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  • Find the Theory in Your Research : Little Quick Fix

    This Little Quick Fix addresses one of the most crucial steps in any research project: understanding and choosing an appropriate theory to frame the research

    • UPC: 230704064

  • Stability by Fixed Point Theory for Functional Differential Equations - eBook

    This book is the first general introduction to stability of ordinary and functional differential equations by means of fixed point techniques. It contains an extensive collection of new and classical examples worked in detail and

    • UPC: 442867968

  • Community Leadership Development : A Compendium of Theory, Research, and Application


    • UPC: 55219387

  • Current Theory and Research in Transforming Organizations - eBook

    Perhaps the best word to describe the past fifteen or so years of the twenty first century is “change.” Spurred on by the massive layoffs, and reorganizations that took place during the recessionary period starting

    • UPC: 971235674

  • Background and Recent Developments of Metric Fixed Point Theory - eBook

    This book focusing on Metric fixed point theory is designed to provide an extensive understanding of the topic with the latest updates. It provides a good source of references, open questions and new approaches. While

    • UPC: 908179589

  • Fixed Point Theory in Distance Spaces - eBook

    This is a monograph on fixed point theory, covering the purely metric aspects of the theory–particularly results that do not depend on any algebraic structure of the underlying space. Traditionally, a large body of metric

    • UPC: 524385857

  • An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis and Fixed Point Theory - eBook

    This book systematically introduces the theory of nonlinear analysis, providing an overview of topics such as geometry of Banach spaces, differential calculus in Banach spaces, monotone operators, and fixed point theorems. It also discusses degree

    • UPC: 113801336

  • Fixed Point Theory and Graph Theory - eBook

    Fixed Point Theory and Graph Theory provides an intersection between the theories of fixed point theorems that give the conditions under which maps (single or multivalued) have solutions and graph theory which uses mathematical structures

    • UPC: 456601519

  • Fixed Point Theory in Modular Function Spaces - eBook

    This monograph provides a concise introduction to the main results and methods of the fixed point theory in modular function spaces. Modular function spaces are natural generalizations of both function and sequence variants of many

    • UPC: 596007059

  • Topics in Fixed Point Theory - eBook

    The purpose of this contributed volume is to provide a primary resource for anyone interested in fixed point theory with a metric flavor. The book presents information for those wishing to find results that might

    • UPC: 844734590

  • Banach fixed point theorem & differential equations

    Current Research Papers On Fixed Point Theory
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    The Zipf Mystery

    Current Research Papers On Fixed Point Theory
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    The KPZ fixed point - (Lecture 1) by Daniel Remenik

    Current Research Papers On Fixed Point Theory