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  • U. S. Grant: American Hero, American Myth (Civil War America)

    At the time of his death, Ulysses S. Grant was the most famous person in America, considered by most citizens to be equal in stature to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Yet today his monuments are rarely visited, his military reputation is overshadowed by that of Robert E. Lee, and his presidency is permanently mired at the bottom of historical rankings.In an insightful blend of biography and cultural history, Joan Waugh traces Grant's shifting national and international reputation, illuminating the role of memory in our understanding of ...

    • ASIN: 1469609908
    • Brand: Brand: The University of North Carolina Press

  • Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

    • ASIN: B004VFOS8U

  • A War Not Won : A Tribute to the Men of the Army Combat Engineers Who Courageously Served Their Country During the Unpopular Vietnam War.

    A personal account of the courageous men of an Army Combat Engineer Battalion during our most unpopular war. They faced constant danger from enemy attacks as they cleared jungles, built roads and bridges through dangerous

    • UPC: 330144820

  • The Women Behind Rosie the Riveter : Working for the U.S. War Effort

    "[This book tells about how] many women in the U.S. played a pivotal role in the war effort and entered the work force to fill the spots left vacant by the men at

    • UPC: 557619532

  • Nim and the War Effort

    In her determination to prove that an American can win the contest for the war effort, Nim does something which leaves her Chinese grandfather both bewildered and

    • UPC: 1757503
    • Rating: 3.667

  • Worshipping the Myths of World War II : Reflections on America's Dedication to War

    A WWII veteran's controversial

    • UPC: 54354419
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Russia's War : A History of the Soviet Effort: 1941-1945

    Using previously unavailable information from the former KGB and presidential archives, provides an overview of Russia's critical role in World War II and Hitler's

    • UPC: 517622
    • Rating: 4.25

  • Resource Wars - eBook

    This sobering look at the future of warfare predicts that conflicts will now be fought over diminishing supplies of our most precious natural resources.From the barren oilfields of Central Asia to the lush Nile delta,

    • UPC: 427303354
    • Rating: 4.0

  • All Heart : My Dedication and Determination to Become One of Soccer's Best

    Carli Lloyd is the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team captain who helped win a FIFA championship in 2015 with a hat trick in the first sixteen minutes of the final game. Yet she nearly quit the

    • UPC: 54642622

  • Worth the Effort : Worth Series Book 4: A Copper Country Romance

    Book 4 in the New York Times bestselling Worth SeriesIf it was easy, it wouldn't be worth it.Deni Casparich has been obsessed with the story of the Brockway Mountain Hermit since she was a kid.

    • UPC: 53398217
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Frantic 7 : The American Effort to Aid the Warsaw Uprising and the Origins of the Cold War, 1944

    The Frantic operations were conceived in late 1943 as Soviet forces advanced westward into Ukraine, making Soviet airfields accessible to long-range aircraft based in Italy and later England. American aircraft hit targets in central Europe,

    • UPC: 55960471

  • They Fought in Colour / La Guerre En Couleur : A New Look at Canada's First World War Effort / Nouveau Regard Sur Le Canada Dans La Première Guerre Mondiale

    A photographic exploration of Canada's First World War experience, presented for the first time in full, vibrant colour, with complementary essays by some of our country's leading public

    • UPC: 908600440

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    Dedication Of Countrys Resources To War Effort

    Which Countries Have The Fastest Growing Populations?

    Dedication Of Countrys Resources To War Effort
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    Top 10 Countries That Love Azerbaijan

    Dedication Of Countrys Resources To War Effort
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