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  • The Taj Mahal: A History

    Everyone has seen photographs of the Taj Mahal. The massive, bulbous central dome, the four slender minarets, the shimmering marble, the long reflecting pool, the manicured gardens - all seem too striking for adequate description and proper appreciation. But there is more to the Taj than its beauty.The world's best-known mausoleum celebrates the love story of the seventeenth-century Moghul emperor Shah Jahan and his queen, Mumtaz Mahal. They fell in love at first sight and were married for nineteen years. She ruled at his side as almost an equa...

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  • Missing Gems of the Taj Mahal: A time travel historical fiction mystery book for children ages 5-10 (Mysteries In History 1)

    The adventure of a lifetime is only one click away!Sid Cooper, a fifth grade history buff, gets the chance of a lifetime to visit the Taj Mahal in the enchanted land of India. After a setback and a change in plans, Sid and his friend Raj are magically transported… 350 years into the past, to when the monument was still being built. Things get crazier when they encounter Emperor Shah Jahan, who is furious because precious gems crucial to the completion of the Taj Mahal are missing. The excitement of actually becoming a part of history fuels th...

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  • 14 Fun Facts About the Taj Mahal: A 15-Minute Book (15- Minute Books 1508)

    Shah Jahan of the Mughal Empire in India had several wives. His favorite was Mumtaz Mahal.She was always with him, traveling all over the Mughal Empire. When she died, Jahan was devastated.He designed and built a mausoleum to house her body. He called it the Taj Mahal.Do you know:How many buildings are in the Taj Mahal complex?How many people did it take to build the Taj Mahal?Is there a false tomb in the Taj Mahal?What is the legend of the Black Taj?Find out the answers to these questions and more and amaze your family and friends with these f...

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  • Great India: Secrets of the Taj Mahal

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  • Clip: Taj Mahal

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  • Clip: Unbox World - Taj Mahal

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  • My Head in the Clouds

    Travel the world with an intrepid explorer who's adventurous, brave and just a little bit forgetful. She searches for ancient loot but loses her swimsuit! Goes to beautiful places and misplaces three suitcases! From Canada to Nepal to Egypt and beyond, our narrator circles the globe while abandoning her possessions. She even loses her mother, briefly, in the desert. The cadence and rhyme, accented by quirky collage-style art, will propel readers along through this exciting excursion, ultimately landing on a fact page dedicated to the places you...

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  • LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 Building Kit and Architecture Model, Perfect Set for Older Kids and Adults (5923 Pieces)

    Build and discover the LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal. The huge ivory-white marble mausoleum, located in the Indian city of Agra is renowned as one of the world’s architectural wonders. It was commissioned in 1631 by the Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, the Empress Mumtaz Mahal. This relaunched 2008 LEGO interpretation features the structure’s 4 facades with sweeping arches, balconies and arched windows. The central dome, subsidiary domed chambers and surrounding minarets are topped with decorative finials, and the raised platform i...

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  • Taj Mahal the Tomb Gift Indian Agra Travel Souvenir Momento T-Shirt

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  • Taj Mahal Prints, World Wonders Watercolor, Nursery Wall Poster, Holiday Gift, Kids and Children Artworks, Digital Illustration Art

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  • Spartan and The Green Egg Explorer Pin Series: Taj Mahal, India (1)

    Rising above the Yamuna River in Agra, India, the glistening white dome of the Taj Mahal welcomes visitors to its doorways, winding paths, and beautiful gardens. Created by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz upon her death, the Taj Mahal stands as one man's undying statement about his love for his wife. With its jewel encrusted walls, ornate details, set against the turquoise sky, the Taj Mahal is considered to be on one of the seven wonders of the world....

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  • How Many Children Did Mumtaz Mahal Have?

    Children Of Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal
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    Interesting facts about Mumtaz Mahal

    Children Of Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal
    Mumtaz Mahal,mumtaz mahal first husband,mumtaz mahal facts,mumtaz mahal death,mumtaj ma...

    Shah Jahan, Mumtaz Mehel Aur Jahan Ara Ki Khanai

    Children Of Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal
    mumtaz mahal meaning,mumtaz mahal facts,taj mahal,mumtaz mahal ke gane,mumtaz mahal pho...