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  • Avoid Dialysis, 10 Step Diet Plan for Healthier Kidneys

    Avoid dialysis by following 10 Step Diet Plan by a Board Certified Renal Dietitian. Easy to understand explanation of your protein, potassium, phosphorus and sodium requirements. Charts and graphs provided as visual aids. Learn what your laboratory test mean and how to track your progress. Detailed diet information from which type of lettuce is lowest in potassium to which milk is lower in phosphorus. Eating out guides and 7 days of menus are provided. A-Z of what you need to know about diet for CKD and 10 steps to follow in order to avoid dial...

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  • The Doctor's Kidney Diets: A Nutritional Guide to Managing and Slowing the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

    * Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Health TitleIn the United States alone, 26 million adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD), and experts project that over half the country may develop CKD due to rising rates of disorders such as diabetes. While nephrologists can monitor kidney function and treat patients with medications, they can’t always offer the nutritional guidance that every kidney patient requires. To fill this information gap, Dr. Mandip Kang has written The Doctor’s Kidney Diets, a comprehensive guide to manag...


  • The Renal Diet Cookbook for Beginners 2019: Only Low Sodium, Low Potassium and Easy-to-follow Recipes to Control Your Kidney Disease(CKD) and Avoid Dialysis

    The renal diet is a type of diet that has been specifically designed to help those who have kidney disease. This diet is unlike many other diets as it often contains a specific number of nutrients that are vital at helping to keep your kidney as healthy as possible.This Renal Diet Cookbook is filled with a lot of great info that will make your daily life hassle-free. In this cookbook, you will learn:The Fundamentals of Renal FailureEverything You Need To Know About Renal DietUseful Tips and FAQs on Renal DietMore and moreAlso, inside this book,...

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    EASY TO FOLLOW RENAL DIET COOKBOOK_______________________________________________Many people both adults and children are stricken by chronic or acute kidney disease but everyone has a hope. Nowadays nutritionists and doctors after working and analyzing the whole kidney disease process create a new type of a diet that can help to use the needed vitamins, healthy but at the same time tasty food and this diet calls renal diet.This Renal Diet cookbook will help you to learn about all the important functions that kidney disease performs and symptom...

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  • Renal Diet Cookbook A Practical Guide To A Renal Diet, The Low Sodium, Low Potassium, Healthy Kidney Cookbook + Delicious Recipes; 4-Week menu Plan Included Of A Renal Diet.

    Would you like to know what doctors recommend about kidney disease?Would you like to have a proper kidney diet?With this book, you will be able to improve your knowledge of the kidney diet, and you will have many valid and tasty alternative recipes.The first rule, experts recommend, to help patients with kidney failure, especially when it is advanced, is to set up a low protein, sodium, and phosphorus diet.The number of protein foods must be reduced, especially of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs, meats, cheeses and dairy products) and to a less...

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  • Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease: Easy To Follow Low To Very Low Protein Diet For Improving And Maintaining Kidney Function & Avoiding Dialysis

    Hi, I’m Robert Galarowicz… I’m a Naturopath (aka. holistic, alternative or natural health doctor) and a Nutritionist who is a nationally renowned expert on helping people improve their kidney health using natural treatments such as diet, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements. I have helped tens-of-thousands of people improve and control their kidney disease. More importantly, I am a kidney disease sufferer who has gone through every stage of kidney disease. From past kidney failure and dialysis to present day…living healthily ...

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  • Renal Diet Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed: The Complete Guide to Managing Kidney Disease and Avoiding Dialysis

    Kick-start a kidney-healthy life with a 30-day meal plan from the author of the bestselling Renal Diet CookbookFiguring out what you can and cannot eat when you or someone you care for is diagnosed with stage 1-4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) is overwhelming. No one understands this more than Susan Zogheib, a registered dietitian and leader in the field of renal nutrition, who lays out an easy 30-day meal plan for a kidney-healthy diet and lifestyle. The Renal Diet Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed is an action-based plan that equips you with wee...

