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  • The Middle Ages: Everyday Life in Medieval Europe

    We consider the Middle Ages barbaric, yet the period furnished some of our most enduring icons, including King Arthur's Round Table, knights in shining armor, and the idealized noblewoman. In this vivid history of the time, the medieval world comes to life in all its rich daily experience. Find out what people's beds were like, how often they washed, what they wore, what they cooked, how they worked, how they entertained themselves, how they wed, and what life was like in a medieval village, castle, or monastery. Contemporary artworks and docum...

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  • The Middle Ages

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  • The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain

    A finalist for World Magazine’s Book of the Year!“Essential reading.” —Antonio Carreño, Brown University  “A watershed in scholarship.” —Raphael Israeli, Hebrew University of Jerusalem“Desperately, desperately needed as a counter to the mythology that pervades academia on this subject.” —Paul F. Crawford, California University of Pennsylvania “An intelligent reinterpretation of a supposed paradise of convivencia.” —Julia Pavón Benito, University of Navarra“A splendid book . . . Must-reading.” —No...

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  • A Mahzor from Worms: Art and Religion in a Medieval Jewish Community (Introduction -- Facts about the Leipzig Mahzor -- Worms: Com)

    The Leipzig Mahzor is one of the most lavish Hebrew illuminated manuscripts of all time. A prayer book used during Jewish holidays, it was produced in the Middle Ages for the Jewish community of Worms in the German Rhineland. Though Worms was a vibrant center of Judaism in the eleventh and twelfth centuries and drew celebrated rabbis, little is known about the city's Jews in the later Middle Ages. In the pages of its famous book, Katrin Kogman-Appel discovers a portal into the life of this fourteenth-century community.Medieval mahzorim were use...

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  • Middle Ages Facts and Trivia for Kids: The English Reading Tree

    Middle Ages Facts and Trivia for Kids The 'For Kids' series has been produced for children of seven and over. It is the perfect answer to move your child away from simple picture books to start enjoying and learning from more challenging reading material. Every book in the series is an exciting story that will boost reading confidence and introduce active and motivating vocabulary. Parental support is necessary to get the best out of the English Reading Tree Series. This is a crossover between picture books and chapter books. There are some im...

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  • The History of the Medieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade

    A masterful narrative of the Middle Ages, when religion became a weapon for kings all over the world. From the schism between Rome and Constantinople to the rise of the T’ang Dynasty, from the birth of Muhammad to the crowning of Charlemagne, this erudite book tells the fascinating, often violent story of kings, generals, and the peoples they ruled. In her earlier work, The History of the Ancient World, Susan Wise Bauer wrote of the rise of kingship based on might. But in the years between the fourth and the twelfth centuries, rulers had to f...

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  • Between Shades of Gray

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  • Ireland in the Medieval World AD 400-1000: Landscape, kingship and religion

    This is a study of Ireland's people, landscape, and place in the world from late antiquity to the reign of Brian Borama. The book narrates the story of Ireland's emergence into history, using anthropological, archaeological, historical, and literary evidence. The subjects covered include the king, the kingdom and the royal household, religion and customs, free and unfree classes in society, exiles, and foreigners. The rural, urban, ecclesiastical, ceremonial, and mythological landscapes of early medieval Ireland anchor the history of early Iris...

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  • Life in a Medieval Castle (Medieval Life)

    "Some particular books I found useful for A Game of Thrones and its sequels deserve mention... Life in a Medieval Castle and Life in a Medieval City, both by Joseph and Frances Gies." —George R.R. Martin, author of the series A Song of Ice and FireMedieval history comes alive in Joseph and Frances Gies's Life in a Medieval Castle, used as a research resource by George R. R. Martin in creating the world of Game of Thrones.Newly reissued for the first time in decades, Life in a Medieval Castle is the bestselling classic that has introduced coun...

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  • Life in a Medieval City (Medieval Life)

    From acclaimed historians Frances and Joseph Gies comes the reissue of their classic book on day-to-day life in medieval cities, which was a source for George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series.Evoking every aspect of city life in the Middle Ages, Life in a Medieval City depicts in detail what it was like to live in a prosperous city of Northwest Europe in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The year is 1250 CE and the city is Troyes, capital of the county of Champagne and site of two of the cycle Champagne Fairs—the “Hot Fair” in A...

