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  • Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe (P.S.)

    A half century ago, a shocking Washington Post headline claimed that the world began in five cataclysmic minutes rather than having existed for all time; a skeptical scientist dubbed the maverick theory the Big Bang. In this amazingly comprehensible history of the universe, Simon Singh decodes the mystery behind the Big Bang theory, lading us through the development of one of the most extraordinary, important, and awe-inspiring theories in science....

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  • Universe in Creation: A New Understanding of the Big Bang and the Emergence of Life

    We know the universe has a history, but does it also have a story of self-creation to tell? Yes, in Roy R. Gould’s account. He offers a compelling narrative of how the universe―with no instruction other than its own laws―evolved into billions of galaxies and gave rise to life, including humans who have been trying for millennia to comprehend it. Far from being a random accident, the universe is hard at work, extracting order from chaos.Making use of the best current science, Gould turns what many assume to be true about the universe on it...

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  • One Day a Dot: The Story of You, The Universe, and Everything

    One Day a Dot explores the age-old question: Where did we come from? Where did everything come from?Starting with one tiny dot and continuing through the Big Bang to the rise of human societies, the story of our universe is told in simple and vivid terms. But the biggest question of all cannot be answered: Where did that one dot come from?One Day a Dot is a beautiful and vibrant picture book that uses the visual motif of circles as to guide young readers through the stages of life on Earth....

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  • The Big Bang Never Happened: A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe

    A mesmerizing challenge to orthodox cosmology with powerful implications not only for cosmology itself but also for our notions of time, God, and human nature -- with a new Preface addressing the latest developments in the field.Far-ranging and provocative, The Big Bang Never Happened is more than a critique of one of the primary theories of astronomy -- that the universe appeared out of nothingness in a single cataclysmic explosion ten to twenty billion years ago. Drawing on new discoveries in particle physics and thermodynamics as well as on ...

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  • Big Bang!: The Tongue-Tickling Tale of a Speck That Became Spectacular

    Billions of years ago, everything in the universe was crunched up into a tiny speck that was smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. How did this little speck become the universe we know today? Playful, alliterative verse and clear prose tell the story of the universe's journey from speck to spectacular. Bold illustrations help uncover the secrets of the cosmos. The sky will never look the same again....

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  • Genesis and the Big Bang: The Discovery Of Harmony Between Modern Science And The Bible

    A ground-breaking book that takes on skeptics from both sides of the cosmological debate, arguing that science and the Bible are not at odds concerning the origin of the universe.The culmination of a physicist's thirty-five-year journey from MIT to Jerusalem, Genesis and the Big Bang presents a compelling argument that the events of the billions of years that cosmologists say followed the Big Bang and those of the first six days described in Genesis are, in fact, one and the same—identical realities described in vastly different terms. In eng...

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  • The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself

    The instant New York Times bestseller about humanity's place in the universe—and how we understand it.“Vivid...impressive....Splendidly informative.”—The New York Times“Succeeds spectacularly.”—Science“A tour de force.”—SalonAlready internationally acclaimed for his elegant, lucid writing on the most challenging notions in modern physics, Sean Carroll is emerging as one of the greatest humanist thinkers of his generation as he brings his extraordinary intellect to bear not only on Higgs bosons and extra dimensions but now a...

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  • The Big Bang Theory: The Official Trivia Guide

    This completely authorized Big Bang Theory trivia and quiz book is filled with questions from every season, photos, hilarious quotes, and more, including excerpts from the Roommate Agreement and your chance to play ‘Emily or Cinnamon.’ It’s sure to provide hours of fun and test the knowledge of even the most dedicated fan.The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular sitcoms in the world and the funniest show on TV. It is beloved by critics and audiences alike for its quick wit, incredibly geeky but relatable characters, and its science ...

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  • Entertainment Weekly The Ultimate Guide to The Big Bang Theory

    Entertainment Weekly presents The Ultimate Guide to The Big Bang Theory

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  • George and the Big Bang (George's Secret Key)

    Explore how the universe began—and thwart evil along the way—in this cosmic adventure from Stephen and Lucy Hawking that includes a graphic novel.George has problems. He has twin baby sisters at home who demand his parents’ attention. His beloved pig Freddy has been exiled to a farm, where he’s miserable. And worst of all, his best friend, Annie, has made a new friend whom she seems to like more than George.     So George jumps at the chance to help Eric with his plans to run a big experiment in Switzerland that seeks to explore the...

