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  • 50 Common Errors: A Practical Guide for English Learners (Practical Guides for English Learners) (Merriam Webster Learner's)

    An essential handbook by noted author and ESL teacher Bob Marsden covering 50 common usage, style, and syntax errors encountered by English Language learners in day-to-day speech and writing. Provides easy-to-understand guidance on such topics as word order in indirect speech, irregular plurals, verb choice in tag questions, comparatives and superlatives, and choice of adjectives with count vs. noncount nouns. Includes special reference sections on English verb tenses and irregular verbs....

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  • Most Common Mistakes in English: An English Learner's Guide

    Did you know that the plural of "sheep" is "sheep" (not "sheeps")? Some mistakes in English are incredibly common, even among advanced learners: irregular plurals, using "have done" instead of "did", incorrect prepositions ("arrive to" instead of "arrive at"), placing commas where they shouldn't be and omitting them when they are necessary... This book will teach you how to avoid some of the most common grammar and vocabulary mistakes English learners make.If you are interested in the most common pronunciation mistakes, the author of the book h...

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  • 150 Common Written & Spoken Errors Made by ESL Learners (with Suggested Corrections & Explanations): A Self-Study Guide for Students

    It seems that ESL learners tend to make the same types of grammar mistakes in speaking and writing, since they are consistently translating directly from their own language. This book, written by K.P. Wee (who has been an English instructor for more than 10 years), identifies 150 of these common mistakes and offers suggestions on how to fix them. Each mistake comes with explanations as well as other helpful hints and similar example sentences. If you are an ESL learner, you will find "150 Common Written & Spoken Errors Made by ESL Learners" ver...

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  • Common errors the Adult Learner Makes Writing English: I shot a bear in my pajamas (Write English Better Book 2)

    WRITE ENGLISH BETTER Series No.2: A sampler of some of the errors that plague writing English. Dangling words and bad paragraphs. Here are the next steps in improving the writing of the ESL and other adult learners of writing in English. It also presents a valuable simple method for starting a writing project. It introduces the book that it is taken from, a book of 300 pages, with links to sound files and many exercises and answers....

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  • Correct Your Italian Blunders: How to avoid 99% of the common Mistakes made by Learners of Italain

    Speak and write Italian as if it were your native tongue! Tired of making the same old mistakes of switching your genders, confusing your tenses, and mixing up your idioms? Break the bad habits that leave those you talk to scratching their heads. Correct Your Italian Blunders warns you of hundreds of typical errors learners make and explains the reasons behind the mistakes, so you can correct yourself in the future. Improve your Italian skills with this fun and comprehensive guide and avoid all the common pitfalls, such as: Mispronunciation and...

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  • Basic English Grammar For Dummies - UK

    Get good guidance on using English well English is a hard language to get right. It's all too easy to make simple mistakes, whether writing or speaking—which can land you in embarrassing social situations or even cost you a job. Luckily, Basic English Grammar For Dummies UK Edition is here to help you get to grips with English. Without the complexity of formal grammar and through plenty of examples and brief exercises, it gets you up and running on common spelling errors, how to structure sentences to make yourself easily understood, and find...

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  • Correct Your Spanish Blunders: How to Avoid 99% of the Common Mistakes Made by Learners of Spanish

    A witty, fast-paced guide to eliminating Spanish bloopers for beginners Mixing genders, inverting subjects and objects, and trusting falsos amigos (a.k.a., false cognates) are just a few of the blunders English-speaking Spanish-language learners commonly make. In Correct Your Spanish Blunders, veteran Spanish teacher Jean Yates identifies these and other common trouble spots and clearly explains the reasons behind them. Learners discover how grammar patterns of Spanish differ from those of English and why trying to translate word for word, stru...

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  • Collins Common Errors in English (Easy Learning)

    Focussing on the most common errors in English, this book is the easiest way to improve your everyday language skills. Using simple explanations and corpus examples, it uses a thematic approach to steer learners away from the most common pitfalls in English.This invaluable guide is suitable for learners of English wishing to improve their accuracy and avoid the most basic mistakes.The book offers help with Spelling and Punctuation, and covers the major parts of speech in depth. It offers clear guidance on word choice and confusable words. A com...

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  • Write Like Your Brain Works Grammar and Style Guide

    Do you need a quick guide to grammar, punctuation, how words are used, and style? This little book is for you. It is alphabetically arranged and contains easy to understand rules, explanations, and examples of the most commonly misused points of grammar, punctuation, words, and writing style. It is a supplement for the Write Like Your Brain Works, bestselling innovative writing system....

