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  • Feel The Bass Again

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  • Feel The Bass Again

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  • Contains an untitled hidden track after " Outro".Personnel includes: T.I., Beenie Man, Too Short, Jazze Pha, Youngbloodz (rap vocals); Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo (various instruments); Craig Love (guitar); Preston Crump (bass); P$C, Michelle Bell, Verdia, Joi, Mack Boney, Myrna "Peach" Crenshaw, Chae (background vocals).Producers include: DJ Toomp, Charles Pettaway, Brian "BK" Kidd, The Neptunes, Jason Geter.Engineers include: Matt Still, Mike Wilson, Josh Butler.Recorded at Stankonia, Patchwerk, Atlanta, Georgia; Master Sound Studios, Virginia Beach, Virginia.The message that Atlanta rapper T.I. wants all his listeners to hear is I'M SERIOUS. Although he starts out the album with an intro alluding to his prowess as a pimp, dealer, and hustler, the album's first song finds the southern hip-hop hard case going to great pains to illuminate the life experiences that led to his current position, ultimately observing "what I am today I made myself" before delivering the killer blow that is the song's title, "still ain't forgave myself." Its a rare rapper who's willing to take that much personal responsibility for his role in society. Even though most of the other cuts on I'M SERIOUS find him reveling in that role, T.I. possesses the narrative skill, dramatic overview, and low-key delivery that allow his gangsta boasts to go down easily.

    I'M SERIOUS [PA] [078221468121]

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  • Foundations of Bass (CD)

    Foundations of Bass, Vol. 1

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  • Metalwood includes: Mike Murley (saxophone); Brad Turner (trumpet, keyboards); Chris Terry (fretless bass); Ian Froman (drums).Additional personnel includes: John Scofield (guitar); Mino Cinelu (percussion); DJ Logic (turntables).Recorded at Blue Wave Studios, Vancouver, Canada on January 20 & 21, 2001. Includes liner notes by Jason Koransky.

    Metalwood - Recline (CD NEW)Label: TelarcFormat: CDRelease Date: 28 May 2002No. of Discs: 1UPC: 089408356421Album Tracks1. Strollin'2. Steeplejack3. Bumpus4. Mr. Mike5. U.B. The Monster (intro)6. U.B. The Monster7. Lemming8. New Pants9. The Hipster10.

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  • Cypress Hill: Eric Bobo (rap vocals, drums); B-Real, Sen Dog (rap vocals); DJ Muggs (turntables).Additional personnel includes: Redman, Method Man, Kurupt, Kokane, M.C. Ren, King Tee (rap vocals); Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar, bass); Mike Sims (guitar, Moog synthesizer); Jeremy Flenner, Andy Zambrano, Rogelio Lozano (guitar); Jessy Moss (background vocals).Recorded at Ameraycan Studios, Hollywood, California.While most of the rock and rap acts that emerged successfully in 1991 have gone the way of the Arsenio Hall show, Cypress Hill remains a significant and innovative force in both genres. Blazing a gold and platinum trail that has spawned many copycat groups, Cypress continues to keep it real on its 10th-anniversary album STONED RAIDERS. Kurupt guests on "Kronologik," a hip-hop account of the band's highs and lows. M.C. Ren kicks it old-school style on "Southland Killers." A luscious surf guitar chord blends with B-Real's verses and Bobo's percussion on "Bitter." "Amplified" is equally riveting with its funky retro groove. Redman and Method Man's blunt-infected rhymes flow perfectly with B-Real's on "Red, Meth & B." RAIDERS shows off all the musical sides of Cypress Hill, from street-level hip-hop to crunchy metal riffs to a flamenco guitar solo, and consequently takes the Cypress experience to the next level.

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  • Beautiful Bend - Boogie Motion / Make That Feeling Come Again

    Beautiful Bend - Boogie Motion / Make That Feeling Come Again (NEW)Label: Essential Media Group ModFormat: CD MAXI-SINGLE (JC)Release Date: 13 Nov 2014No. of Discs: 1UPC: 894232244826Details1. Boogie Motion2. Make That Feeling Come

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  • 3dRose Feel the Beat Quite DJ With Flames - Magic Transforming Mug, 11-ounce

    Feel the Beat Quite DJ With Flames Mug is available in both 11 oz and 15 oz. Why drink out of an ordinary mug when a custom printed mug is so much cooler? This ceramic

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  • Bass Is How It Should Be Done

    Bass Is How It Should Be Done

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  • Rancid: Lars Frederiksen, Tim Armstrong (vocals, guitar); Matt Freeman (bass, background vocals); Brett Reed (drums).Additional personnel: Paul Jackson (Hammond organ); Bashiri Johnson (percussion); DJ Disk (scratches).There's a saying that there can never be too much of a good thing, and Rancid could've coined the phrase. Their irresistible old-school punk and their ska-in-the-garage guitar sound are sure to please anyone who thought the Clash were the best that '70s punk had to offer.Yet, considering their loyalty to the original punk aesthetic, Rancid sound surprisingly fresh. ...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES proves the band knows their fans and can still live by their causes. They're self-proclaimed "Roots Radicals," but this is a '90s band. "Lock, Stop, And Gone" is crammed with details of modern L.A., where there's "a fire on the corner and it's never gonna stop" and where "the killer in the neighborhood never got caught." There's also bewilderment at the fact that the punk that was sure to keep them on the fringes is a high-profile career now--"too much attention unavoidably destroyed us," they claim on "Journey To The End Of East Bay."Throughout ...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES, Rancid keep their edge. They won't succumb to rehashing punk, instead giving it new life through their uncompromising songs. With so many '90s new-jack punks on the scene, Rancid are the real thing--not a band jumping on a bandwagon, or one that waited around for a style to be hip again, but true originals.


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  • Bass Bowl

    Bass Bowl

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  • Im So Awake/Sleepless I Feel (Vinyl)

    Details Coming Soon

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  • DJ Magic Mike-Feel The Bass Again(original)

    Dj Magic Mike Feel The Bass Again

    Feel The Bass Again

    Dj Magic Mike Feel The Bass Again
    DJ Magic Mike,Bass is the Name of the Game,Feel The Bass Again

    Feel the Bass Again

    Dj Magic Mike Feel The Bass Again
    DJ Magic Mike,DJ,Bass,Old School,old skool,vinyl,dance,high quality,Feel the Bass Again