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  • The Big Bang Theory and Philosophy: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Aristotle, Locke

    A lighthearted meditation on the philosophical quandaries of the hit television show The Big Bang Theory Ever wonder what Aristotle might say about the life Sheldon Cooper leads? Why Thomas Hobbes would applaud the roommate agreement? Who Immanuel Kant would treat with "haughty derision" for weaving "un-unravelable webs?" And—most importantly—whether Wil Wheaton is truly evil? Of course you have. Bazinga! This book mines the deep thinking of some of history's most potent philosophical minds to explore your most pressing questions about The ...

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  • Georges Lemaître: The Big Bang Theory and the Origins of Our Universe

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  • Big Bang

    Set in the 1950's, this epic, Warholian novel presents a brilliant and wholly original take on the years leading up to the Kennedy assassination.Where were you when you first heard President Kennedy had been shot? This is a question most people can answer, even if the answer is "I wasn't born yet." In this epic novel, David Bowman makes the strong case that the shooting on November 22nd, 1963 was the major, defining turning point that catapulted the world into an entirely new stratosphere. It was the second big bang. In this hilarious, lightnin...

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  • Endless Universe- Beyond the Big Bang -- Rewriting Cosmic History (08) by Steinhardt, Paul J - Turok, Neil [Paperback (2008)]

    A radical, yet accessible, new theory of the origins and future of the universe by two of the world's leading cosmologistsThe first serious challenge to the widely accepted 'Big Bang' model of the universe. According to 'Big Bang' theory, space and time sprang into existence fifteen billion years ago: a super-heated fireball of near infinite density that expanded at phenomenal speed. As it continued to expand, it cooled and condensed to create the galaxies, stars and planets we see today.But the theory has always had flaws and they have become ...

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  • Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History

    An introduction to a new way of looking at history, from a perspective that stretches from the beginning of time to the present day, Maps of Time is world history on an unprecedented scale. Beginning with the Big Bang, David Christian views the interaction of the natural world with the more recent arrivals in flora and fauna, including human beings. Cosmology, geology, archeology, and population and environmental studies―all figure in David Christian's account, which is an ambitious overview of the emerging field of "Big History." Maps of Tim...

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  • Big Bang : The Origin of the Universe

    This brief history of the beginning of the universe comes from the bestselling author of "Fermat's Enigma" and "The Code Book." Black-and-white photos and

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  • The Big Picture : On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself


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  • The Cartoon History of the Universe : Volumes 1-7: From the Big Bang to Alexander the Great

    A cartoon journey through the history of the universe from the big bang through the rise and fall of

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  • Before the Big Bang : The Prehistory of the Universe

    Originally published: New York: St. Martin's Press,

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  • Unsolved Mysteries of Science : A Mind-Expanding Journey Through a Universe of Big Bangs, Particle Waves, and Other Perplexing Concepts

    A LIVELY EXPLORATION OF THE BIGGEST QUESTIONS IN SCIENCEHow Did the Universe Begin?The Big Bang has been the accepted theory for decades, but does it explain everything?How Did Life on Earth Get Started?What triggered the

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  • The Big Bang Never Happened : A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe

    Provocative and far-reaching, The Big Bang Never Happened draws on new discoveries in cosmology, particle physics, and thermodynamics as well as on readings in history and philosophy to confront the values behind the concept of

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  • How to Build a Universe : From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe

    The universe—demystified! With eye-catching graphics, science illustrator Ben Gilliland unravels the complex concepts of scientific cosmology. In his funny, smart, and accessible guide to the evolution of our universe, Gilliland leads us from the Big

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  • From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch and Everything in Between : A Simplified Look at a Not-So-Simple Universe

    From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch and Everything in

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  • Stephen Hawking : Cosmologist Who Gets a Big Bang Out of the Universe

    - The format of the series is unique, with humorous, cartoon-like original illustrations from the author.- This series is printed in a dozen different languages worldwide; more than two million copies of the English editions

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  • Creation of Universe God or Big Bang - eBook

    The book is about dealing with atheist book of Samkya Sutra and its interpretation of creation. In the chapter 2 on Astronomy author has included references from Rig Veda on Solar system and gravity, Surya

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  • Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic

    Big Bang The Origin Of The Universe
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    The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

    Big Bang The Origin Of The Universe
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    1. The beginning of the universe .. the big bang

    Big Bang The Origin Of The Universe
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