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  • William Shakespeare: Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery - eBook

    Part One - William Shakespeare - Attorney At Law SOMEWHAT more than three-quarters of a century ago George Steevens, the acutest, and, perhaps, the most accomplished, but certainly the most perverse and unreliable of Shakespeare’s

    • UPC: 988926326

  • Jake Wolf Attorney at Law - eBook

    This short story tells about an ex-marine with a law degree. He is also a full-blooded American Indian. He opened his law office in Omaha close to the reservation where he grew up. He met

    • UPC: 726890221

  • Attorney at Law: Gone Fishin' - eBook

    Feel the passion and intensity of big game fishing. Fish for the much sought after and elusive king of the ocean, the blue marlin.In this true story, experience the determination of a seasoned attorney with

    • UPC: 995879498

  • Ex-Lawyer: 21 Concise Biographies of Former Attorneys and Law Students Who Found Success in Another Profession - eBook

    From the Introduction:Have you found your niche in the legal profession and love it? Congratulations! This book is not for you.For the rest of us - law students, former law students, attorneys in transition, or

    • UPC: 774020849

  • Will Tripp: Pissed Off Attorney at Law - eBook

    Will Tripp is a sardonic, profane, no BS lawyer who’s devoted his career to fighting lunatic leftists and obnoxious PC enthusiasts everywhere. He is also a dwarf, which he uses to befuddle and disarm his

    • UPC: 535555985

  • Perfect 10 Cozy Mystery - Legal Case Series Plots #21-7 "THE SAILING WITCH – CAMERON DAVIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW" - eBook

    Albert Deveron discovers a message in a bottle on a Malibu beach and decides it’s worth a $50 bill to him. He goes to Eugene Evans, the person who’s accused – in the message –

    • UPC: 722995870

  • Perfect 10 Cozy Mystery - Legal Case Series Plots #21-5 "THE NURSING WIFE – CAMERON DAVIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW" - eBook

    Lionel Packard and Dr. Wetland have been friends since Afghanistan. When Annie Wetland sees Lionel leave her husband’s house – drunk again – and carrying a wad of bills, she accuses him of extortion. Dr.

    • UPC: 697479888

  • Perfect 10 Cozy Mystery - Legal Case Series Plots #21-3 "KATE & GISELLE – CAMERON DAVIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW" - eBook

    In 1989 Gisele Leeds takes little Katrina out of Ukraine. Her parents, regrettably, never made it to the States. Gisele put Kate out for adoption. The infant was lucky; she was adopted by a wealthy

    • UPC: 927077632

  • Perfect 10 Cozy Mystery - Legal Case Series Plots #21-10 "VOTE BY PROXY – CAMERON DAVIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW" - eBook

    Michelle Hubbert is caught snooping around George Dreyfus’s office during the lunch hour. George suspects her to be releasing confidential information about Fracking-Oil Exploration – a company looking at a hostile take-over. Michelle is working

    • UPC: 273658631

  • 11 September 2001, NCOIC, NJ; Emergency Operations Center: Terrorist Incident At World Trade Center, NYC - eBook

    My personal experience paper will be about my assignment as the New Jersey Army National Guard Emergency Operations (EOC) NCOIC at Fort Dix on 11 September 2001. I have many experiences in the field of

    • UPC: 227243777