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  • Fasting: 18 Hours for Your God-Given Body

    Are you one of the thousands-if not millions-of people who want to lose weight? Have you been tempted to take advantage of those offers that promise you'll quickly lose pounds if you buy this, that, or the other? Didn't those promises sound too good to be true? Well, there is a weight-loss promise made by the One you know you can always trust. Yes, God has a weight-loss plan, and it's yours for the taking, and it's all laid out for you in the Bible. In Fasting: 18 Hours for Your God-Given Body, author Debbie Sweetser shows readers how to follow... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1615073213
    • ASIN: 1615073213
    • ISBN: 1615073213
    • Manufacturer: Crossbooks

  • Keto Diet: Your 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, Boost Brain Health, and Reverse Disease

    From the author of the national bestseller Eat Dirt, a 30-day healthy plan -- including more than 80 delicious recipes -- to burn fat, fight inflammation, and reverse disease using the keto diet. Today, the ketogenic diet is the world's fastest growing diet, and with good reason. When practiced correctly, it has been proven to burn fat, reduce inflammation, fight cancer, balance hormones and gut bacteria, improve neurological diseases, and even increase lifespan. Unfortunately, many people remain unaware of several key factors that are crucial ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07DHKJ2TT
    • ASIN: B07DHKJ2TT
    • Manufacturer: Little, Brown Spark

  • The Dream Giver : Following Your God-Given Destiny

    A modern-day parable explains how to achieve one's dreams and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of leading the life God

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  • Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot

    Sweet Spot NOUN informal . The area towards the center of a baseball bat, golf club, or tennis racket that makes most effective contact with the ball, thus creating consistently productive and nearly effortless results.

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  • Discover Your God-Given Gifts

    Using the listing in Romans 12: 6-8, the Fortunes help readers see how these "motivational" gifts are the driving force in their lives. With interactive worksheets and guides, the authors help people recognize their own

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    • Rating: 3.7

  • The People Factor : How Building Great Relationships and Ending Bad Ones Unlocks Your God-Given Purpose

    Presents advice for evaluating personal relationships in order to determine which will be mutually beneficial and facilitate the realization of God's purpose, and which will not, as well as how to nurture one's most worthy

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  • Into Your Hands, Father : Abandoning Ourselves to the God Who Loves Us

    In the spiritual life, we need a central idea: something so basic and comprehensive that it encompasses everything else. According to Carmelite Father Wilfrid Stinissen, surrender to God, abandonment to the One who loves us

    • UPC: 15263369

  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts : The Easy-To-Use Guide That Helps You Identify and Understand Your Unique God-Given Spiritual Gifts

    The perfect volume for personal study! By using the included questionnaire, you will be able to identify the unique gifts God has given you. But more than that, this book will help you understand what

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  • The Pocket-Size IF Tracker for TMAD: Simple System to Easily Track Your Meals, Drinks & Snacks, Your Fasting Hours and Open & Close Times - 54 pgs - s Paperback

    The Pocket-Size IF Tracker for TMAD: Simple System to Easily Track Your Meals, Drinks & Snacks, Your Fasting Hours and Open & Close Times - 54 pgs - s Height : 0.11 In Length :

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  • Meeting God in the Upper Room : Three Moments to Change Your Life

    Recalling his own Holy Land pilgrimage experience, Monsignor Peter Vaghi explores three significant events in the life of the early Church that can be traced back to the Upper Room in Jerusalem: the Last Supper

    • UPC: 55059270

  • Your Spiritual Authority : Learn to Use Your God-Given Rights to Live in Victory

    In Your Spiritual Authority Capps focuses his teaching on the believers identity in Christ. Readers will learn that the name of Jesus gives believers authority in three worldsbeings in earth, beings under the earth, and

    • UPC: 13070966

  • Living with Purpose : Devotions for Discovering Your God-Given Potential

    “Your potential was not given for you to deposit in the grave. You must understand the tremendous potential you possess and commit yourself to maximizing it in your short

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  • How Intermittent Fasting Affects Your Body and Brain | The Human Body

    Fasting 18 Hours For Your God Given Body
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    I Tried Intermittent Fasting for 10 DAYS | WHAT I EAT EVERYDAY (Before & After Results)

    Fasting 18 Hours For Your God Given Body
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    Day 18: Fasting

    Fasting 18 Hours For Your God Given Body