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  • From the Dugouts to the Trenches : Baseball during the Great War

    "Comprehensive history of the complex relationship between baseball and World War

    • UPC: 55313040

  • THE TRENCH DAYS: The Collected War Tales of William Le Queux (WW1 Adventure Sagas, Espionage Thrillers & Action Classics) - eBook

    At the beginning of The Great War William Le Queux started rumbling German schemes, and he wrote several novels and short stories set in occupied countries during the War. His heroes are mainly spies, secret

    • UPC: 856549990

  • Blackpool and the Fylde During WW1 - eBook

    Blackpool was a Royal Army Medical Corps centre during WW1, with 10,000 RAMC personnel in the town. When war broke out on August 4th 1914 the holiday season in the popular holiday resort was in

    • UPC: 974522519

  • FUNNY STORIES from the GREAT WAR - Trench humour, Pranks and Jokes during WWI - eBook

    Even in the midst of the death and destruction of war there are strange and funny occurrences. Occurrences made hilarious and farcical because of the circumstance in which they occur. These hilarious occasions are more

    • UPC: 874045768

  • Diary of Annie's War - The Diary of an Englishwoman in Germany During WW1 - eBook

    Annie's War tells the story of an Englishwoman held under virtual house arrest in Germany during the First World War. Annie Drummond Dröege had moved from the United Kingdom to Germany when her husband Arthur

    • UPC: 887985297

  • The English Rogue: Described in the Life of Meriton Latroon, A Witty Extravagant Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon and Other Extravagants (Complete) - eBook

    When this piece was first published it was ushered into the World with the usual ceremony of a Preface, and that a large one, whereby the Authour intended and endeavoured to possess the Reader with

    • UPC: 861511163

  • Stories from the Military : Life in the Trenches, WWI Warfare, Spies and Atomic Bombs | War Book for Kids Junior Scholars Edition | Children's Military Books - eBook

    The military are a brave people. They fight to protect the country and preserve the peace. But a long time ago, the military had to endure so much more because they had to live in

    • UPC: 513570434

  • The Sum of Two Lives Unlived: Lessons from the Trenches Case Studies Series - eBook

    The purpose of this case study series, Lessons from the Trenches, is to bring to life some of the vulnerabilities of the human experience and start a discussion about how we can best contribute to

    • UPC: 685400579

  • The Defense Is Ready: Life in the Trenches of Criminal Law - Audiobook

    In The Defense is Ready, Leslie Abramson, the brilliant and outspoken defense attorney, takes you inside today's courtroom for a stunning firsthand account of how the courage and timidity, wisdom and folly, selflessness and venality

    • UPC: 441188629

  • A Tommy's Life in the Trenches - eBook

    An advertising illustrator and artist by trade, Private Fergus Mackain enlisted in 1915 to ‘do his bit’, serving in France when the fighting was at its fiercest. After being wounded on the Somme and taken

    • UPC: 503775633

  • Life in a Trench | World War I | History

    Describe Life In The Trenches During Ww1
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    What was life like in the trenches of World War I?

    Describe Life In The Trenches During Ww1
    battlefield1,battlefield 1,bf 1,world war one,trench life,trench warfare,british soldie...

    Trench Warfare in World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special

    Describe Life In The Trenches During Ww1
    History,History channel,Documentary,Footage,Great War,First World War,World War I (Mili...