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  • NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent--Even Reverse--Heart Disease and Strokes

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  • How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

    New York Times Bestseller“This book may help those who are susceptible to illnesses that can be prevented.”―His Holiness the Dalai Lama“Absolutely the best book I’ve read on nutrition and diet” –Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones SolutionFrom the physician behind the wildly popular Nutrition Facts website, How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can help prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death.In How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger, the internationally-reno...

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  • The Everything Guide to Preventing Heart Disease: All you need to know to lower your blood pressure, beat high cholesterol, and stop heart disease in its tracks (Everything Series)

    If you have heart disease, you know that beating this condition involves more than just taking medication or trying to eat healthier--it entails a complete lifestyle overhaul! This guide takes a contemporary medical and holistic approach to fighting the disease, and helps you make the changes that can mean the difference between life and death. This guide includes:Information on how heart disease affects your body, and what medications, diets, and exercises effectively combat itA specific focus on preventing heart disease in young adults and ad...

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  • Dash Diet Cookbook: 50 No Hassle Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less (Includes 21 Day Meal Plan to help you lose weight, lower blood pressure and feel great!)

    Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Then listen carefully... you might be at the risk of having a heart disease, kidney failure or a stroke✩✩ Buy the Paperback and Receive the Kindle eBooks for FREE✩✩High blood pressure affects more than a billion people worldwide and that number is rising. A serious health problem since high blood pressure is connected to a higher risk of conditions such as: Heart diseaseDementiaStrokeKidney failureSexual dysfunctionGuess what? Your diet has a dramatic impact in the development of high blood pressu...

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  • Healthiest You Ever: 365 Ways to Lose Weight, Build Strength, Boost Your BMI, Lower Your Blood Pressure, Increase Your Stamina, Improve Your Cholesterol Levels, and Energize from Head to Toe!

    Good health means making good choices every day—and with this book, you can get fit and happy, one choice at a time. With daily advice and tried-and-true tactics for every aspect of health, you'll reach your optimum level of well being—from head to toe:Monday: Go meatless on MondaysTuesday: Do push-ups to strengthen your coreWednesday: Sign up for a foreign language class—and stimulate your brainThursday: Incorporate interval training into your run to build enduranceFriday: Take a yoga class to build flexibilitySaturday: Play a game of pi...

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  • The Dash Diet Health Plan: Low-Sodium, Low-Fat Recipes to Promote Weight Loss, Lower Blood Pressure, and Help Prevent Diabetes

    The DASH diet has been named by U.S. News & World Report year after year as its #1 choice in Best Diets Overall, Best Diets for Healthy Eating, and Best Diabetes Diets. Based on research by the National Institutes of Health, and endorsed by top-tier medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association, the DASH diet is a scientifically proven method to lose weight, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and a reduce your risk of diabetes. In The DASH Diet Health Plan, best-selling health and nutrition author Joh...

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  • DASH Diet Cookbook: Quick & Easy DASH Diet Recipes To Lower Blood Pressure & Lose Weight Fast

    From bestselling author and registered nurse, Summer Accardo,  RNWhat if you could manage your blood pressure with delicious foods instead of medications?Discover the magnificent benefits that the DASH diet can have on your health and weight. DASH stands for "dietary approaches to stop hypertension." The DASH diet is scientifically formulated to help lower your blood pressure naturally, while boosting your metabolism so that you can lose weight quickly and safely.Here's what you'll learn from this book:How the DASH diet can dramatically lower ...


  • DASH Diet: Top 60 Delicious and Easy DASH Diet Recipes to Lose Weight, Lower Blood Pressure, And Stop Hypertension Fast (DASH Diet Series Book 1)

    DASH Diet Series Book #1DASH Diet: A Food Habit that Will Chase Away Your HeartachesLearn how to create meals to make your body look better and your heart healthier by trying out these recipes.People love to experiment with diets either to achieve their weight goals or to make their bland diets more exciting. Thanks to the DASH diet, you can now achieve your weight goals and care for your health at the same time!Learn all about the principles and how the DASH diet works to help you lose weight and lower your health risks. Included in this book ...