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  • Number the Stars

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  • Medieval Cooking in Today's Kitchen

    This cookbook contains 78 recipes for delicious drinks, hearty breads, soups and hors d’oeuvres, robust entrées, and rich desserts that originate from the folkloric foundations of individual cultures throughout Europe and the English Isles in the Middle Ages. These ancient and exotic foods, libations, and flavors take you through history in a festive time machine―your own kitchen! Each recipe has been researched, translated, prepared by time-honored cooking traditions, and is suitable for modern chefs everywhere. Caws Wedi Pobi “Welsh Ra...

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  • Inventing Byzantine Iconoclasm (Studies in Early Medieval History)

    Byzantine ‘iconoclasm' is famous and has influenced iconoclast movements from the English Reformation and French Revolution to Taliban, but it has also been woefully misunderstood: this book shows how and why the debate about images was more complicated, and more interesting, than it has been presented in the past. It explores how icons came to be so important, who opposed them, and how the debate about images played itself out over the years between c. 680 and 850. Many widely accepted assumptions about ‘iconoclasm' – that it was an impe...

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  • The Story of a Great Medieval Book: Peter Lombard's 'Sentences' (Rethinking the Middle Ages)

    Peter Lombard, a twelfth-century theologian, authored one of the first Western textbooks of theology, the Book of Sentences. Here, Lombard logically arranged all of the major topics of the Christian faith. His Book of Sentences received the largest number of commentaries among all works of Christian literature except for Scripture itself. Now, notable Lombard scholar Philipp W. Rosemann examines this text as a guiding thread to studying Christian thought throughout the later Middle Ages and into early modern times. This is the second title in a...

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  • Science Education in the Early Roman Empire

    Throughout the Roman Empire Cities held public speeches and lectures, had libraries, and teachers and professors in the sciences and the humanities, some subsidized by the state. There even existed something equivalent to universities, and medical and engineering schools. What were they like? What did they teach? Who got to attend them? In the first treatment of this subject ever published, Dr. Richard Carrier answers all these questions and more, describing the entire education system of the early Roman Empire, with a unique emphasis on the qu...

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  • The Horrible, Miserable Middle Ages : The Disgusting Details about Life During Medieval Times

    From leftover trenchers and stinky chamber pots to barber-surgeons and the black plague, life could be really miserable for people during medieval times. Get ready to explore the nasty side of life in the Middle

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  • Gross Facts about the Middle Ages

    "Illustrates the disgusting details of life in the Middle

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  • Gross Facts About the Middle Ages - Audiobook

    From leftover trenchers and stinky chamber pots to barber-surgeons and the black plague, life could be really miserable for people during medieval times. Get ready to explore the nasty side of life in the Middle

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  • The Horrible, Miserable Middle Ages : The Disgusting Details about Life During Medieval Times

    Describes disgusting details about daily life in the Middle Ages, including housing, food, and

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  • 20 Fun Facts about Women of the Middle Ages

    During the Middle Ages, women often did backbreaking work. Whether they were weaving their own cloth to make clothing or helping their husbands in the fields, medieval women worked hardand so, often didnt live past

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  • Gross Facts about the Middle Ages

    "Illustrates the disgusting details of life in the Middle

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  • If You Were Me and Lived in... the Middle Ages - eBook

    Join Carole P. Roman and travel through time to visit the most interesting civilizations throughout history in her exciting new series. Learn what kind of food you might have eaten during the Middle Ages, the

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  • Gross Facts about the Middle Ages

    "Illustrates the disgusting details of life in the Middle

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  • Highlights of the Middle Ages : Black Death, 100 Years' War, Knights Templar and Battle of the Roses | History Books for Kids Junior Scholars Edition | Children's Medieval Books - eBook

    In this ebook, you will be reading about some sad facts from the Middle Ages. In particular, you will learn about the Black Death, 100 Years’ War and the Battle of the Roses. You will

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  • Biography of Famous People - Powerful Queens of the Middle Ages Children's Biographies

    Not all lands had queens but those that did experienced what it was like to be ruled by an iron fist woman. This book will introduce some of the most powerful queens of the Middle

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  • CRAZIEST Facts About The Middle Ages!

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    25 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Don’t Live In Medieval Times

    Facts About The Middle Ages In Europe
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    13 Things You Didn't Know About Medieval Era

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