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  • The Epics Collection: Two Visionary Epic Poems in the Style of Dante, Shakespeare, and Homer

    Two Great Epics, One Master Storyteller!(Now joined by the author’s audiobook narration)Hailed as "an exemplar of epic poetry" (San Francisco Review of Books), Abdiel LeRoy crafts visionary tales inspired by Bible themes, Shakespeare, and mythology. Combining prophetic miracles, dueling angels, and shapeshifting creatures, his verses recall the great epics of Homer, Dante, and Ovid.1. Obama's DreamIt's April 2015. President Barack Obama is sleeping in the White House, though not peacefully, when two great angels sweep into the Master Bedroom.... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: B07VS19817

  • Large 5 Panel Jesus Cross Painting Print Poster Wall Art Sunshine Bible Book Vintage Religious Christian Bible Verse Paintings Rustic Home Decor Living Room Decoration Ready to Hang(60''Wx40''H)

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    • ASIN: B07PNH4SC1
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  • Discovering the Prophets in the Old Testament: Leader's Edition - eBook

    Jesus came preaching the message, “Repent,” that is, “Turn from what you are doing to doing what is right, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” The prophets had a similar message. Over a

    • UPC: 182892378

  • Old Testament Prophets Then and Now - eBook

    This book seeks to get the attention of the Christian community that calls themselves the body of Christ, because the revelation that God has given author Howard Bean concerning this book is to open the

    • UPC: 572210363

  • King James Old English Word Definition Guide: 2016 Ebook - eBook

    The King James Old English Word Definition Guide, 3rd edition, KJV 400th Anniversary Pocket Size, enables the user to read the most accurate English Bible ever translated from the historically reliable Masoretic Hebrew and Received

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  • Prophets, Priests, and Kings: Old Testament Figures Who Symbolize Christ - eBook

    President Gordon B Hinckley declared: “I would hope that in all we do, we would somehow constantly nourish the testimony of our people concerning the Savior.” The Old Testament, like the Book of Mormon, has

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  • Kings and Prophets of the Old Testament - eBook

    Kings and Prophets of the Old Testament: The New Living Message Version Bible Companion © (KPOT/NLMV) is a ground breaking interpretive translation-paraphrase of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, with the exception of the

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  • Old Testament Prophets for Today

    The prophets of the Old Testament include such well-known characters as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, and Hosea. There are, however, many other prophets, both in the biblical books that bear their names and in the other

    • UPC: 10665883

  • Exploring the Old Testament : A Guide to the Prophets

    Exploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Prophets considers the often misunderstood prophetic books of the Old Testament, including an exploration of their historical context, their artful use of language and their place within

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  • Definitions of Some Mathematical Terms for 11-18 Year Olds

    The author defines nearly 1,000 mathematical terms in this reference for pupils, parents, and mathematics teachers who are not mathematics

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  • Handbook of the Old Testament Prophets: Their Connection to New Testament Prophecy and Their Relevance Today (Paperback)

    What do the Old Testament prophets have to say about Jesus Christ, our salvation through Christ, our relationship with God because of all that Christ has done for us? They have much to say, and

    • UPC: 558759606

  • The Prophet and His Message : Reading Old Testament Prophecy Today

    contentsIntroduction1. What a Prophet is Not2. What a Prophet Is3. What a Prophet Does4. The Prophetic Role of Israel5. The Consummate Prophet: Jesus Christ6. The Prophetic Role of the

    • UPC: 27186303

  • What is a prophet? The Meaning of Prophet, Clearly Explained.

    Definition Of A Prophet In The Old Testament
    what is a prophet; prophecy

    God's Story: Prophets

    Definition Of A Prophet In The Old Testament
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    The Prophets

    Definition Of A Prophet In The Old Testament
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