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Dark Matters On The Surveillance Of Blackness Shopping Deals on 24.01.2020 at TOPPIDUS

  • Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness

    In Dark Matters Simone Browne locates the conditions of blackness as a key site through which surveillance is practiced, narrated, and resisted. She shows how contemporary surveillance technologies and practices are informed by the long history of racial formation and by the methods of policing black life under slavery, such as branding, runaway slave notices, and lantern laws. Placing surveillance studies into conversation with the archive of transatlantic slavery and its afterlife, Browne draws from black feminist theory, sociology, and cultu...

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  • Dark Matter: A Novel

    A mindbending, relentlessly surprising thriller from the author of the bestselling Wayward Pines trilogy.“Are you happy with your life?”  Those are the last words Jason Dessen hears before the masked abductor knocks him unconscious.  Before he awakens to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits.  Before a man Jason’s never met smiles down at him and says, “Welcome back, my friend.”   In this world he’s woken up to, Jason’s life is not the one he knows. His wife is not his wife. His son was ne...

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  • Dark Matters (Class 5 Series Book 4)

    The new instalment in the award-winning Class 5 series.DARK MATTERS . . . taking matters into her own handsA time bomb, waiting to go off . . . Lucy Harris is on the run, not sure where she can turn to for help, or if help is even available. But even as her abductors chase her down, she realizes they don't just want to recapture her, they want to erase her.When your very existence puts a planet at the risk of war, there's no choice but to do everything in your power to stay out of your enemies hands.A predator . . . waiting for the chance to p...

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  • Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora

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  • Dark Matters: A Science Fiction Thriller (Dark Matters Trilogy Book 1)

    When we finally unravel the mystery of dark matter, will it save our world? Or destroy it?Winner of Three Book-of-the-Year Gold Medals in Science Fiction"Everything I love in a novel... Don't miss this debut!" James Rollins, NYT bestselling authorTake an epic journey to a not-so-distant future, controlled by a handful of the über-elite. Where wealth, science, and the human spirit get one last chance to determine humanity’s destiny.Rudy Dersch is the newly minted CEO of the world’s largest, multi-trillion-dollar corporate conglomerate. But ...

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  • Bulletproof Wireless Security: GSM, UMTS, 802.11, and Ad Hoc Security (Communications Engineering)

    Finally--a single volume guide to really effective security for both voice and data wireless networks! More and more data and voice communications are going via wireless at some point between the sender and intended recipient. As a result, truly "bulletproof" wireless security is now more than a desirable feature--instead, it's a necessity to protect essential personal and business data from hackers and eavesdroppers. In this handy reference, Praphul Chandra gives you the conceptual and practical tools every RF, wireless, and network engineer n...

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  • Funktsioon ja struktuur Briti koolkonnas: Antropoloogia lugemik Function and structure in the British school. Anthropology reader (in Estonian)

    This compendium includes the texts from 1922-1940 of Bronis aw Malinowski (1884-1942) and Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown (1881-1955), who have influenced the development of social anthropology as a discipline tremendously; the chosen writings reflect the central ideas of the functionalist and structural functionalist schools of anthropology. These authors, founders of the modern British social anthropology, gave a new direction to the discipline and a methodological and theoretical approach, as well as taught an entire generation of anthropolo...

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  • Pistriku talvekarje: esseid Joseph Brodsky poeetikast ja surmast The Winter Scream of a Falcon: Essays on the Poetics and Death of Joseph Brodsky (in Estonian (Russian Edition)

    A poet, essayist and dramatist, Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996) had a significant influence on the Russian and English-speaking literary and cultural world. He actively participated in the intellectual life of the United States, especially in New York. According to Susan Sontag, he was responsible for considerable changes. Brodsky's poetic world is illustrated by the tremendous tension between Eros and Thanatos on the one hand and Clio and Urania on the other hand, i.e. between space and time. All objects, events and metaphors in Brodsky's poetry ar...

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  • Lindbergh: An American Nazi?, Suicide Song, Living Organ Donor

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  • 21 Grams, Missing Cosmonauts, Sound of Death

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  • Dark Storm

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  • Dark Matter

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  • Agent Orange, Ben Franklin: Fraud Slayer?, Price of Beauty

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  • AWS DeepLens (2019 Edition) - deep learning-enabled video camera for developers

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  • PlayStation 4 500GB Limited Edition Console - Destiny: The Taken King Bundle [Discontinued]

    The Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PlayStationv4 Bundle is the complete package for both new and returning Guardians, featuring a custom Destiny inspired console, Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition, and Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade. The Ultimate Destiny Experience is only on PlayStation+ Destiny: The Taken King introduces a new story campaign and quests, new enemies to fight, new locations to explore, new Strikes and Crucible maps, a new Raid that will put players to the ultimate test, and more. To stand up to the chall...

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  • Dark Matters : On the Surveillance of Blackness

    Simone Browne shows how racial ideologies and the long history of policing black bodies under transatlantic slavery structure contemporary surveillance technologies and practices. Analyzing a wide array of archival and contemporary texts, she demonstrates how

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  • Dark Matter


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  • Dark Matter : A Novel

    Originally published in hardcover in slightly different form in the United States by Crown ... in

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  • Hubble in Space : NASA Images of Planets, Stars, Galaxies, Nebulae, Black Holes, Dark Matter, & More

    Hubble Images from Space: a Virtual Tour is a book of images from the Hubble telescope curated and edited by Beth Alesse who works in Los Angeles, California. The images were collected using space-based instruments

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  • Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs : The Astounding Interconnectedness of the Universe

    "A cracking read, combining storytelling of the highest order with a trove of information. . . . What's remarkable is that it all fits together."--Wall Street Journal"Successful science writing tells a complete story of the

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  • Dark Matter : A Novel

    A mind-bending, relentlessly paced science-fiction thriller, in which an ordinary man is kidnapped, knocked unconscious--and awakens in a world inexplicably different from the reality he thought he

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  • A Matter of Life & Death: Magic Moments and Dark Hours in the History of Medicine (DVD)

    A riveting new documentary that chronicles 5,000 years in the history of medicine, from the magical ground breaking moments to the dark hours where medicine takes a turn in the wrong

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  • Junk DNA: A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome

    From the author of The Epigenetics Revolution ("A book that would have had Darwin swooning."--Guardian) comes a lucid and engaging report from the cutting edge of genomic

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  • The Dark Matter of Love (DVD)

    Eleven-year-old Masha Kulabokhova is about to be adopted into fourteen-year-old Cami Diazs family. Masha grew up in a Russian orphanage; Cami was born and raised in Wisconsin and has been the exclusive focus of her

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  • Dark Matter (Widescreen)

    Dark Matter [DVD] 02519201621

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  • Simone Browne: Keynote lecture at Subverting Surveillance - Strategies to End State Violence

    Dark Matters On The Surveillance Of Blackness

    Simone Browne | Dark Sousveillance Race, Surveillance and Resistance

    Dark Matters On The Surveillance Of Blackness
    CUNY Graduate Center (Organization),CUNY DHI,City University Of New York (College/Unive...

    Danielle Dean & Simone Browne in Conversation

    Dark Matters On The Surveillance Of Blackness
    MOCAD,Danielle Dean,Simone Browne