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  • Human Trafficking : Applying Research, Theory, and Case Studies

    Human Trafficking: Applying Research, Theory, and Case Studies is a practical, interdisciplinary text that draws from empirically grounded scholarship, survivor-centered practices, and an ecological perspective to help readers develop an understanding of the meaning and

    • UPC: 55160423

  • Team Human

    "A provocative, exciting, and important rallying cry to reassert our human spirit of community and teamwork."--Walter

    • UPC: 782752730
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Fuzzy Graph Theory with Applications to Human Trafficking - eBook

    This book reports on advanced concepts in fuzzy graph theory, showing a set of tools that can be successfully applied to understanding and modeling illegal human trafficking. Building on the previous book on fuzzy graph

    • UPC: 839712179

  • The Triple Package : How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America

    A controversial examination of the performance rates of disparate cultural groups in America reveals how some ethnic groups appear to achieve greater income and productivity levels in spite of overall American beliefs about equality and

    • UPC: 39125614
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Comparing Leadership Theories in Midsize Manufacturing Companies: Why Transformational Models of Leadership May Be Best Suited For Managers - eBook

    Abstract: This literature review analyzes and compares several theories of leadership as they pertain to management within a midsize manufacturing company or similar institution. Trait Approach, Style Approach, Transactional-Transformational, and Leader-Member styles are each reviewed

    • UPC: 289586195

  • Human Personality. the Five Factor Trait Theory

    Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject Sociology - Individual, Groups, Society, grade: A, The University of Liverpool, language: English, abstract: Trait theory was developed from the concept of trait which simply describes

    • UPC: 53654199

  • Human Trafficking - eBook

    In the post-Cold War era, economic globalization has resulted in the buying and selling of human beings. Poverty, social instability, lawlessness, gender biases, and ethnic hostility have entrapped millions in the world of modern day

    • UPC: 915429756

  • How Evolution Explains the Human Condition - eBook

    Ah, the mysteries of life Why is mankind a boom species? Why should we worry it if is? Why is the Bibles Curse of Eve real, and necessary for human progress? How does Panic and

    • UPC: 913514105

  • Sex Trafficking in the United States : Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice

    Andrea J. Nichols explores the dynamics of sex trafficking from the angles of survivors, perpetrators, facilitators, and the social service and criminal justice professionals who work in the field. Sex Trafficking in the United States

    • UPC: 52564531

  • Human Sex Trafficking - eBook

    Human sex trafficking is believed to the most common form of modern day slavery. The victims of domestic and international sex trafficking are estimated to be in the millions. Most of these victims are female and

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    Best Theories To Explain Human Trafficking Sociology

    human trafficking.sociology project

    Best Theories To Explain Human Trafficking Sociology

    Human trafficking -- Stop the silence | Catalleya Storm | TEDxDayton

    Best Theories To Explain Human Trafficking Sociology
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