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  • The Middle East in International Relations: Power, Politics and Ideology (The Contemporary Middle East)

    The international relations of the Middle East have long been dominated by uncertainty and conflict. External intervention, interstate war, political upheaval and interethnic violence are compounded by the vagaries of oil prices and the claims of military nationalist and religious movements. Fred Halliday sets this region and its conflicts in context, providing on the one hand, a historical introduction to its character and problems, and, on the other, a reasoned analysis of its politics. In an engagement with both the study of the Middle East ...

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  • By Fred Halliday - The Middle East in International Relations: Power, Politics and Ideology: 1st (first) Edition

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  • Revolution and Foreign Policy: The Case of South Yemen, 1967-1987 (Cambridge Middle East Library)

    This book is a study of the foreign policy of South Yemen, the most radical of Arab states, from the time of its independence from Britain in 1967 until 1987. It covers relations with the west, including the USA, and with the USSR and China, and also highlights South Yemen's conflicts with its neighbours, North Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The author provides a detailed analysis of the foreign relations of one of the USSR's closest allies in the Third World and shows how conflicts within the country relate to changes in foreign policy. South Y...

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  • Islam and the Myth of Confrontation: Religion and Politics in the Middle East

    This volume sets out to reject anti-Islamic views of a future dominated by the conflict between "Islam" and "the West". It has been revised to encompass the events of 11 September 2001, spiralling violence in the Middle East and President George Bush's proposed identification of an "axis of evil". Considering the sources of Islamic militancy and analyzing the confrontational rhetoric of both Islamic and anti-Muslim demagogues, Halliday provides an alternative, critical, but cautious, reassessment. The Middle East, he argues, can be treated neit...

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  • 100 Myths about the Middle East

    Much ink has been spilled in recent years about the Middle East. At the same time, no other region has been as misunderstood, nor framed in so many clichés and mistakenly held beliefs. In this much-needed and enlightening book, Fred Halliday debunks one hundred of the most commonly misconstrued "facts" concerning the Middle East--in the political, cultural, social, and historical spheres. In a straightforward and simple way that illuminates the issues without compromising their underlying complexities he gets to the core of each matter. The Is...

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  • Arabia Without Sultans

    First published in the 1970s, this work retains its vitality as it analyses the Arabian Peninsula and Iran within the global context of western post-colonial strategy and the political economy of oil in an ambitious, encompassing and entertaining manner.

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  • Nation and Religion in the Middle East

    From the early days of the Arab national experiment to the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism and beyond. the intertwining of politics and religion in the Middle East has been a salient feature of the region's history. Fred Halliday addresses this complex relationship, considering nationalism and Islam ism region-wide Islamic movements in Turkey, Iran, and Tunisia, and the likely fate of the remaining monarchies in the Arab world....

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  • The Christian-Muslim Frontier: A Zone of Contact, Conflict or Co-operation (Routledge Advances in Middle East and Islamic Studies)

    The Christian-Muslim Frontier describes the historical formation of this zone, and its contemporary dimensions: geopolitical, psychological, economic and security. Special attention is given to the concept of state-frontiers, to the effects of the uneven development of nation states and the contemporary interspersing of communities, which creates new functional frontiers. Further, the frontier is described as a mental construction, imagined by people in their search for social order, individual and collective security.Apostolov demonstrates tha...

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  • Shocked and Awed: A Dictionary of the War on Terror

    Part reference, part polemic, part compelling snapshot of our times, Shocked and Awed is a bristling arsenal of potent weapons: words. Fred Halliday's unorthodox dictionary defines hundreds of words and phrases used about 9/11, the wars and other events that have followed it, and ongoing issues linked to those events. He shows how the War on Terror, itself a fascinating linguistic construct, has brought us not just new words, such as "Gitmo," and new imports, such as "jihad," but also new ways of using existing language, such as "extraordinary ...