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  • DASH Diet for Renal Health: A Customized Program to Improve Your Kidney Function based on America's Top Rated Diet

    Follow the DASH Diet To Help Control Your Kidney DiseaseIf you have kidney disease, you’ve learned to live with a restricted diet in order to stay healthy. With this book, you can unleash the power of the scientifically proven DASH diet to improve renal function while enjoying a wide variety of delicious foods. The easy-to-follow meal plans, shopping tips and healthy swaps outlined in DASH Diet for Renal Health will help you create a bounty of tasty low-potassium and low-phosphorus recipes, including:• Beef Barley Soup• Lemon Rosemary Chi...

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  • Coping with Kidney Disease: A 12-Step Treatment Program to Help You Avoid Dialysis

    A revolutionary program that can indefinitely postpone the need for dialysis If you've been diagnosed with kidney failure, this book could save your life. If you suffer from diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or any of a host of conditions that put you at risk for kidney disease, you owe it to yourself to read what is in this book. If you are among the 60,000 North Americans who go on dialysis each year, the information in this book could substantially improve your quality of life. In Coping with Kidney Disease, a leading expert tells you, in p...

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  • The New Alkaline Diet To Beat Kidney Disease: Avoid Dialysis

    An alkaline diet is one of the most effective way of slowing or stopping the progression of chronic kidney disease. An alkaline diet uses a PRAL SCORE ( potential renal acid load) of food to create an alkaline environment in the body. This reserach was presented at the National Kidney Foundation meetings: The potential renal acid load or PRAL model, developed by German scientists in the 1990s, measures the effect of common foods on urine acidity or pH value. According to a June 2008 article in the "British Journal of Nutrition," the higher the...

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  • Essential Kidney Disease Cookbook: 130 Delicious, Kidney-Friendly Meals To Manage Your Kidney Disease (CKD) (The Kidney Diet & Kidney Disease Cookbook Series)

    Manage Your Kidney Disease With Over 130 Delicious, Kidney Friendly Recipes!Making the decision to change your diet and lifestyle after a diagnosis of kidney disease is a huge step. By making the best choices, you can make a difference to how you feel along with the symptoms you experience. The Essential Kidney Disease Cookbook provides over 130 delicious kidney-friendly meals so you can continue to enjoy delicious meals with your loved ones, family and friends! Each of the recipes in this cookbook are made with easy to find fresh ingredient...

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  • Smoothies for Kidney Health: A Delicious Approach to the Prevention and Management of Kidney Problems and So Much More

    Smoothies for Kidney Health is a very special recipe book. It is expertly put together by a kidney donor, who is a registered nurse, and her mom, the recipient of her kidney. Together, they have taken their knowledge and experience to create a resource for all those suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). By explaining how kidney function is impacted by the foods we eat, they offer a simple way for patients to help slow down, stop, or possibly reverse the many effects of CKD―including heart disease, the number one killer of kidney patien...

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  • Summary of How Not To Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease By Michael Greger MD

    Concise Reading offers an in-depth and comprehensive summary of "How Not To Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease” by Dr. Michael Greger, the internationally-renowned nutrition expert, physician, and founder of This companion book contains many tantalizing sections including:• Book Summary• Background Information About The Author• Discussion QuestionsAnd much more!Download and start reading immediately.*Note: This is an independent and unofficial summary & analysis published an...

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  • Kidney Stone Diet: Eat to Prevent Kidney Stones

    Having a kidney stone is a memorable experience – but not a pleasant one. There’s a reason why people liken the pain to prolonged natural childbirth. As physicians, we’ve heard people describe the pain of kidney stones as the worst they’ve ever experienced. To make matters worse, once you’ve had one kidney stone you’re at higher risk for another one. Research shows diet plays a key role – what you eat and what you drink – impacts your risk for kidney stones. We’ve seen this play out in clinical practice. Yes, it's possible to ...

