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  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, And The Newborn (2016-5Th Edition)

    If you only buy one pregnancy book, this should be the one! It’s the most complete. It covers all aspects of childbearing, from conception through early infancy, and tells you what to expect. It offers detailed information, suggestions on decisions to make, and advice on steps to take to have a safe and satisfying experience.The Award-Winning Resource Recommended by Experts & Loved by Parents Parents love this book because it puts them in control by explaining a wide range of options, information, and questions to ask, so parents can find ...

    • ASIN: 1501112708
    • Brand: Meadowbrook

  • Pregnancy Journal for First Time Mothers: 280 -ish Day Creative Writing and Photo Journal. The Bump, the Baby, and the Book About It All

    The Bump, the Baby, and the Book About It All is a beautiful journal designed to help you jot down your very own memoir of your journey into motherhood, specifically the first 9 months.Just imagine! You’ll be able to record just about everything about your pregnancy, even the little, seemingly insignificant things (that you’ll end up looking back on with gratitude and love). This journal will put your thoughts in order, serve as an outlet for expression, relief some stress, and, down the road, will also serve as one of the most beautiful ke...

    • ASIN: B07D3DB7SH

  • What to Eat When You're Pregnant: A Week-by-Week Guide to Support Your Health and Your Baby's Development

    An approachable guide to what to eat--as opposed to what to avoid--while pregnant and nursing, to support the mother's health and the baby's development during each stage of pregnancy, with 50 recipes. New research suggests that the foods you eat during pregnancy can have lasting effects on your baby’s brain development and behavior, as well as your waistline. Drawing from the fields of medicine, nutrition, and psych­ology, this easy-­to-follow guide, which also includes 50 recipes, gives you a clear understanding of what your body really n...

    • ASIN: 1607746794
    • Brand: Ten Speed Press

  • What to Expect Before You're Expecting

    Announcing the prequel. From Heidi Murkoff, author of America's bestselling pregnancy and parenting books, comes the must-have guide every expectant couple needs before they even conceive—the first step in What to Expect: What to Expect Before You're Expecting. An estimated 11 million couples in the U.S. are currently trying to conceive, and medical groups now recommend that all hopeful parents plan for baby-making at least three months before they begin trying. And who better to guide wanna-be moms and dads step-by-step through the preconcep...

    • ASIN: 0761152768
    • Brand: Workman Publishing
    • UPC: 019628152763

  • Pregnancy: Childbirth, Motherhood, and Nutrition - Everything You NEED to Know When Having A Baby (Breastfeeding, Newborn, Infant Care, Baby Names, Baby Food, First Time Mom, Baby's First Year)

    A Book That Actually Teaches You How to Manage Your Entire Pregnancy? ☆★☆ FREE BONUS at The End - Download Now! ☆★☆✓✗✓ 2nd Edition Updated 2/2/2016Yes – This book explains it all – Prenatal Care, Labor, and Post Natal Care – for both baby and mom!Pregnancy: Childbirth, Motherhood & Nutrition – Everything You Need to Know When Having A Baby takes you by the hand and helps you prepare for your little one’s arrival. You’ll learn what to eat, what to avoid, and what kinds of exercise you should get. This book offers ad...

    • ASIN: B016ESNZSU

  • The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

    A laugh-out-loud guide to the first year of motherhood, filled with helpful advice and wisdom from real moms and dads who aren't at all afraid to tell it like it is There comes a time in every new mother's life when she finds herself staring at her screaming, smelly "bundle of joy" and wishing someone had told her that her house would reek of vomit, or that she shouldn't buy the cute onesies with a thousand impossible buttons, or that she might cry more than the baby. Best-selling author Dawn Dais, mother of two tiny terrors, is convinced that ...

    • ASIN: B00B6U090Y

  • Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think

    In Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids, contrarian economist Bryan Caplan argues that we've needlessly turned parenting into an unpleasant chore, and don't know the real plusses and minuses of having kids. Parents today spend more time investing in their kids than ever, but twin and adoption research shows that upbringing is much less important than we imagine, especially in the long-run. Kids aren't like clay that parents mold for life; they're more like flexible plastic that pops back to its original shape once you relax your grip. These revela...

    • ASIN: 0465028616
    • Brand: Brand: Basic Books

  • A Mess of Reason

    There are three sides to our story: mine, hers, and the truth.   This is happens every time I'm with him...eyes wandering,  mouths craving, fingers stealing touches. Heartbeats tripping.   I want one woman: my best friend, Tess Harlow, the stone cold fox that spins my universe. Instead I'm dating a pop rock icon that checks her reflection in the back of her spoon.   I want one man: my best friend, Scout Steele,  the number one country music crossover artist of our generation. He put the words hell-raiser-hot on the map. Instead I'm marryin...