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  • Your Guide to Lower Blood Pressure

    Hi. My name is John Mitchell and this is a compilation of information I have found helpful about high blood pressure and how to lower it.BUT… I am not a doctor. I do not even play one on television. So, I suggest you use this information as a starting point only. Do your own research.Nothing here is intended to be medical, nutritional or other advice. While I believe this information is accurate, please check with your own doctor or other medical professional before taking any action based on this information.High blood pressure is the “Sil...

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  • Cholesterol Cures: Featuring the Breakthrough Menu Plan to Slash Cholesterol by 30 Points in 30 Days

    If you have high cholesterol, you probably understand the importance of improving your overall cholesterol profile. You may know, too, that diet and exercise are vital factors in the cholesterol equation.What you may not realize is that specific foods and nutritional supplements, along with certain physical activities and other lifestyle factors, have a direct correlation to healthy cholesterol levels. Research proves it! By introducing these natural remedies into your self-care regimen, you may be able to lower your cholesterol without drugs -...

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  • 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health

    For years, Dr. Neal D. Barnard has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research on what it really takes to lose weight and restore the body to optimal health. Now, with his proven, successful program, in just three short weeks you'll get fast results-drop pounds, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve blood sugar, and more. With Dr. Barnard's advice on how to easily start a plant-based diet, you'll learn the secrets to reprogramming your body quickly:· Appetite reduction: Strategically choose the right foods to naturally and easily ta...

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  • Over the Counter Natural Cures, Expanded Edition: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10

    ✓ Your No Nonsense, Alternative Health Bible from The People's Chemist ✓ Filled with valuable, practical and proven alternative treatments✓ Stop Taking Worthless Prescription Drugs and Overhyped Supplements that Sabotage Your HealthAmericans are under attack. Obesity, lethargy, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are ghastly epidemics. Worse, most drugs can make you even more sick! Why is this happening? Because no one tells you the truth: Millions of dollars are made by keeping this forbidden knowledge from you. Not anymore!Shane Ellison...

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  • DASH Diet Recipes: 50 Heart Healthy 30 MINUTE Low Fat, Low Sodium, Low Cholesterol DASH Diet Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Fast and Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer

    DASH Diet Recipes - 30 MINUTE DASH diet recipes that will drastically improve your health and your weight! *A complete book of DASH diet recipes that includes nutritional information for each of the top 50 DASH diet recipes!* The DASH diet is a lifelong well-balanced approach to healthy eating promoted by the National Institutes of Health that is based on nutrient-rich whole foods. This book will teach you exactly how to reach and maintain a healthy weight while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Change your food - Change your life! U.S.N...

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  • Premium Blood Pressure Support Supplement by PurePremium with Hawthorn & Hibiscus - Natural Anti-Hypertension for Cardiovascular & Circulatory Health - Vitamins & Herbs Promote Heart Health - 90 Caps

    Here's How You Can Support Your Heart & Promote Circulatory Health! Looking for a healthy and effective way to promote cardiovascular health? Need an easyto- swallow and convenient capsule that contains all the essential ingredients for heart health? Want to make sure that your heart gets all the support it needs? Presenting The PurePremium Ultimate High Blood Pressure Dietary Supplement For Men & Women! Now you can promote cardiovascular health thanks to our natural, potent and fast-acting lower blood pressure supplement, which contains power...

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  • Genius Heart & Cardiovascular Health Supplement - Cholesterol Lowering Vein & Blood Pressure Support w/Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin K2 MK7 & CoQ10 - Antioxidant Energy for Men & Women,60 Veggie Pills

    You don’t have to be a Genius to know that the heart is the most important organ in the human body. Everything flows and is circulated through the heart. Its extremely vital to maintain a healthy heart for longevity and an overall healthy lifestyle. Genius Heart and Cardiovascular was created to truly optimize the total body. CoQ10 has been known to contribute to many different things including preventing heart problems, brain fog, and chronic fatigue. It is also said to boost energy and speed recovery from exercise. Genius Heart and cardiova...