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  • The Low-Oxalate Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook: 75 Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Yeast-Free, Low-Sugar Recipes to Help You Stress Less and Feel Better

    In this cookbook, food blogger Cindy Bokma takes familiar recipes and re-creates them for anyone dealing with a limited diet that can become extremely overwhelming. Health is like a line of dominos and once one falls, others soon follow. Most people have more than one issue that can be addressed by diet. But when gluten-free options lead you to almond flour and milk, for example, and almonds are rich in oxalates, you may then be put in the path of an illness or issue related to high oxalates. While much is known about gluten-free, low-carb, soy...

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  • Renal Diet Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed : The Complete Guide to Managing Kidney Disease and Avoiding Dialysis

    "100 low-sodium, low-protein, low-phosphorus, low-potassium

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  • Renal Diet Plan and Cookbook : The Optimal Nutrition Guide to Manage Kidney Disease

    "125+ delicious recipes. 3 meal plans for your kidney

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  • The Everything DASH Diet Cookbook : Lower your blood pressure and lose weight - with 300 quick and easy recipes! Lower your blood pressure without drugs, Lose weight and keep it off, Prevent diabetes, strokes, and kidney stones, Boost your energy, and Stay healthy for life!

    Outlines the principles of the DASH diet which is designed to lower high blood pressure and presents three hundred recipes for soups, stews, main dishes, vegetable sides, and

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  • Renal Diet Cookbook: 100 Simple & Delicious Kidney-Friendly Recipes To Manage Kidney Disease (CKD) And Avoid Dialysis (The Kidney Disease Cookbook) - eBook

    Living and eating healthy after being diagnosed with stage 1-4 chronic kidney disease can be overwhelming. Learning to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments, discovering how to manage chronic kidney disease and keeping the kidneys healthy

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  • Kidney Diet Cookbook for Two

    Over 65 Delicious Kidney-Friendly Recipes That You Can Both Enjoy! A diagnosis of kidney disease shouldn't mean you have to settle for boring, bland dinners alone.The Kidney Diet Cookbook For Two provides 68 delicious, perfectly

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  • Food Forensics : The Hidden Toxins Lurking in Your Food and How You Can Avoid Them for Lifelong Health

    What's really in your food? Award-winning investigative journalist and clean food activist Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger," is founder and editor of Natural News, one of the top health news websites in the world, reaching

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  • Gout Treatment and Gout Diet. Gout Recipes, Gout Symptoms, Purines, Causes, Remedies, Diet, Treatments, Diagnosis, Foods to Avoid and Foods That Might Help All Included

    Gout and coping with gout. Gout recipes, gout symptoms, purines, causes, remedies, diet, treatments, diagnosis, foods to avoid and foods that might help all included. Millions of people are suffering from gout. This is another

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  • Diverticulitis Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods With Tips to Avoid Diverticular Disease Today! - eBook

    Diverticulitis is a condition that is uncommon and particularly hardly heard of by many, especially in places like Africa and Asia. Well, the reason is not farfetched… yes, the disease is rising in many Western

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  • Keto Diet Food List: What to Eat and Avoid On the Keto Diet - eBook


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  • Renal Diet Cookbook: The Low Sodium, Low Potassium Healthy Kidney Cookbook - eBook

    In this book NICOLE MOORE has done a brilliant job in educating patients about their disease, showing why watching your diet is essential and offering mouth-watering recipes that encourage compliance and fun!There is no doubt

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  • The Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease

    Diet For Kidney Health Foods To Avoid
    UC San Diego Health,UC San Diego Chronic Kidney Disease Program,Chronic Kidney Disease ...

    Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease | Foods for Healthy Kidneys & Foods to Avoid

    Diet For Kidney Health Foods To Avoid
    kidney pain,kidney failure,kidney disease,renal diet,kidney stones,renal failure,chroni...

    The best foods and drinks for healthy kidneys

    Diet For Kidney Health Foods To Avoid
    healthy kidneys,healthy foods healthy kidneys,healthy foods for kidneys,kidney disease ...