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  • Disability and the Media: Prescriptions for Change (Disability Library)

    In the past decade, the mass media discovered disability. Spurred by the box-office appeal of superstars such as the late Christopher Reeve, Michael J. Fox, Stephen Hawking, and others, and given momentum by the success of Oscar-winning movies, popular television shows, best-selling books, and profitable websites, major media corporations have reversed their earlier course of hiding disability, bringing it instead to center stage. Yet depictions of disability have remained largely unchanged since the 1920s. Focusing almost exclusively on the me...

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  • Complete Guide to Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs 2018-2019

    The classic guide to all major prescription and nonprescription drugs, featuring revised, up-to-date FDA information and an A–Z list of illnesses for easy reference. Includes coverage of dosage and length of time before a drug takes effect; side effects; special precautions; interactions with other food and drugs; standards for use by different age groups; and more....

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  • The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs

    Based on the highly effective, proven Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) program: a practical plan for natural ways to treat depression--without medicationIn the past decade, depression rates have skyrocketed, and one in four Americans suffer from major depression at some point in their lives. Where have we gone wrong? Dr. Stephen Ilardi sheds light on our current predicament and reminds us that our bodies were never designed for the sleep-deprived, poorly nourished, frenzied pace of twenty-first century life. Inspired by the extraordinary resi...

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  • The Pill Book (15th Edition): New and Revised 15th Edition (Pill Book (Mass Market Paper))

    No home should be without this book!THE CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO PILLS—COMPLETELY REVISED 15TH EDITION FOR 2012 WITH MORE THAN 20 IMPORTANT NEW DRUGS AND DOZENS OF NEW BRAND NAMES For more than three decades, millions of consumers have trusted The Pill Book to provide official, FDA-approved information on more than 1,800 of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, with guidelines from leading pharmacists. Each drug is profiled in a concise, readable, easy-to-understand entry, making The Pill Book the perfect reference when you h...

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  • Losing Clive to Younger Onset Dementia: One Family's Story

    Clive Beaumont was diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia at age 45, when his children were aged just 3 and 4. He had become less and less able to do his job properly and had been made redundant from the Army the year before.Clive's wife, Helen, tells of how she and the rest of the family made it through the next six years until Clive died: the challenge of continually adapting to his progressive deterioration; having to address the legal implications of the illness; applying for benefit payments; finding nursing homes; and juggling her responsi...

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  • The Mindful Way Workbook: An 8-Week Program to Free Yourself from Depression and Emotional Distress

    Imagine an 8-week program that can help you overcome depression, anxiety, and stress--by simply learning new ways to respond to your own thoughts and feelings. That program is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), and it has been tested and proven effective in clinical trials throughout the world. Now you can get the benefits of MBCT any time, any place, by working through this carefully constructed book. The expert authors introduce specific mindfulness practices to try each week, plus reflection questions, tools for keeping track of pro...

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  • Disability and the Media : Prescriptions for Change

    A journalist's passionate expose of the media's portrayal of the

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  • The Long Ride Home : The Extraordinary Journey of Healing That Changed a Child's Life

    When his son Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson feared they might never communicate. But when he discovered Rowan responded to horses, they traveled to Mongolia --the spiritual home of the horse -- where

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  • The Woman Who Changed Her Brain : How I Left My Learning Disability Behind and Other Stories of Cognitive Transformation

    Previously published in hardcover: New York: Free Press,

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  • The Awesome Miss Seeds : Her Courage Overcame Disabilities; Her Determination Changed Schools and Teaching

    The Awesome Miss Seeds is the story of a child with disabilities whose courage, determination, and vision enabled her to become a remarkable teacher and leader in education. It is the story of Corinne A.

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  • The Night Our Lives Changed Forever : A Stroke Survivor

    A glimpse into the entangled mind, of a stroke survivor, described through his eyes, in an attempt to help the care givers, survivors and families, better understand what to expect in the stressful days ahead,

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  • Gathering Courage : A Life-Changing Journey Through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability

    Gathering Courage is an AMERICAN STORY filled with adversity, heartbreaks, and great personal victory. Author, T.A. McMullin will transport your mind through the simple but powerful words of a female pioneer who no matter the

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  • The Awesome Miss Seeds : Her Courage Overcame Disabilities; Her Determination Changed Schools and Teaching

    The Awesome Miss Seeds is the story of a child with disabilities whose courage, determination, and vision enabled her to become a remarkable teacher and leader in education. It is the story of Corinne A.

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  • Disability Sport : A Vehicle for Social Change?

    Disability Sport

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  • Disability and Digital Media: Accessibility, Representation and Inclusion | CurtinX on

    Disability And The Media Prescriptions For Change
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    Disability And The Media Prescriptions For Change
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    Portrayal Of People with Disabilities in the Media

    Disability And The Media Prescriptions For Change