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  • In the Shadow of the Moon

    • ASIN: B01M35RQSM

  • Moon USA National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 59 Parks (Travel Guide)

    They've been dubbed America's best idea for a reason: get inspired, get outdoors, and discover the wild beauty of the United States with Moon USA National Parks. Inside you'll find:Coverage of all 59 national parks, from the misty mountains of the east and the redwoods of the west, to the glaciers of Alaska and volcanoes of Hawaii, organized by regionStrategic lists and itineraries: Choose from lists of the best parks for hiking, wildlife, families, and scenic drives, or make your way down the list of the top ten national parks experiences acro...

    • ASIN: 1640492798

  • Orbital Mechanics

    • ASIN: B00JRUBH4W

  • Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

    • ASIN: B004H4XI5O

  • Apollo 11 First Man On Moon USA Flag 50th Anniversary Raglan Baseball Tee

    Apollo 11 Anniversary Apparel. Apollo 11 First Man On Moon USA Flag 50th Anniversary. 50th Anniversary 1969 - 2019 Commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the first man to walk on the moon, when the USA won the space race and claimed the moon for America. This shirt features that iconic photo in a red white and blue astronaut style patch design....

    • ASIN: B07TWJLQT5
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Apollo 11 Anniversary Apparel

  • Apollo: The Mission to Land a Man on the Moon

    Apollo follows man's dream of walking among the stars and charts how space travel and space programs have grown since then.   In 2019, it will have been 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon. When his famous words came crackling across the atmosphere—“That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” The first moon landing took place on July 20, 1969, during the Apollo 11 mission. Nine days earlier, on July 11, 1969, David Bowie released his iconic “Space Oddity” song about Major Tom t...

    • ASIN: 0785837035

  • Project Moonbase

    • ASIN: B018V7SF82

  • Moonwalk: The First Trip to the Moon (Step-Into-Reading, Step 5)

    The astronauts of Apollo 11 made history as the first men to land on the Moon. Learn more about how Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins trained and achieved this momentous feat in this Step 5 History Reader. Step 5 Readers tell stories in chapters using longer paragraphs, for children who want to take the plunge into chapter books but still like colorful illustrations and photography."The story of Apollo 11's historic flight, from lift-off, through 'The Eagle has landed,' to splashdown and quarantine. Donnelly does a good job of se...

    • ASIN: 0394824571
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Donnelly, Judy/ Davidson, Dennis

  • No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon

    Beloved American hero and astronaut Buzz Aldrin reflects on the wisdom, guiding principles, and irreverent anecdotes he's gathered—both in outer space and on earth—through his event-filled life, in this inspiring guide-to-life for the next generation.   Everywhere he goes, crowds gather to meet Buzz Aldrin. He is a world-class hero, a larger-than-life figurehead, best known of a generation of astronauts whose achievements surged in just a few years from first man in space to first men on the moon. Now he pauses to reflect and share what he...

    • ASIN: B011G4DPOQ

  • 24 x 36 Giclee Print of Artist Chas Fagan's Statue of onetime American Astronaut Neil Armstrong The First Person to Walk on The Moon in 1969 Outside The Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering Home to

    24 x 36 high quality giclee print of Artist Chas Fagan's statue of onetime American astronaut Neil Armstrong the first person to walk on the Moon in 1969 outside the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering home to

    • ASIN: B07PP3YN8T
    • Brand: Vintography

  • Moon Patagonia: Including the Falkland Islands (Travel Guide)

    Your World Your Way! Patagonia's staggering landscapes, titanic glaciers, and rugged mountains evoke mystery and inspire self-discovery. Explore the ends of the earth with Moon Patagonia.What You'll Find in Moon Patagonia:Expert author and world traveler Wayne Bernhardson shares his perspective on his favorite place on earthFull-color guidebook with vibrant, helpful photosDetailed directions and maps for getting around and exploring on your ownStrategic itineraries, including The Best of Patagonia, Wildlife Encounters, Explore the Natural World...

    • ASIN: 1631216317

  • Great Lakes Gelatin, Pure Unflavored Protein, Kosher Beef Gelatin, 16 Ounce Can

    Great Lakes - Beef Gelatin - 16 oz. (1 lb) 454 gramsBeef Gelatin Collagen Joint Care is an excellent source of protein, and can not be recovered from hoofs, horn or non-collagen parts of vertebrate animals. There are no plant sources of gelatin. Beef Gelatin Collagen Joint Care has all the same benefits as the hydrolysate. Gelatin will clump up in cold liquids. It is recommended to either dissolve in hot liquid or room temperature liquids which allows product to dissolve or swell..Our Gelatin contains no MSG.Some believe that Glutamic acid or M...

