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  • Dr. R. A. Vernon's Ten Rules Of Dating: In The Social Media Age

    As if love, sex, and relationships weren’t already complex enough, the arrival of social media has further complicated matters, rewiring our brains to blur boundaries, building barriers to true intimacy, and supplanting—not supplementing—interpersonal communication.But in a world where digital design evolves daily, God’s divine design remains the same, and Dr. R. A. Vernon reminds us of just how reassuring this is in this revised version of his original 10 Rules. Forego bad decisions, exercise sound judgment, and save yourself from unne...

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  • Dr. R.A. Vernon's 10 Rules of Dating

    Dr. R. A. Vernon’s 10 Rules of Dating is a lifeline for singles who are searching for answers on how to successfully navigate the sometimes cloudy, unsettling waters of the dating pool.It is no secret that the solitary life can be immensely challenging—especially for those with the desire to eventually get married. However, while there are no guarantees in love, this book offers wisdom laced with humor and simplicity that if observed, will guarantee your ability to successfully enter into healthy relationships.Forego bad decisions, exercise...


  • I AM VICTORY: Kingdom Principles To A Victorious Life!

    I AM VICTORY: Kingdom Principles To A Victorious Life! Published 2014. 175 pages.

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    Negative attitudes in the workplace cost businesses billions of dollars every year, but solutions are hard to come by. "The Energy Bus" is a business fable designed to shows readers how to find their inner

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  • The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating (Paperback)

    Challenges readers to set a new standard for dating and relationships based on practical

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  • Not Your Mother's Rules : The New Secrets for Dating

    "Now with their daughters,

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  • Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon


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  • Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

    An instruction manual for aspiring superheroes that follows the adventures of action-figure Captain Magma and his sidekick/owner Lava Boy as they outsmart a villainous dinosaur, evade a bee, and save a worm from certain

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  • Mount Vernon Love Story : A Novel of George and Martha Washington

    Follows the story of George Washington from the time he steps down from the presidency to return with Martha to his beloved Mount Vernon home, a period during which the couple shares a renewal of

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  • Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing

    For aspiring writers and lovers of the written word, this concise guide breaks down the writing process with simplicity and clarity. From adjectives and exclamation points to dialect, Leonard explains what to avoid, what to

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  • Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish

    A child presents ten essential rules of birthday wishes, from planning the right party through having the right dessert--with a light to blow out--to keeping the wish

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  • The 10 Rules of Sam Walton : Success Secrets for Remarkable Results

    Praise for The 10 Rules Of Sam Walton "The 10 Rules of Sam Walton is one of those books that should be read and regularly reread by . . . everyone-business-people, students, teachers, parents, and

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  • Write Your Own Fairy Tale : The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Terms

    "Smart and sassy relationship expert Siggy Flicker is your new fairy godmother. Having matched more than a thousand couples and embraced her own second chance at love, she knows finding a prince is no picnic.

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  • "10 RUles of Dating" Pt. 1- Pastor RA Vernon

    Dr Ra Vernon 10 Rules Of Dating

    Pastor R.A. Vernon 10 Rules of Dating

    Dr Ra Vernon 10 Rules Of Dating
    R.A. RA,Vernon,dating,rules,Can't,Satisfaction,No,Get,Series,sermon,blessed,laws,gospel...

    "10 Rules of Dating" Pt. 2 - Pastor RA Vernon

    Dr Ra Vernon 10 Rules Of Dating