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  • State and Ideology in Mideast

    The author describes his family's flight from Lebanon and his childhood in the streets of Beirut, and relates his attempts to establish an identity for himself and his people, lost in the conflicts of Middle East politics

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  • Two Hours That Shook the World: September 11, 2001: Causes and Consequences

    Fred Halliday examines the causes and rise of Islamic fundamentalism and how terror became an instrument of political and military conflict. Sobering and encouraging, Two Hours That Shook the World provides a reasoned approach to what the future may hold.

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  • Arabs in Exile: Yemeni Migrants in Urban Britain

    Arab migration is not just a feature of recent instabilities in the Middle East. The Lebanese and Syrians have a long established history of migration to Africa, North and South America as well as to Europe, while North African Arabs have long established links to France. The Yemeni community in Britain is one of the most established and yet least known of all migrant groupings. Yemenis, sailing from Aden, began settling in British ports at the beginning of the twentieth century, and after World War II they became part of the immigrant labour f...

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  • After the Shah: The Iranian Opposition (U.S.Third World Policy Perspectives Series)

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  • The Tragedy of Afghanistan: A First-Hand Account

    Discusses the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, shares the comments of Afghan leaders, and suggests the cause of the crisis

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  • Elusive Peace: How the Holy Land Defeated America

    Ehud Barak's election as Prime Minister of Israel on 17th May 1999 and his determination to conclude a peace deal with the Palestinians inspired both Israeli voters and the international community. So where did it all go wrong? How did it end, less than two years later, in the total failure of Barak's peace efforts, his defeat at the polls and ejection from office? How did he open the way not to peace, but to Ariel Sharon?Drawing on exclusive interviews with all the major international figures involved, this book traces the history of the Middl...

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  • The Middle East in International Relations : Power, Politics and Ideology

    An introduction to the international relations of the Middle East by a leading scholar in the

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  • Language for a New Century : Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia, and Beyond

    This landmark anthology celebrates the artistic and cultural forces flourishing today in the East, bringing together an unprecedented selection of works by South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian

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  • Tablet & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East (Words Without Borders) - eBook

    “Remarkable . . . a triumph . . . connects us at the level of our humanity, no matter where we may be from.”—Los Angeles TimesThe countries that stretch along the broad horizons of the

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  • International Social Work and Social Welfare: Middle East and North Africa - eBook

    This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of social work find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format they

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  • Middle East Calling - eBook

    Rajeev Desai came from a modest, lower-middle-class background, but that never kept him from dreaming. A true child of Mumbai, he knows that he alone is the one to make those lofty dreams come true.

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  • 100 myths about the Middle East - eBook

    Much has been written in recent years about the Middle East. At the same time, no other region has been as misunderstood, nor framed in so many clichés and mistakenly-held beliefs. In this much-needed exposé

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  • Huma Bird: Huma Bird Poets, Voices from the Middle East - eBook

    Huma Bird is a phoenix that encompasses Iranian, Turkish and Urdu poetry traditions, thus reflecting the group. Find inside the passion of personal references of imprisonment, torture, the fight for human rights and identity; hear

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  • The Jewel and the Ember: Love Stories of the Ancient Middle East - eBook

    The human soul, East and West, is eternally engaged in the search for enduring love. The Jewel and The Ember: Love Stories of the Ancient Middle East is a collection of ten compelling, enlightening, sometimes

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  • Tablet & Pen : Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East

    This volume celebrates the magnificent achievement of 20th-century Middle Eastern literature that has been neglected in the English-speaking

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  • The Two-Plate Solution: A Novel of Culinary Mayhem in the Middle East

    The Two-Plate Solution is a satire about reality TV cooking competitions that features a diverse cast of chefs, TV producers, and terrorists-turned-cheftestants! It's fun and a bit wild, but the author takes the characters and

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  • The Middle East in International Relations

    Fred Halliday The Middle East In International Relations
    International Relations,Middle East,Dr Javad Gohari,الدكتور جواد الجوهري,العلاقات الدول...

    Fred Halliday - an intellectual appreciation

    Fred Halliday The Middle East In International Relations

    The Meaning of Nation and International Relations in the Middle East

    Fred Halliday The Middle East In International Relations