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  • D-A-S-H Diet Healthy Eating for Whole Family : 135 Delicious Nourishing Recipes for Weight Loss Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Improved Metabolism - eBook

    D-A-S-H (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)Diet is the diet for a fit lifestyle. It helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol; with lower risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney

    • UPC: 945750285

  • Dash Diet Dynamite - Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Naturally - eBook

    A Beginners Guide To The DASH Diet - This is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started. This is a proven system

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  • Juicing For Beginners: The Easiest Juicing Guide Ever Made, 100+ Delicious Juicing and Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health, Lower your Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Starting Today! - eBook

    !!NEW!! Over 100 Nutribullet & Ninja Juicing Recipes Millions of people die every day all over the world because they arent aware of the damage they are doing to their bodies. Its no secret that

    • UPC: 788418122

  • Ketogenic Diet Plan: 15 Delicious Recipes to Lose Weight, Improve the Ratio of Hdl/Ldl Cholesterol and Lower Your Blood Pressure - eBook

    This book will give you 15 healthy recipes to use on the ketogenic diet, with a chapter about how to prepare for this, along with a chapter on what the ketogenic diet is. It’s important to know

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  • Heart Disease: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease - eBook

    Understanding heart disease is your first step in reversing or preventing a potentially life-threatening condition. The Everything® Healthy Living Series is here to help. These concise, thoughtful guides offer the expert advice and the latest

    • UPC: 834889304

  • TLC Diet: Manage Cholesterol Counts & Blood Pressure Levels! - eBook

    The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet (TLC) was voted one of the two best heart-healthy diets in the world by U.S. News and World Report. TLC didn’t receive this distinguished recognition for the pounds lost by

    • UPC: 728805132

  • Dash Diet: Get Healthy with Easy to Follow Diet Recipes for Weight Loss, Lower Cholesterol, and Lower Blood Pressure - eBook

    Has your doctor told you that you have high cholesterol or blood pressure, and you’re looking for a natural way to lower those values?Perhaps they’ve mentioned the DASH diet to you on more than one

    • UPC: 523067639

  • The DASH Diet 2013 Ultimate Cookbook To Lose Weight, Lower Your Blood Pressure and Lower Your Cholesterol - eBook

    The DASH Diet 2013 Ultimate Cookbook To Lose Weight, Lower Your Blood Pressure and Lower Your

    • UPC: 361442699

  • Clinical Daily Cholesterol & Triglyceride Lowering Supplement for High Blood Pressure, Cayenne Pepper w Capsaicin, Garlic, Guggul, Vitamin B3, Niacin, Beta Sitosterol, 60 Vegan Capsules

    CLINICAL DAILY Cholesterol Care. An effective complex with clinically studied herbal and natural ingredients shown in testing to support heart health & fat metabolism, and antioxidant action for aging and immune health support.Betasitosterol, a plant

    • UPC: 277741479

  • DASH Diet 101 Recipes The Absolutely Most Delicious No Salt DASH Diet Cookbook For Quick Weight Loss AND Radiant Health BY Lowering Your Blood Pressure AND Lowering Your Cholesterol - eBook

    It is finally here just for you! The brand new cookbook, DASH Diet 101 Recipes The Absolutely Most Delicious No Salt DASH Diet Cookbook For Quick Weight Loss AND Radiant Health BY Lowering Your Blood

    • UPC: 312325177

  • Blood Pressure : How to Walk to Lower Blood Pressure

    Exercise To Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol
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    Life's Simple 7: Control Cholesterol

    Exercise To Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol
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    Lowering Cholesterol - Mayo Clinic

    Exercise To Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol