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Best Seed For Spring Deer Food Plots Shopping Deals on 16.09.2019 at TOPPIDUS

  • Whitetail Institute Imperial Extreme Food Plot Seed (Spring and Fall Planting), 5.6-Pound (.25 Acres)

    The result of years of research and development, Imperial Whitetail Extreme is a seed blend that will enable you to plant a successful food plot in tough soil as well as in harsh conditions. Imperial Whitetail Extreme excels with a minimum of 15 inches of rainfall a year and is cold and heat tolerant, making Extreme an excellent choice for ground that might otherwise be less-productive....

    • ASIN: B001BAIWSA
    • Brand: Whitetail Institute
    • UPC: 789976700564

  • Loggers Trail Food Plot Seed Mix

    Deer Creek Seed has built a legacy of producing the finest seed from our farms to yours. We use science and a meticulous dedication to quality to deliver on our promise to the customer. What makes Deer Creek Seed different is our focus on providing an all-natural blends that promote deer health and nutrition. Our Logger's Trail Wildlife Food Plot Mix is a blend of grasses and white clovers that will quickly produce cover. Logger's Trail is a perennial mix that will grow in low-fertility, acidic or wet soils, and areas with less than ideal sunli...

    • ASIN: B07M8F1NV7
    • Brand: Deer Creek Seed
    • UPC: 835865007488

  • Hancock's Spring & Summer Food Plot Seed Mix

    Hancock's Spring & Summer Food Plot Seed Mix offers four high-quality, high-protein legumes to bring in the deer when native browse has become tough and low in nutrition. Hancock's Spring & Summer Food Plot Seed Mix will provide high protein nutrition throughout the spring and summer, into the fall until the first hard frost. High protein food plots will increase antler size, body weight and herd health. Our Spring & Summer Mix will continue to feed your deer herd into the first part of hunting season. The fast-germinating Wild Game Sorghum, Pe...

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Hancock Seed Company
    • UPC: 813938020343

  • Antler King Trophy Clover Mix

    Trophy Clover Mix is a mixture of 4 perennial varieties of clover, a unique variety of chicory and a variety of rapeseed that is Antler King’s hardiest and longest lasting perennial mix. Trophy Clover Mix can be planted in the spring or fall and provide the deer a 30%+ protein diet during the spring, summer and fall. If you are looking for a food plot to give the deer what they need, when they need it, this is it! Because it is a hardy perennial, Trophy Clover Mix can last 6+ years on a single planting!...

    • ASIN: B004P9444U
    • Color: Multiple
    • Brand: Antler King
    • UPC: 757183283675

  • 1Lb Sugar Beet Food Plot 10,000 Seeds bulk Excellent Deer Food Plot

    Sugar Beet 1 Lbs First Quality Non-GMO Sugar Beet Seeds Current Test Data Shown on Packet Exclusive OrOlam Seeds Bulk Seed is Excellent for Immediate Planting or for Long Term Storage as an Emergency Seed About The Sugar Beet In the mid 18th century, a German chemist by the name of Andreas Margraff found that the chemical composition of beets included sucrose similar to that of sugar cane. Sugar cane provided the only source for sugar at that time; consequently, the prices of sugar rose very high because of the necessity of importing it from fo...

    • ASIN: B07513YMJR
    • Brand: OrOlam

  • PlotSpike Forage Soybeans Plant, 50-Pound

    PlotSpike Forage Soybeans are ideal for spring and summer food plots. These beans will produce 3 to 4 times as much forage as agricultural soybean varieties or iron and clay peas. Forage Soybeans also have a longer growing season -- from spring until.

    • ASIN: B00CI05VI6
    • Brand: PlotSpike
    • UPC: 737716950106

  • Beets & Sweets Food Plot Mix

    Beets & Sweets is a unique mix of sweet, low-growing sugar beets and brassicas; a hearty feast of sugary leaves, stems, and roots. The frost-tolerant foliage will stay green well into the fall. Purple top turnips provide additional extended season forage. This mix is a favorite of Deer Creek's food plot growers. Percent Composition: 45% Sugar Beet 20% Swiss Chard 20% Purple Top Turnip 5% Kale 5% Ethiopian Cabbage 5% Berseem Clover...

    • ASIN: B07M98489Z
    • Brand: Deer Creek Seed
    • UPC: 835865007631

  • Antler King Small Town Throwdown Food Plot Seed

    Small Town Throw Down is a mixture of 5 unique varieties of perennials and annuals, making it a great mix during any season and any weather condition. Small Town Throw Down offers special varieties of Clover, Chicory, Kale, Canola, Buckwheat and Rye. An awesome All Fall Hunt Plot, this multi-purpose food plot mix offers plant varieties that can be highly sought after early season food sources and highly sought after late season food sources.Planted in the Spring, Summer or early Fall the plant varieties in Small Town Throw Down will mature in 5...

    • ASIN: B07932KF7Z
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Antler King
    • UPC: 747101000668

  • Crimson Clover Seed Flowering Seeds for Wildlife Food Plots & Soil Erosion Control 1/4 Lb 11,700 Seeds

    OrOlam Crimson Clover 1/4Lbs. Seed Coating is naturally water absorbent and helps attract soil moisture to the seed, getting your stand established quickly utilizes, assures that only the top-performing and crop-specific rhizobia will be applied to ensure your clovers reach maximum nodulation, stand establishment, and yield potential. The weight of the clover seeds will contain approximately 34% coating material that contains the inoculant and water holding material for better establishment and viability of the seed. There is no difference in ...

    • ASIN: B07238PGN6
    • Brand: OrOlam

  • 5 Lbs Food Plot Mix Wild Game SoyBean Sorghum Millet Sunflower Iron Cowpeas Corn Bulk Seeds Whitetail Deer Green Goose Honey Bee Seeds That Grow Fast

    5 Pound Wild Game Food Plot Mix Seeds   OrOlam 5 Pound Food Plot Mix Seeds Whitetail Deer & Goose Contains high protein forage grain WildGame Food Sorghum Millet Perodovick Sunflower Iron Clay Cowpeas Soybeans Yellow Corn. Seeds for Honey Bees, Deer,Turkey, Goose, Pheasant & Quail Food Plot Forage Well suited for almost any soil, early maturing, Desired by most wildlife Maturity - 60 to 90 days   OrOlam King Shot Food Plot Fast growing seeds Serious whitetail hunters are looking for ways to increase their chances of scoring on that trophy. Or...

    • ASIN: B073DMFDDQ
    • Brand: OrOlam

  • 3LBS Purple Top Turnip Deer Food Plot Seeds

    Purple top white globe turnip seed - purple top turnips are generally tolerant of freezing weather, and their roots can be stored for a fairly long period of time in cold storage conditions. Rutabagas or Swedish turnips ("swedes ") tend to be somewhat larger, sweeter and less strongly flavored than turnips. Also, their flesh is a yellowish creamy color. Turnips have a crisp white flesh and a zesty mustard-like flavor. Seed Rate: 5-10 lbs. per acre. Seed Depth: 1/8 - 1/4 inch. Fertilizer: 8-8-8 250 lbs. per acre....

    • ASIN: B00KRRYN7C
    • Brand: Vinyl Designz

  • 1LB Purple Top Turnip Deer Food Plot Seeds

    Purple Top White Globe Turnip Seed - Purple Top Turnips are generally tolerant of freezing weather, and their roots can be stored for a fairly long period of time in cold storage conditions. Rutabagas or Swedish turnips ("Swedes ") tend to be somewhat larger, sweeter and less strongly flavored than turnips. Also, their flesh is a yellowish creamy color. Turnips have a crisp white flesh and a zesty mustard-like flavor....

    • ASIN: B00KRRY3P4
    • Brand: Vinyl Designz

  • 10LBS Winter Rye Seed Cover Crop,Food Plot Deer,Wildlife by Discount Lawn Care

    Winter rye is a cereal grain that should not be confused with ryegrass, which is for pasture, hay, lawns, and cover crop. Winter rye is planted in the fall and can germinate and grow very quickly in cool soils. The fast growth of winter rye suppresses even the most noxious of weeds, and will do better than other grains in poor soils. It's the most cold-hardy of the grains able to withstand temperatures 30 degrees below zero! Its long root structure will hold soils in place and prevent soil compaction and erosion, plus quietly siphon available n...

