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French To English And English To French Translation Shopping Deals on 17.09.2019 at TOPPIDUS

  • Merriam-Webster's French-English Dictionary, newest paperback edition (English and French Edition)

    This mass-market paperback is the ultimate bilingual, bidirectional guide to French and North American English with extensive coverage of Canadian French. It contains 80,000 entries and 100,000 translations. Abundant examples of words used in context are given. Special sections include French Grammar, Conjugation of French Verbs, Common French Abbreviations, and French Numbers....

    • ASIN: 0877799172
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Not Available (NA)
    • UPC: 081413009170

  • Merriam-Webster's Pocket French-English Dictionary (Pocket Reference Library) (English and French Edition)

    This bilingual, bidirectional compact guide to essential French and English vocabulary contains more than 40,000 entries and includes coverage of Canadian-French terms. English pronunciations are given in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Special sections include Conjugation of French Verbs and Irregular English Verbs....

    • ASIN: 0877795185
    • Brand: Merriam-Webster
    • UPC: 081413005189

  • The Beginning Translator's Workbook: Or The Abcs Of French To English Translation

    This workbook combines methodology and practice for beginning translators with a solid proficiency in French. It assumes a linguistic approach to the problems of translation and addresses common pitfalls, including the delineation of “translation units”, word polysemy, false cognates, and structural and cultural obstacles to literal translation. The first part of the book focuses on specific strategies used by professionals to counter these problems, including transposition, modulation, equivalence, and adaptation. The second part of the bo...

    • ASIN: 0761863168
    • Brand: University Press of America

  • Larousse Pocket French-English/English-French Dictionary (English and French Edition)

    For anyone speaking, reading, or studying French, the Larousse Pocket Dictionary is the ideal dictionary for everyday use. With its handy and portable paperback format, great price and clear, easy-to-use layout, it’s filled with vocabulary in all subject areas. These reliable and user-friendly tools are great for all language needs, whether studying a language or traveling. They allow users to translate the foreign language quickly and accurately into English. For translations from English, there are helpful sense-markers to guide the user to...

    • ASIN: 2035700035
    • UPC: 046442012645

  • The Penguin French Phrasebook: Fourth Edition (Phrase Book, Penguin)

    Keep your French close at hand with the perfect stylish companion for any travelerThis newly revised and updated French Phrase Book contains a wealth of useful words and phrases for travellers. The book includes basic grammar, a pronunciation guide and additional vocabulary, and is clearly presented in the perfect pocket size, with a clean and simple look....

    • ASIN: 014103906X
    • Brand: imusti

  • Easy French Phrase Book NEW EDITION: Over 700 Phrases for Everyday Use (Dover Language Guides French)

    Here's the perfect companion for tourists and business travelers in France and other French-speaking locales. With over 700 French phrases and sentences, this book offers fast, effective communications for everyday situations that range from asking directions and renting a car to finding an ATM and ordering dinner.An easy study guide as well as a handy reference, this user-friendly book features completely up-to-date terms for modern telecommunications. Contents are organized for quick access to phrases related to greetings, transportation, sho...

    • ASIN: 0486499022
    • Brand: Brand: Dover Publications
    • UPC: 800759499021

  • Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Haitian Creole Edition

    Content is organized within 12 thematic units, including Everyday Language, People, Housing, Food and Recreation. Each unit starts with an Intro page (new to this edition) and ends with a story page, with single or double-page sub-topics introducing new words in a realistic visual context and easy-to-learn "chunks."The target new vocabulary is listed and simple practice activities help students put their new words into practice.Story pages include pre-reading questions to build previewing and predicting skills and post-reading questions and rol...

    • ASIN: 0194740145

  • The Anchor Anthology of French Poetry: From Nerval to Valery in English Translation

    First published in 1958, this collection introduced an indispensible corpus of western poetry to countless American college students, francophiles, and would-be poets -- among them Patti Smith, whose vocation was formed she says, by reading this book. The poetic and cultural tradition forged by the Symbolist poets -- Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Appollinaire, and others -- reverberated throughout the avant garde and counter-cultures of the twentieth century. Modernism, surrealism, abstract impressionism, and the Beat movement are unthinkable ...

    • ASIN: 0385498888

  • Eyewitness Travel Phrase Book French (DK Eyewitness Travel Phrase Books)

    A pocket dictionary with vital vocabulary, phrases, and information for travelers.Filled with common French phrases and everyday vocabulary, this is an easy-to-transport dictionary that is perfect for vacations or business trips.Eyewitness Travel Phrase Book French is organized by subject, making it is easy to find relevant information including transportation, food, shopping, sports, and health care. Each word has a pronunciation guide to ensure proper communication. From the always useful "What time is it?" question to more complex business v...

    • ASIN: 1465462678

  • French Phrasebook: +1400 French Phrases to travel in France with confidence!

