The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists

    The Great Global Warming Blunder unveils new evidence from major scientific findings that explode the conventional wisdom on climate change and reshape the global warming debate as we know it. Roy W. Spencer, a former senior NASA climatologist, reveals how climate researchers have mistaken cause and effect when analyzing cloud behavior and have been duped by Mother Nature into believing the Earth’s climate system is far more sensitive to human activities and carbon dioxide than it really is.In fact, Spencer presents astonishing new evidence t...

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  • Real Manhood : Being the Man God Made You to Be

    Being a man of God is not easy in today's world. There are many distorted ideas and images being presented by contemporary culture, and even by men's families, that don't line up with the Word

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  • Man-Made Global Warming? - eBook

    Thomas Shipley Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award byMarquis Who’s WhoThomas Shipley has been endorsed by Marquis Who’s Who as a leader in his industryDuring my engineering days (1950 to 1965) with

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  • Man-Made Global Warming? - eBook

    I am not a climatic scientist; I am an experienced electrical engineer, drawn to study this subject by the peculiarity of the news I was observing. And it became obvious, very quickly, that something weird

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  • Global Warming Made Simple - eBook

    Global Warming is a serious matter requiring an open and honest discussion. Unfortunately, I have not seen any such discussion. I hear that there is consensus among scientists. When they know what they are talking

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  • The Man Who Planted Trees : A Story of Lost Groves, the Science of Trees, and a Plan to Save the Planet

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  • An Argument in Support of the Right of the Poor in the Kingdom of Ireland, to a National Provision; In the Appendix to Which, an Attempt Is Made to Settle a Measure of the Contribution Due from Each Man to the Poor

    An Argument in Support of the Right of the Poor in the Kingdom of Ireland, to a National

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  • Global Warming False Alarm, 2nd Edition : The Bad Science Behind the United Nations' Assertion That Man-Made Co2 Causes Global Warming

    This revised edition of Ralph Alexander's 2009 book features approximately 50% new or updated material, including an expanded chapter on alternative explanations to CO2 as the main source of global warming. Newly added sections in

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  • Porcupine Revived, Or, an Old Thing Made New : Being 1. an Argument Against the Expediency of a War with England. 2. an Exposition of the Absurdity of Sending Albert Gallatin to Treat with the British

    Porcupine Revived, Or, an Old Thing Made

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  • Attack of the 50 Ft. Women: From Man-Made Mess to a Better Future - The Truth about Global Inequality and How to Unleash Female Potential

    'Buy it for yourself, your husband or partner. Most importantly, buy it for your

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  • The Little Ice Age : How Climate Made History 1300-1850

    "[The Little Ice Age] could do for the historical study of climate what Michel Foucault's classic Madness and Civilization did for the historical study of mental illness: make it a respectable subject for scholarly inquiry."

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  • Conversation with global warming skeptic Anthony Watts

    Arguments For Global Warming Being Man Made
    Global Warming,Anthony Watts,PBS NewsHour,Spencer Michels,Climate

    Global Warming - Natural vs. Manmade Causes Compared By NASA | Video

    Arguments For Global Warming Being Man Made
    nasa,global warming,climate change,earth temperature,natural causes,greenhouse gas,aero...

    13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

    Arguments For Global Warming Being Man Made