    • ASIN: 1514799154

  • Things I've Said to My Children

    An illustrated gift book that brings to life the universal parenting experience of saying strange and hilarious things to one's kids.     As the father of five boys (all under age 10), graphic designer Nathan Ripperger has found himself saying some rather funny, absurd, and downright bizarre things to his children, from "Stop riding that penguin, we're leaving" to "I am NOT talking to you until you are wearing underwear." He created poster-like images for each and posted them online. The response from other parents was overwhelming. With ...

    • ASIN: 1607748304

  • Late-Talking Children

    The painful and baffling mystery as to why some obviously bright children do not begin talking until long after the ”normal” time is explored in this book through personal experiences and the findings of scientific research. The author's own experiences as the father of such a child led to the formation of a goup of more than fifty sets of parents of similar children. The anguish and frustration of these prents as they try to cope with children who do not talk and institutions that do not understand them is a remarkable and moving human sto...

    • ASIN: 0465038352

  • The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

    The classic is back! Fully revised with the latest medical information on both mom's health and baby's development,this best-selling journal is packed with daily entries that feature tips, advice, and plenty of room for personal reflection.Beautifully repackaged with a fresh design, this one-of-a-kind journalestablished both as a self-purchase and gift of choiceis the ultimate resource for today's expecting mother....

    • ASIN: 081186989X
    • Brand: Chronicle Books

  • Light of the Stygian Orb (The Invisible Entente Book 5)

    As an archer who is deafblind, sixteen-year-old Molly Harris has always lived an exceptional life, but since rescuing the angel-demon hybrid Zachariel and being introduced to the otherworld, she's craved a different kind of extraordinary. On her mission for answers, however, Molly realizes the road to the truth is more treacherous than she expected.Zachariel is a freak of nature who has never fit in anywhere, and he's grown comfortable with his solitary existence. Now, not only does he have a nosy teenager invading his personal space, he's also...

    • ASIN: B076M83NFJ

  • Women's Comfort Slip On Memory Foam French Terry Lining Indoor Clog House Slippers (Large / 9-10 B(M) US, Blue)

    Hometop Comfort Memory Foam French Terry House Slippers - Great Choice for You & Your Loved Ones Why Choose Our Knitted Cotton Slippers? The newly developed French terry and high-density memory foam insole are an ideal combination for these slippers, which can perfectly adapt to your feet and keep warm but entirely dry wearing feeling for you. It is also more comfortable and softer to wear than traditional slippers. The improved durable and lightweight waterproof slip-resistant sole is a great choice for indoor and moderate outdoor use. With t...

    • ASIN: B01NAIG0AC
    • Color: Sky Blue
    • Brand: HomeTop

  • Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale with Growth Chart Book

    • ASIN: B0009MFUZE
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Health o meter
    • UPC: 798527517551

  • I Dreamed A Dream

    2009 debut from the vocalist who became an overnight sensation after appearing on the first round of 2009's popular UK reality show Britain's Got Talent. Boyle caught the judges (and the world) off guard with her masterful rendition of 'I Dreamed A Dream' from the musical Les Mis‚rables. Within hours of her appearance on the show, Boyle was not only an internet sensation; she was a world-wide phenomenon. This is the musical story of the year!...

    • ASIN: B0026P3G12
    • Brand: COLUMBIA
    • UPC: 886975982929

  • First-Time Mom : Getting Off on the Right Foot From Birth to First Grade

    For new mothers who feel nervous about the role of parenthood, Dr. Leman puts them at ease with this guide. Affirming their joy, wonder, and fear Dr. Leman prepares mothers for this influential task by

    • UPC: 24831938

  • First Time Mom Pregnancy Journal: and Photo Scrapbook Guided Checklists, Baby Bump Logs, Prenatal Visits Planner, Baby Shower Memories, Birth Plan and

    First Time Mom Pregnancy Journal: and Photo Scrapbook Guided Checklists, Baby Bump Logs, Prenatal Visits Planner, Baby Shower Memories, Birth Plan

    • UPC: 899701784

  • Personalized Birth Info Hanging Canvas 5"x18", Available in Blue or Pink

    Tell the whole world about your brand-new bundle of joy by displaying his or her information on the Personalized Birth Info Hanging Canvas. This creative display lets you show off your little one's arrival. The

    • UPC: 29137643
    • Model: 13S108LB
    • Color: Light BlueBlue

  • Personalized Birth Information Chalkboard Art Canvas- available in Pink or Blue and 2 Sizes

    Put all the unforgettable details of the blessed event on

    • UPC: 38235262
    • Model: 14FWM76
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: 11 x 14
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Normal Vaginal Childbirth

    Average Birth Time For First Time Mom

    More first-time moms starting families in their 40s

    Average Birth Time For First Time Mom

    What can I do to help my labor and delivery go easier?

    Average Birth Time For First Time Mom