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  • Learn English: A Fun Book of Functional Language, Grammar, and Vocabulary

    A one-book army that will demolish your fear of and troubles with English! If you wish to improve your English but don’t know where to begin, try reading this book. Learn English is a complete package that presents the fundamentals of the English language in an enjoyable, reader-friendly style. From basic sentences to complex grammatical forms, from essential English words to modern business vocabulary, and from common errors to elements of style, this book covers them all! As you work through the book, you will find answers to your questions...

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  • Common Grammar Errors in Writing of ESL Learners in Gujarat

    English is the most widely used language and the chief vehicle of international communication in the world today. In India, English is learnt as a second language.Learning English language is sometimes difficult since the it has different elements compared to the native language (Gujarati). These differences sometimes cause students to make errors when using it. This study aimed to investigate the students' interlanguage errors in grammar. Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India awarded M.phil Degree to this research work in...

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  • There Their They're Grammar Earrings - English Teacher Gift - Proper English - Grammar Nut - Editor Gift - Writer Earrings

    Lovely pair of handmade earrings. They are 12 mm in diameter. They are made with a photo art print sealed under glass dome to protect and enhance the image. Earrings are very light and thin, pleasant to the touch. They will be a wonderful gift. It will be shipped in cute organza gift bag -The earring posts and the ear nuts are surgical nickel free -It will come nicely gift wrapped. -Please note: real colors may differ slightly from their appearance on your display. -These earrings are not waterproof. Please remove before showering or swimm...

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  • Stop Grammar Time Funny Grammar Police Shirt Grammarian

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  • Grammar Police T-Shirt - Funny English Grammar Literary Tee

    This funny Grammar Police tshirt is the perfect gift tee for English/literature/journalism students and teachers, grammar ninjas, grammar warriors, and anyone who cares about punctuation, grammar, spelling, commas, and syntax.

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  • I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar / Teacher Gift / Book

    Give Me Tees by Melovic is a small family business. My husband and I are passionate about design and put our hearts to provide you funny, motivational, inspirational and cute designs. From animal lovers to retired people, we just wan't to make you happy with our designs. We hope we can bring a smile to your face every single day! About this design: Super fun tee. Handwritting design. A funny & unique Holiday, Christmas, Fathers Day, Christmas, Xmas gifts, Hanukkah, Anniversary, Mothers Day or Birthday t-shirt gift for a english teacher or gramm...

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  • Common Errors in English Usage

    "A reference guide to English usage

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  • When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People : How to Avoid Common Errors in English

    Identify and correct the most common errors written and spoken in English with the help of this humorous

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  • Some English Quick Tips : 30+ Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Correct Most Common Errors in Writing, Grammar and Spelling

    Some English Quick Tips: 30+ Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Correct Most Common Errors in Writing, Grammar and

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  • Correct English in 24 Hours : Solutions to Common Errors in English Language an Ideal Book for ESOL, Efl, English Grammar, and Literacy Revision

    Correct English in 24 Hours

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  • The Practical Grammar : Containing Especially Such Laws Of The English Language As Are To Be Observed In Avoiding The More Common Errors

    The Practical Grammar: Containing Especially Such Laws Of The English Language As Are To Be Observed In Avoiding The More Common Errors Height : 0.35 In Length : 9.21 In Width : 6.14 In Weight

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  • Common Errors and Problems in English - eBook

    The Penguin Writers' Guides series provide authoritative, succinct and easy-to-follow guidance on specific aspects of written English. Whether you need to brush up your skills or get to gris with something for the first time,

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  • The Practical Grammar : Containing Especially Such Laws Of The English Language As Are To Be Observed In Avoiding The More Common Errors

    The Practical Grammar: Containing Especially Such Laws Of The English Language As Are To Be Observed In Avoiding The More Common Errors Height : 0.44 In Length : 9.21 In Width : 6.14 In Weight

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  • A Grammar of the English Language : Explained According to the Principles of Truth and Common Sense, and Adapted to the Capacities of All Who Think. Designed for the Use of Schools, Academies, and Private Learners

    A Grammar of the English Language

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  • The Practical Grammar : Containing Especially Such Laws of the English Language as Are to Be Observed in Avoiding the More Common Errors...

    The Practical Grammar

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  • The Broadview Book Of Common Errors In English:esl Edition

    The Broadview Book Of Common Errors In English:esl

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  • 10 MOST COMMON Grammar Mistakes English Learners Make 😭😭😭

    Common Grammar Errors For English Language Learners
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    10 MOST COMMON Grammar Mistakes English Learners Make

    Common Grammar Errors For English Language Learners
    Learn English,Papa teach me,Learn English Grammar,Learn English Vocabulary,IELTS,CAE,CP...

    8 Common Grammar Mistakes in English!

    Common Grammar Errors For English Language Learners
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