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  • Crimes of the Mind by Dude of Life & Phish (1994) Audio CD

    • ASIN: B00GMVJK7U

  • The Case of Dr Dude: A Michaela McPherson Mystery (Book 1) (Michaela McPherson Mysteries)

    Someone Is Kidnapping And Trafficking WomenWhen a young woman disappears after a job interview at a well-known dentist’s office in Richmond, Virginia, retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson and Angel her retired police dog are pulled into a crime that goes far beyond a missing person case. With the help of her close friend, the aging Countess Dorothy Borghase, and Richmond police, McPherson dives in. Could Human Trafficking Really Be A Problem In The United States? This case pits McPherson and her companions against evil and greed arm...

    • ASIN: B01BJ4V6AS

  • Crimes of the Mind

    • ASIN: B002P76AU0

  • Postal

    • ASIN: B07NQNTP4C

  • LA Misbehaved - Complete (Married A Stripper Book 2)

    My best friend just got married – for real this time – and she's having a baby. Then, she tells me that she and Kaleb are moving to L.A.. That's just the beginning of my world imploding.When Astra Traore played matchmaker for her best friend, Piety, she never imagined that it would lead her to a new life in Los Angeles. As she finds her footing and place in a new city, she can't help wondering if love is going to be a part of that equation.Dash Lahti has always been very focused, and his latest project has become an obsession. As he works t...

    • ASIN: B07169PLY9

  • Bitchin' Again

    • ASIN: B002P7DSQY

  • Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich

    READ THE BOOK DONALD TRUMP REFERENCED AND READ IN HIS MAJOR ANTI-HILLARY CLINTON SPEECH.In 2000, Bill and Hillary Clinton owed millions of dollars in legal debt. Since then, they’ve earned over $130 million. Where did the money come from? Most people assume that the Clintons amassed their wealth through lucrative book deals and high-six figure fees for speaking gigs. Now, Peter Schweizer shows who is really behind those enormous payments.In his New York Times bestselling books Extortion and Throw Them All Out, Schweizer detailed patterns...

    • ASIN: 0062369296
    • Brand: Schweizer Peter

  • King of Nothing

    • ASIN: B002P79XT0

  • Revolution's Over

    • ASIN: B002P79XQS

  • TV Show

    • ASIN: B002P780PS

  • Ordinary Day

    • ASIN: B002P7471Y

  • Lucy in the Subway

    • ASIN: B002P746ZG

  • Hawksmoor

    'There is no Light without Darknesse and no Substance without Shaddowe' So proclaims Nicholas Dyer, assistant to Sir Christopher Wren and the man with a commission to build seven London churches to stand as beacons of the enlightenment. But Dyer plans to conceal a dark secret at the heart of each church - to create a forbidding architecture that will survive for eternity. Two hundred and fifty years later, London detective Nicholas Hawksmoor is investigating a series of gruesome murders on the sites of certain eighteenth-century churches - crim...

    • ASIN: 014104201X
    • Brand: imusti

  • Trials and Tribulations

    • ASIN: B002P746YM

  • Self

    • ASIN: B002P746VA

  • The Last Victim : A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer

    The true story of how an 18-year-old student put himself at risk contacting notorious killers and mimicking profiles of their ideal "victims" to gain interviews. Moss got an unprecedented glimpse of the depraved minds of

    • UPC: 53330877
    • Rating: 4.0

  • My Life Among the Serial Killers : Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Murderers

    A forensic psychiatrist offers insight into the minds of serial killers, sharing stories about her FBI work with such figures as Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy while analyzing the profiles of killers from the

    • UPC: 3171942
    • Rating: 2.667

  • Survived by One : The Life and Mind of a Family Mass Murderer

    On November 8, 1985, 18-year-old Tom Odle brutally murdered his parents and three siblings in the small southern Illinois town of Mount Vernon, sending shockwaves throughout the nation. The murder of the Odle family remains

    • UPC: 21974637

  • Seventeen Real Girls, Real-Life Stories: True Crime - eBook

    From pranks gone wrong to sexual abuse and murder, these stories will motivate readers to reflect on their own lives. In one case, 14-year old twin girls rob a bank in a desperate bid to

    • UPC: 463875337

  • TIME-LIFE Mysteries of the Criminal Mind - eBook

    Is it nature or nurture that shapes a serial killer? What drives a person to become a kidnapper or a terrorist? And can such behaviors be predicted--or even stopped before they occur?As advances in science

    • UPC: 233734871

  • Murderous Minds Volume 2: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the Headlines

    Murderous Minds Volume 2: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the

    • UPC: 886486803

  • It's Not about the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered (Audiobook)

    Mike Pressler walked into the bottom-floor meeting room of the Murray Building and, as he had done hundreds of times over a sixteen-year career at Duke University, prepared to address his men's lacrosse team. Forty-six

    • UPC: 6450130

  • Exploring the Minds, Lives, Victims, and Trials of Some of the Worst America Serial Killers-Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, Ed Gein, Dennis Rader, and Many More

    Exploring the Minds, Lives, Victims, and Trials of Some of the Worst America Serial Killers-Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, Ed Gein, Dennis Rader, and Man Height : 0.40 In Length : 9.69 In Width : 7.44

    • UPC: 53524816

  • Mind for Murder: The Real-Life Files of a Psychic Investigator (Paperback)

    As seen on Court-TV, the amazing story of psychic detective Noreen Renier. The only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Noreen Renier has assisted law enforcement officials all over the world,

    • UPC: 8095050

  • The Dude of Life and Phish - Crimes of the Mind

    Dude Of Life Crimes Of The Mind
    phish,dude of life,crimes of the mind,dude

    "Crimes of the Mind" featuring The Dude of Life, Live at The Acoustic, June 16, 2016

    Dude Of Life Crimes Of The Mind
    dude of life,steve pollak,formula 5,the acoustic,crimes of the mind,bridgeport ct

    The Dude of Life and Phish - TV Show

    Dude Of Life Crimes Of The Mind
    phish,dude of life,crimes of the mind,dude