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  • Arms & Armor of the Medieval Knight: An Illustrated History of Weaponry in the Middle Ages

    More than two hundred illustrations trace the development of medieval arms from their crude beginnings to the beautiful ceremonial armor of the Renaissance

    • ASIN: 0517103192

  • Samurai Arms, Armour & the Tactics of Warfare: The Collected Scrolls of Natori-Ryu (Book of Samurai)

    THE FIRST-EVER STUDY OF SAMURAI ARMS, ARMOUR AND TACTICS IN THE WORDS OF AN AUTHENTIC SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY SAMURAI MASTER STRATEGIST   Part of the acclaimed Book of Samurai series, which presents for the first time the translated scrolls of the historical Natori-Ryū samurai school of war, this volume offers an exceptional insight into the weaponry and armour of the samurai era, as well as tactical advice for use on and off the battlefield.   Two secret scrolls by the samurai tactician Natori Sanjūrō Masazumi are presented here: Heieki Yōh...

    • ASIN: 1786781735

  • Arms and Armor: A Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth-Century Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive)

    Over thousands of years, man has developed an enormous variety of offensive and defensive weapons for use in battle as well as a vast array of armor and other protective devices. Now artists and illustrators can draw on this extensive archive for superb copyright-free illustrations of vintage arms, armor, and other battlefield paraphernalia. Choose from a rich trove of over 750 illustrations compiled from rare nineteenth-century sources. Included are detailed, high-quality depictions — arranged chronologically and, to some extent, geographica...

    • ASIN: 0486285618
    • UPC: 800759285617

  • How to Read European Armor (The Metropolitan Museum of Art - How to Read)

    An accessibly written and superbly illustrated introduction to armor used for battle, tournament, and ceremony This engaging book offers an introduction to and overview of armor in Europe from the Middle Ages through the 17th century, focusing in particular on the 16th century when plate armor reached its peak of stylistic beauty and functional perfection. Created by highly skilled armorers, often in cooperation with noted artists and commissioned by wealthy patrons, armor was worn for centuries on the battlefield, in festive tournaments, and f...

    • ASIN: 1588396290

  • Medieval Arms and Armor: A Pictorial Archive (Dover Pictorial Archive)

    A renowned 19th-century cultural historian and specialist on the Middle Ages, J. H. Hefner-Alteneck spent much of his life observing the influence of art on many aspects of human life, including weaponry. His illustrations for this handsome archive — drawn with incredible exactitude — depict a wide array of medieval weapons and armor dating from the early ninth century to the mid-1700s.Adapted primarily from decorative ornamentation on burial monuments and manuscripts, hundreds of finely executed images depict authentic shields, swords, cro...

    • ASIN: 048643740X
    • UPC: 800759437405

  • ARMS AND ARMOR (DK Eyewitness Books)

    Contents and format identical to the hardcover edition.

    • ASIN: 0789458373
    • Brand: Brand: DK CHILDREN

  • DK Eyewitness Books: Knight: Explore the Lives of Medieval Mounted Warriors from the Battlefield to the Banqu

    Take an inside look at the life of a knight — from battles and banquets to sieges and chivalry — in this updated edition of Eyewitness: Knight. Illustrations, maps, charts, and timelines look at the history of medieval knights and their armor, jousting, heraldry, hawking, and crusades. With content appropriate for 8 – 12 year olds, the book covers everything from the very first knights to the decline of chivalry. Each book retains the stunning artworks and photography from the groundbreaking original series, but the text has been reduced ...

    • ASIN: 1465435727
    • UPC: 790778035723

  • Masterpieces of European Arms and Armour in the Wallace Collection

    The collection of arms and armor at the Wallace Collection is widely recognized as being one of the largest and most important in the world. Consisting of around 2,500 objects, it represents both European and Oriental arms and armor. The European part of the collection was acquired primarily by Sir Richard Wallace, mainly in 1871, from the collections of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick—founding father of the serious study of arms and armor—and that of the comte de Nieuwerkerke, Director of the Louvre under the Emperor Napoleon III....

    • ASIN: 0900785861
    • Brand: Casemate UK Ltd

  • The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle)

    Twenty eight florins a month is a huge price to pay, for a man to stand between you and the Wild.Twenty eight florins a month is nowhere near enough when a wyvern's jaws snap shut on your helmet in the hot stink of battle, and the beast starts to rip the head from your shoulders. But if standing and fighting is hard, leading a company of men - or worse, a company of mercenaries - against the smart, deadly creatures of the Wild is even harder.It takes all the advantages of birth, training, and the luck of the devil to do it.The Red Knight has al...

