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  • Mental Institutions in America : Social Policy to 1875

    Mental Institutions in America: Social Policy to 1875 examines how American society responded to complex problems arising out of mental illness in the nineteenth century. All societies have had to confront sickness, disease, and dependency,

    • UPC: 10095800

  • The Engaged Sociologist : Connecting the Classroom to the Community

    Discusses the idea of "public sociology," wherein students come to understand the connections between sociology, democracy, and civic

    • UPC: 39254415

  • Social Work for Sociologists - eBook

    Social Work for Sociologists introduces important frameworks, concepts, models, and skills from social work that will help sociologists as they plan their human service careers and will prepare them to tackle social problems with practical

    • UPC: 607015837

  • Sociologists in Action - eBook

    The only text to provide real-life examples of how practicing sociologists use sociology to work toward social change and social justice!Providing vivid examples of how sociologists are using sociological tools to make a positive impact

    • UPC: 221766214

  • Fifty Key Sociologists: The Contemporary Theorists - eBook

    Fifty Key Sociologists: The Contemporary Theorists covers the life, work, ideas and impact of some of the most important thinkers in this discipline.Concentrating on figures writing predominantly in the second half of the twentieth century,

    • UPC: 275852919

  • Sociologists Backstage - eBook

    Published social science rarely gives real attention to the actual doing of research, making the process appear magical, or at least self-evident and simple. This book is intended to right the balance by illuminating the

    • UPC: 318349551

  • Assessing Sociologists in Higher Education - eBook

    This title was first published in 2001. A detailed investigation of the practice of teaching sociology in a climate of increasing scrutiny from external stakeholders. The book explores an academic community accustomed to deconstructing the

    • UPC: 304774259

  • Social Media between High-School Graduates and Higher Education Institutions - eBook

    Bachelor Thesis from the year 2015 in the subject Communications - Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, grade: 1.0, Campus02 University of Applied Sciences Graz (Marketing), course: International Marketing, language: English, abstract: Die vorliegende Arbeit

    • UPC: 887961623

  • Sociologists' Tales - eBook

    What is sociology? Why is it important? Sociologists’ Tales is the first book to offer a unique window into the thoughts and experiences of key UK sociologists from different generations, many internationally recognised, asking what

    • UPC: 795572062

  • The New Black Sociologists - eBook

    The New Black Sociologists follows in the footsteps of 1974’s pioneering text Black Sociologists: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, by tracing the organization of its forbearer in key thematic ways. This new collection of essays revisit

    • UPC: 318750584

  • Social institutions | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy

    For Sociologists A Social Institution Refers To

    Social Institution- An Introduction, Social intitutions,Its types, Role of social Institutions

    For Sociologists A Social Institution Refers To
    Social Institutions,role of social Institutions,different types of social institutions,...

    Social institutions - education, family, and religion | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy

    For Sociologists A Social Institution Refers To