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  • Flight of the Reindeer : The True Story of Santa Claus and His Christmas Mission

    "A delightful, constantly surprising book. . . . This is a charming . . . Christmas classic."

    • UPC: 23778859
    • Rating: 5.0

  • National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals : Inspiring Tales of Animal Friendship & Four-Legged Heroes, Plus Crazy Animal Antics

    "Meet a tiger that befriends a pig, a walrus that does sit-ups, a tree-climbing dog, a kayaking otter, and many more amazing animals. Packed with 125 heartwarming, hilarious, and inspiring animal anecdotes, these truth-is-stranger-than-ficiton stories

    • UPC: 17205413
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust

    Tells the stories of nine Jewish children who survived the

    • UPC: 3364608
    • Rating: 4.5

  • Elvis and Me : The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King of Rock N' Roll

    The woman whom Elvis decided to marry when she was an innocent fourteen-year-old writes candidly about their twelve years together, about Elvis the husband and father, and about his drug-wracked decline and

    • UPC: 448410
    • Rating: 3.222

  • Mission Washington, D.C. : A Scavenger Hunt Adventure: (Travel Book for Kids)

    'Mission Washington, D.C.' takes your young travelers through the famous sights of D.C., engaging them in an exciting scavenger hunt as you explore city landmarks

    • UPC: 731772580
    • Rating: 5.0

  • On Wings of Eagles : The Inspiring True Story of One Man's Patriotic Spirit--and His Heroic Mission to Save His Countrymen

    Recreates the harrowing, real-life adventure of the successful prison break engineered by Col. Bull Simons, a World War II and Vietnam commando, who rescued two Texans imprisoned in a Teheran jail on behalf of Ross

    • UPC: 2681228
    • Rating: 3.25

  • National Geographic Kids Chapters: The Whale Who Won Hearts : And More True Stories of Adventures with Animals

    Follows an underwater wildlife photographer on four real-life adventures as he photographs leatherback sea turtles, harp seals, a whale named Wilma, and some gray reef

    • UPC: 25806140

  • National Geographic Kids Chapters: Best Friends Forever : And More True Stories of Animal Friendships

    "This is the first in a series of four books that explore unexpected animal bonds. In this book you'll meet four unlikely pairings, including Billy and Lilly. Billy the boxer adopted Lilly the goat when

    • UPC: 17204951

  • Coming Back Alive : The True Story of the Most Harrowing Search and Rescue Mission Ever Attempted on Alaska's High Seas

    This spellbinding work chronicles a desperate sea rescue off the coast of Alaska and an electrifying look at the U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue crews.

    • UPC: 25244903
    • Rating: 4.0

  • The Children of Willesden Lane : A True Story of Hope and Survival During World War II (Young Readers Edition)

    The true story of Lisa Jura, one of the thousands of Jewish children who survived World War II via the

    • UPC: 55220223
    • Rating: 3.25

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    Cold Rock Washington Missing Children True Story

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    Cold Rock Washington Missing Children True Story
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    Cold Rock Washington Missing Children True Story