    • ASIN: 0316212288
    • Brand: Orbit

  • Dragon's Trail (The Outworlders Book 1)

    "I didn't come here to sell my soul. I came here to buy it back."Once dubbed "The Deadliest Man Alive," Jarrod Torrealday is a former Olympic saber hopeful and medieval weapons expert banned from competition for killing another fencer in a duel. Despondent, volatile, yet still one of the greatest living swordsmen, he now works for third-rate fantasy films as a technical consultant and stuntman.When Jarrod is offered a shot at redemption by a sorcerer looking for a hero, he finds himself facing an invading army in a world inhabited by creatures ...

    • ASIN: B01JF0KWZ8

  • Fine arms and armor: Treasures in the Dresden collection

    • ASIN: 0399113630

  • The Longbow (Weapon)

    Boasting a rate of shooting not seen again in English hands until the late 19th century, the longbow was the weapon at the heart of the English military ascendancy in the century after 1340. Capable of subjecting the enemy to a hail of deadly projectiles, the longbow in the hands of massed archers made possible the extraordinary victories enjoyed by English forces over superior numbers at Crécy and Poitiers, and remained an important battlefield weapon throughout the Wars of the Roses and beyond; it also played a leading role in raiding, siege...

    • ASIN: 1782000852
    • Brand: Osprey

  • The Highland Chief (Scottish Strife Series Book 1)

    Rory MacGregon's father is dying and he needs to find the renowned Scottish healer before it's too late. The only problem is the healer defected to England years ago, and she'd rather kill herself than help the elder MacGregon. Just when Rory is running out of options, the healer's beautiful daughter agrees to go in her mother's stead.Darra Berchelaine heard about the ruthless, bloodthirsty savages from the north. When she learns that the devil Scots plan to abduct her mother, Darra must protect her at all cost — even if that means feigning c...

    • ASIN: B00U82HO4U

  • Arms & Armor of Medieval Knight by Stephen Turnbull (June 27,1988)

    • ASIN: B01B98TC8C

  • Arms & Armor of Medieval Knights: An Illustrated History of Weaponry in the Middle Ages

    • ASIN: 0788194046

  • Ebros Medieval Knight Suit Of Armor Arm Of A Fallen Knight Holding Excalibur Sword Letter Opener Figurine 10"H

    • This Excalibur Letter Opener is a breathtaking medieval knight warrior hand letter opener made of cold cast resin, hand painted and polished.• This Excalibur Letter Opener measures 10" tall, 3.5" long and 3.5" wide

    • UPC: 329026382

  • Castellan's Guide to Arms & Armor of the Early Medieval Period New

    Throughout mankind’s history, warfare has been an endemic part of his culture. From tribal beginnings to the rise of the Roman Imperium and beyond, man has waged war. The tools of this brutal trade have

    • UPC: 417917095

  • Ebros Pewter English Knight Statue 4" H Medieval Suit Of Armor Knight With Javelin Pole-arm Pewter Figurine Collectible

    • This medieval knight statue measures 4" tall, 1.75" wide and 1.5" deep approximately.• This medieval knight statue is made of high quality pewter, individually handpainted and polished. Because each piece is partially hand crafted,

    • UPC: 200244837


    HEIGHT: 5", Made of composite resin hand painted and polished in silver and gold

    • UPC: 471435844

  • Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight Illustrated History of Weaponry Middle Age

    • UPC: 202645090734
    • Category: Nonfiction
    • Price: 4 USD

  • Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight - David Edge& J. M. Paddock Hrd w/DJ 1st

    • UPC: 372690517170
    • Category: Nonfiction
    • Price: 49 USD

  • Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight by Paddock, John Miles Hardback Book The

    • UPC: 303151861896
    • Category: Nonfiction
    • Price: 17 USD

  • Arms and Armour Of The Medieval Knight, David Edge and John Miles

    • UPC: 273846727221
    • Category: Non Fiction
    • Price: 12 GBP

  • Arms and Armour of the Mediaeval Knight by Paddock, John Miles Hardback Book The

    • UPC: 303196356158
    • Category: Nonfiction
    • Price: 7 USD


    Arms And Armor Of The Medieval Knight
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    Part 17: Weapons: What Weapons Did Knights Use?

    Arms And Armor Of The Medieval Knight
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    The Evolution Of Knightly Armour - 1066 - 1485

    Arms And Armor Of The Medieval Knight