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  • Building Lean Supply Chains with the Theory of Constraints

    Innovative strategies for building and managing the supply chain using Lean and the Theory of Constraints (TOC) With an emphasis on systems thinking, Building Lean Supply Chains with the Theory of Constraints uniquely integrates TOC with Lean, illustrating how these two philosophies complement and reinforce each other to create the smooth flow of goods and services through the supply chain. The majority of the chapters draw on the tools and techniques of TOC, including throughput accounting, drum-buffer-rope, TOC in distribution and replenishme...

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  • RFID in the Supply Chain

    A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO IMPROVING SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS WITH RFID Written by the Director of the Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management at Baylor University, RFID in the Supply Chain offers expert insight to help you decide whether, when, and how to use RFID technology to improve supply chain management processes. This informative volume provides a technological overview of RFID and explains the three architecture layers of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) global standards: identify, capture, and exchange. Building consensus for RFID ...

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  • Designing Value-Creating Supply Chain Networks

    Winner of the 2016 Coup de Coeur prize at the Plumes des Achats & Supply Chain, Paris.Focusing on the design of robust value-creating supply chain networks (SCN) and key strategic issues related to the number; location, capacity and mission of supply chain facilities (plants, distribution centers) – as well as the network structure required to provide flexibility and resilience in an uncertain world – this book presents an innovative methodology for SCN reengineering that can be used to significantly improve the bottom line of supply chain ...

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  • Enabling Things to Talk: Designing IoT solutions with the IoT Architectural Reference Model

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging network superstructure that will connect physical resources and actual users. It will support an ecosystem of smart applications and services bringing hyper-connectivity to our society by using augmented and rich interfaces.  Whereas in the beginning IoT referred to the advent of barcodes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which helped to automate inventory, tracking and basic identification, today IoT is characterized by a dynamic trend toward connecting smart sensors, objects, devices, data...

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  • Food Safety for the 21st Century: Managing HACCP and Food Safety Throughout the Global Supply Chain

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  • Innovative Performance Support: Strategies and Practices for Learning in the Workflow

    Real Learning Happens as You Work! Implement performance support to increase and accelerate employee performance. “It is a book that will become dog-eared from use as it is both a narrative and a reference. Valuable now, and over time; it is worth every cent of the $30 cover price. It is easy to read, and easy to fillet for the right information just when you need it. The book comes at a really important juncture in the trajectory of corporate learning and highlights the importance of learning in the workflow. It is the right book, at the rig...

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  • Designing, Selecting, Implementing and Using APS Systems

    Commercial advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems have been around for about 25 years and have seen widespread adoption in a variety of companies. The promises made by APS system implementations are high, and at the same time, APS projects are complex, costly, and carry a significant risk of failure. There is a great need for guidance on how to successfully implement APS systems, which is why this book was written. In this book, we aim to discuss all facets of APS implementation, from theoretical background to definition, vendor selecti...

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  • Architecting Fail-Safe Supply Networks

    A fail-safe supply network is designed to mitigate the impact of variations and disruptions on people and corporations. This is achieved by (1) developing a network structure to mitigate the impact of disruptions that distort the network structure and (2) planning flow through the network to neutralize the effects of variations. In this monograph, we propose a framework, develop mathematical models and provide examples of fail-safe supply network design. We show that, contrary to current thinking as embodied in the supply network literature, di...

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  • Designing and Managing Industrial Product-Service Systems (SpringerBriefs in Operations Management)

    This book is dedicated to the issues and complexities of industrial services supply chain management. It analyzes how the transition from products to services can be managed, and how supply chains can be adjusted to reflect this new status quo. The book begins with chapters examining product-service systems structures and servitization – the services infusion process. Next, it presents industrial services as marketing and operations strategy. The focus shifts to service delivery, and this chapter discusses how the actual operations take place...

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  • Designing and Evaluating Value Added Services in Manufacturing E-Market Places

    The “extended enterprise” is a new emerging paradigm in the manufacturing arena. Indeed, global competition is pushing manufacturing enterprises in several industries either to split geographically the production capacity or to work together in supply chain organizations involving several independent entities. This dynamic is involving both big companies, whose organisation is always more and more decentralised and geographically distributed, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are embracing new organisation forms such as the Virtu...

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  • Essentials of Logistics and Management

    The logistician plays a critical role in the growth of his or her company - in this third edition of Essentials of Logistics, the conceptual framework in which all the stakes and themes of logistics is systematically analyzed, with a strong focus on the role of the supply chain.Indeed, many elements are critical to the successful logistical strateg...

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  • Packaging Logistics : Understanding and Managing the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Packaging in Supply Chains

    Understand the role of packaging along the supply chain and how its effective management can improve the performance of your company and minimise your

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  • Dynamic Supply Chains : How to Design, Build and Manage People-Centric Value Networks


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  • Managing the Building Design Process - eBook

    Managing the Building Design Process explains the designer’s role in the creation of new buildings from the development of the plan through to completion. One key case study is used throughout the book so that

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  • Career by Design - Skills, advice and training to build your management potential - The Managing Professional Development Complete Certification Kit - eBook

    Career by Design - Skills, advice and training to build your management potential This book is designed for new managers, or experienced managers who are responsible for the personal development of their team, and want

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  • Managing the Brief for Better Design - eBook

    Based on extensive research, this book offers an understanding of the briefing process and its importance to the built environment. The coverage extends beyond new build covering briefing for services and fit-outs. Prepared by an

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  • Managing the Brief for Better Design - eBook

    Briefing is not just presenting a set of documents to the design team; it is a process of developing a deep understanding about client needs. This book provides both inspiration to clients and a framework

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  • Designing and Managing Programs - eBook

    The Fifth Edition of the classic Designing and Managing Programs for human services helps readers grasp the meaning and significance of measuring performance and evaluating outcomes. Authors Peter M. Kettner, Robert M. Moroney, and Lawrence

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  • McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series Operations and Decision Sciences: Designing and Managing the Supply Chain 3e with Student CD (Other)

    Designing and Managing the Supply Chain, 3/e provides state-of-the-art models, concepts, and solution methods that are important for the design, control, operation, and management of supply chain systems. In particular, the authors attempt to convey

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  • Studyguide for Designing and Managing the Supply Chain : Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies by Simchi-Levi, David, ISBN 9780073341521

    Studyguide for Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies by Simchi-Levi, David, ISBN

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  • Designing and Managing the Supply Chain : Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies

    Books : Designing and Managing the Supply Chain 3e with Student CD (Int'l Ed): AND Student CD

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    Designing And Managing The Supply Chain Ebook

    Network Design in the Supply Chain [Voice over]

    Designing And Managing The Supply Chain Ebook

    Designing Distribution Networks

    Designing And Managing The Supply Chain Ebook
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