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    • Color: Basic
    • Brand: Great Lakes Gelatin
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  • Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower, 18 Inch, Black

    The StaySharp Max Reel Mower features advanced technology that delivers best-in-class cutting performance – no gas, oil, charging or cords required. This advanced design is 60 percent easier to push than other reel mowers and boasts 2X more cutting power than standard designs. Plus, a StaySharp Cutting System eliminates the cost and inconvenience of manual blade sharpening. The cut height can be easily adjusted from 1-4 inch, inset wheels enable ultra-close edging and one-touch handle height adjustment improves comfort and control. In additio...

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    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Fiskars
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  • 3D Anniversary Card - For Her, Him, Couple, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend - A Dance on Moon Boat To The Edge Of The World - Anniversary Gifts for Her,Birthday Card,Valentines Day Card by AITpop

    【OMSHANTI】Inspired by the wisdom of peace and calm of the beautiful and exotic word Omshanti, the brand was born in this fast-paced society yet with a spirit of craftsmanship. We believe a work of art can only be nurtured by complete dedication and devotion.   【FIRST-TIME COOPERATION】AIT PAPER ART STUDIO was established in 2015 at the east coast state of Florida. Being an original 3D paper art brand studio housing a pool of professional paper art designers and engineers, it specializes in the design of 3D paper art...

    • ASIN: B07D32JNZL
    • Color: 1-moon Boat
    • Brand: SolarMatrix
    • UPC: 663577051181

  • Fiskars 17 Inch Staysharp Push Reel Lawn Mower (6208)

    • ASIN: B006FALDOG
    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Fiskars
    • UPC: 046561162085

  • Neil Armstrong : The First Man to Walk on the Moon - Biography for Kids 9-12 - Children's Biography Books

    You've probably heard of Neil Armstrong and his historic moon landing. But other than that part of his life, what else do you know about him? This biography book will discuss the life of Armstrong

    • UPC: 380827511

  • To the Stars! : The First American Woman to Walk in Space

    Shares the story of renowned astronaut and distinguished scientist Kathryn Sullivan, describing how she defied the conventions of her childhood to pursue interests previously limited to boys and how she became the first woman to

    • UPC: 47400797
    • Rating: 4.667

  • To the Stars! : The First American Woman to Walk in Space

    Kathy Sullivan wanted to go everywhere. She loved blueprints and maps. She loved languages and the ocean. She didn't like the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" She wanted to

    • UPC: 555048438

  • Neil Armstrong : The First Man to Walk on the Moon - Biography for Kids 9-12 | Children's Biography Books - eBook

    You’ve probably heard of Neil Armstrong and his historic moon landing. But other than that part of his life, what else do you know about him? This biography book will discuss the life of Armstrong

    • UPC: 679172575

  • Neil Armstrong: Astronaut & First Human to Walk on the Moon

    A brief biography of American astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, the first person ever to step on the surface of the

    • UPC: 849400424

  • The Last Men to Walk on the Moon: The Story Behind America's Last Walk on the Moon

    By Apollo 17, the space race was over and the fascination with the Apollo mission was not as great. Though the mission is not the most covered mission, it is one of the most important-what

    • UPC: 53892591

  • Apollo and America's Moon Landing Program: Apollo 8 Technical Crew Debriefing with Unique Observations about the First Mission to the Moon - Astronauts Borman, Lovell, and Anders - eBook

    This official NASA document - converted for accurate flowing-text ebook format reproduction - provides the complete transcription of the historic Apollo 8 post-flight debriefing given by astronauts Frank Borman (Commander), William A. Anders (Lunar Module

    • UPC: 567879037

  • People of the Moon

    The moon had reached its maximum three times since the Chacoans conquered the First Moon People. The Chaco matrons had built their Great House high atop First Moon Mountain, and their warriors stalked arrogantly through

    • UPC: 52868846

  • 50th Birthday Moon Landing Notebook: Celebrate your 50th birthday and the Moon Walk by American Astronaut in 1969 with this blank lined journal. Funny

    50th Birthday Moon Landing Notebook: Celebrate your 50th birthday and the Moon Walk by American Astronaut in 1969 with this blank lined journal.

    • UPC: 998021210

  • Apollo and America's Moon Landing Program - Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft (NASA SP-4205) - Lunar and Command Module Development, First Lunar Landing - eBook

    This official NASA history document - converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction - is a great review of the development of the Apollo spacecraft - the lunar module (LM) and the Command Service Module

    • UPC: 425329570

  • Apollo Moon Landing - AUTHENTIC FOOTAGE

    First American To Walk On The Moon

    Man On The Moon (1969)

    First American To Walk On The Moon

    Neil Armstrong was the 1st man to walk on the moon 50 years ago today

    First American To Walk On The Moon