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  • Symbolic Interactionism: The Basics (Series in Sociology)

    This book is a survey of Symbolic Interaction. In thirteen short chapters, it traces the history, the social philosophical roots, the founders, "movers and shakers" and evolution of the theory. Symbolic Interactionism: The Basics takes the reader along the exciting, but tortuous journey of the theory and explores both the meta-theoretical and mini-theoretical roots and branches of the theory. Symbolic interactionism or sociological social psychology traces its roots to the works of United States sociologists George Hebert Mead, Charles Horton C...

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  • Show me your playlist and I tell you who you are: An investigation of the social psychological foundation of musical playlists

    Bachelor Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject Psychology - Social Psychology, grade: 1,0, Uppsala University, language: English, abstract: In the age of social networking and music streaming, playlists are a common tool for organizing, sharing or exchanging music in the digital realm. Most research, however, emphasizes mainly political, legal, and ethical constraints of music sharing practices yet, neglects their social impact.Thus, this paper investigates the social-psychological foundation of the playlist and analyses its functionality in...

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  • Charles Cooley- Looking glass self | Individuals and Society | MCAT | Khan Academy

    Charles Horton Cooley And George Herbert Mead
    Charles Cooley (Author),Looking Glass Self,Self,socialization,self image

    Charles Cooley's Looking Glass Self - Explained

    Charles Horton Cooley And George Herbert Mead
    charles cooley,charles horton cooley,looking glass self,looking glass self theory,charl...

    George Herbert Mead's Stages of Self

    Charles Horton Cooley And George Herbert Mead
    Play Stage,Preparatory Stage,George Herbert Mead,Game Stage,Role Taking,Generalized Oth...