    • ASIN: B01M3YWONL
    • Brand: Discount Lawn Care
    • UPC: 793631189694

  • Autumn Buffet Food Plot Mix

    Deer Creek's Autumn Buffet's lush growth of Brassicas and clovers is a whitetail fall favorite. This seven-species mix is a great combination of succulent forages for fall grazing: fast growing Brassica forages, tasty root crops, and protein-rich clovers. The clovers in this blend come pre-inoculated and, if established in the fall, they will return the following year. Composition: 20% Hunter Forage Brassica 20% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed 15% Purple Top Turnip 15% Winfred Forage Brassica 10% Ladino White Clover 10% New Zealand White Clover 10% 990 El...

    • ASIN: B07RT19RFT
    • Brand: Deer Creek Seed

  • Antler King No Sweat No Till Plot Mix

    Antler King's No Till Plot Mix is an excellent mix for minimum or no till plots, such as logging roads, shady areas, or areas where you cannot use equipment. No Sweat contains the ideal mix of perennial and annual seeds, which have been chosen because they are shade tolerant, easy to establish, fast growing, pH tolerant and deer love them!...

    • ASIN: B004P8XFSC
    • Color: NA
    • Brand: Antler King
    • UPC: 747101000491

  • Pennington Wildlife Food Plot Seed 3-Way Clover Blend, 3 lbs

    Pennington Food Plot Seed Three-Way Clover Blend is a blend of annual clovers. It germinates quickly and makes an excellent stand-alone plot or works well mixed with small grains. Staggered maturity dates ensure protein rich

    • UPC: 55149835
    • Model: 100526058

  • Mossy Oak BioLogic Green Patch Plus Food Plot Seed for Deer

    Mossy Oak BioLogic Green Patch Plus is an economical fall planting that combines the proven attractiveness of transitional grains with the nutrition and attraction of genuine New Zealand brassicas and clovers, this forage blend that

    • UPC: 17128952
    • Model: 8437
    • Color: @generatedGreen
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Purple Top Turnip Deer Food Plot By Seed Kingdom 5,000 Seeds

    Purple top white globe turnip seed - purple top turnips are generally tolerant of freezing weather, and their roots can be stored for a fairly long period of time in cold storage conditions. Rutabagas or

    • UPC: 830305827

  • Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro No-Till Forage Food Plot Seed

    Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro No-Till Forage can be used to create a personal food plot to attract and hold deer. Tilling the ground is not required with this clover food plot, saving time and

    • UPC: 6323941
    • Model: 70505
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: BAG
    • Rating: 4.389

  • Pennington Wildlife Food Plot Seed Brassica Seed Blend, 5 lbs

    Pennington Food Plot Seed Brassica Seed Blend is 100 percent brassica blend containing Trophy Radishes. Easy to establish, it is highly preferred by deer during winter months. No till planting mix, five pounds covers half

    • UPC: 55149833
    • Model: 100526056

  • Evolved Harvest Mega Plot Hunter Series Wild Game Food Plot Seed

    The Evolved Harvest Mega Plot Food Plot Seed is a forage grain base mixed with triticale forage grain that is better than wheat and oats. By combining most advanced forages with our time tested plants,

    • UPC: 17133968
    • Model: 73001
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 4.4

  • Fall Deer Food Plot Seed Mix - 1 Lb.

    Fall Deer Food Plot Seed Mix - 1

    • UPC: 127175189

  • Evolved Harvest Card 7 Stud™ Full Season Forage Food Plot Seed, 10 lb. Bag

    7 Card Stud is the most adaptive food plot today. This incredible lend of forage variety plants cover your early, mid and late season needs to attract and hold deer on your property. The triticale,

    • UPC: 45796185
    • Model: 73027
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 10 lbs10
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Pennington Wildlife Food Plot Seed Select Plot, Annual Mix, 5 lbs

    Pennington Food Plot Seed Select Plot makes a diverse and attractive food plot. It is easy to plant, germinates fast and is an annual mixture of clovers and brassicas. A high-protein food plot, five pounds

    • UPC: 55149831
    • Model: 100526057
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Pennington Dual Season Food Plot Seed Mix, 10 Lbs

    Pennington’s Dual Season food plot seed offers the perfect blend for both Spring and Fall. As part of Pennington's food plot line of products, Dual Season is a mix of warm season grains and legumes

    • UPC: 394648564
    • Model: 2149601914

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