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  • Sword and Scimitar : Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West

    A sweeping history of the often-violent conflict between Islam and the West, shedding a revealing light on current hostilities The West and Islam--the sword and scimitar--have clashed since the mid-seventh century, when, according to Muslim

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  • Good Times! Easy Puzzles & Brain Games : Includes Word Searches, Find the Differences, Shadow Finder, Spot the Odd One Out, Logic Puzzles, Crosswords, Memory Games, Tally Totals and More

    This book is packed with a wide variety of easy puzzles and brain games for seniors. Good Times! Easy Puzzles and Brain Games has large print throughout the book for a comfortable and relaxing puzzling

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  • Warhammer Total War: The Best Unofficial Player's Guide - eBook

    Warhammer Total War is the first series that Creative Assembly has made, that departs from its usual fare of historical mass warfare - now going into the realms of fantasy. Warhammer Total War is set

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  • Warhammer Chronicles: Skaven Wars: The Black Plague Trilogy


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  • 101 Things You Didn't Know about the Civil War : The People, Battles, and Events That Defined the War Between the States

    Get the lowdown on America's Bloodiest War--the Civil War--with this essential guide to 101 interesting and unexpected facts about this defining event in US history. Do you know which state first seceded from the Union?

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  • Total War: Warhammer Game Guide - eBook

    The Total War: Warhammer guide contains all the information required to fully comprehend this extremely complex and demanding title. Here you can find practical advices concerning all the gameplay mechanisms appearing in the game -

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  • How China Wins: A Case Study of the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War - Analysis of the Parallels and Differences Between the Chinese Communist Party Under Deng Xiaoping That Waged War and Today's CCP - eBook

    This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction.This is a historical case study of the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979. In February 1979, China, under Deng Xiaoping's leadership, launched a ground

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  • Daughters of Khaine Khinerai Warhammer Age of Sigmar

    Kit delivered unpainted and requires

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  • Air Power and the Ground War in Vietnam: Ideas and Actions - Counterinsurgency, Air Power Theories, Secret Bombing, Supporting Ground Combat Forces, Gunships, Interservice Differences - eBook

    Dr. Mrozek focuses on expectations concerning the impact of airpower on the ground war. He describes some of the actual effects but avoids treatment of some of the most dramatic air actions of the war,

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  • Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War - Die Suche nach Gabriel Angelos - eBook

    Die neuen Comics zum Tabletop-Klassiker und Videogame-Hit Warhammer 40K! 40.000 Jahre in der Zukunft kämpfen die Space Marines in der ganzen Galaxis gegen die blutrünstigen Orks und die finsteren Eldar. Inmitten des Chaos dieses Krieges

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  • 7 new things in Total War: Warhammer 2

    Differences Between Total War Warhammer 1 And 2
    total war warhammer 2,total war warhammer 2 gameplay,total war warhammer 2 reaction,tot...

    GOOD VS BAD! Total War: Warhammer 1+2 Discussion + Future Features of Total War

    Differences Between Total War Warhammer 1 And 2
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    Why Total War Warhammer II is the Best Entry for Newcomers!

    Differences Between Total War Warhammer 1 And 2
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