    French phrase book with audio Do you want to visit France? Or what about eating out at a French restaurant? Maybe you want to impress your friends with some common French phrases. No matter the reason, you’ll find over 1,400 common French phrases here that will help you learn how to communicate like a native.Not only do we break down each phrase so that you easily understand what they mean, but there’s also a simple pronunciation guide. Not sure how to say “salut?” What about “bonjour?” You’ll find phonetic guides so that you say ...

    • ASIN: 1508777284

  • Thinking French Translation: A Course in Translation Method: French to English (Thinking Translation)

    The new edition of this popular course in translation from French into English offers a challenging practical approach to the acquisition of translation skills, with clear explanations of the theoretical issues involved. A variety of translation issues are considered including:*cultural differences*register and dialect*genre*revision and editing.The course now covers texts from a wide range of sources, including:*journalism and literature*commercial, legal and technical texts*songs and recorded interviews.This is essential reading for advanced ...

    • ASIN: 0415255228
    • Brand: imusti

  • Larousse Concise French-English/English-French Dictionary (English and French Edition)

    This newly revised Larousse Concise Dictionary is ideal for the more sophisticated traveler, business person, student, and anyone interested in achieveing greater fluency in contemporary French and English. The clear typographical layout and style, together with detailed treatment of vocabulary allows the user to quickly grasp the important nuances of language and translate and comprehend accurately. Containing 250,000 words, phrases, and translations, it is an ideal companion for both general and professional use....

    • ASIN: 2035700027
    • Brand: Brand: Larousse Bilingual/French

  • Larousse Student Dictionary French-English/English-French (French and English Edition)

    The Larousse Student Dictionary is designed specifically for middle-school students. Each of the more than 22,000 words and phrases covered in this book is accompanied by an example sentence to avoid confusion. Additionally, the book contains 1,000 thematically grouped color illustrations on more than sixty pages to aid in vocabulary acquisition....

    • ASIN: 2035410150
    • Brand: Larousse Bilingual/French

  • French-English Pocket Dictionary: 70,000 words, phrases & examples (Barron's Pocket Bilingual Dictionaries) (French Edition)

    Compiled and edited by native bilingual speakers, Barron's French-English Pocket Dictionary contains approximately 70,000 words. Abridged from Barron’s comprehensive, full-size bilingual dictionary, this lightweight, easy-to-use pocket guide is ideal for students and travelers.This revised edition features:Entries organized in two sections: American-style English to French, and translations from French to American-style EnglishEach headword is listed with its translation, part of speech, and pronunciationPhrases follow each definition using h...

    • ASIN: 1438006071
    • Brand: Barrons Educational Series

  • Larousse Concise French-English/English-French Dictionary (English and French Edition)

    This newly revised Larousse Concise Dictionary is ideal for the more sophisticated traveler, business person, student, and anyone interested in achieveing greater fluency in contemporary French and English. The clear typographical layout and style, together with detailed treatment of vocabulary allows the user to quickly grasp the important nuances of language and translate and comprehend accurately. Containing 250,000 words, phrases, and translations, it is an ideal companion for both general and professional use....

    • ASIN: 2035700019
    • Brand: Larousse Kingfisher Chambers

  • French English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

    Now comes with a free companion audio app that allows readers to scan the pages to hear words spoken in both French and English.Newly revised and updated, the French-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is a quick

    • UPC: 55061392

  • The Bantam New College French & English Dictionary

    This major revision of the backlist classic contains a total of over 85,000 entries, including more than 5,200 new words like glasnost, automated teller, beeper, and wind-shear, plus the latest computer- and video-related

    • UPC: 405412
    • Rating: 4.0

  • J'aime mon papa I Love My Dad (French English Bilingual Children's Book) - eBook

    Jimmy le petit lapin ne sait pas faire du vélo sans petites roues comme ses grands frères. Et cela lui vaut parfois des moqueries. Le jour où papa décide de montrer à Jimmy comment vaincre

    • UPC: 843424568
    • Rating: 5.0

  • I Love to Brush My Teeth J’adore me brosser les dents (English french Kids Book) - eBook

    This bilingual book is perfect for kids learning English or French as their second/third language. Includes educational message as well.Little Jimmy doesn’t like to brush his teeth. Even when his mother gives him a brand

    • UPC: 973786961
    • Rating: 4.0

  • 5 Language Visual Dictionary : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

    5 Language Visual Dictionary is a user friendly and intuitive reference for adults learning English, French, German, Spanish, or Italian.The only language dictionary of its kind, 5 Language Visual Dictionary makes language learning accessible by

    • UPC: 49878555
    • Rating: 4.5

  • English Grammar for Students of French : The Study Guide for Those Learning French


    • UPC: 169606918
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Harrap's French and English Pocket Dictionary

    You will always know the right word thanks to this bestselling bilingual dictionary, now revised and updatedHarrap's dictionaries are the bestselling bilingual references in the French-speaking world.Although small in size, Harrap's French and English Pocket

    • UPC: 24078619

  • Learn French: French for Kids - Bilingual Stories in English and French - eBook

    The lively, chatty little plants think they know some stuff, but when it comes to animals, they know nothing. One wild assumption leads to another and gets them into big trouble.This illustrated book is for

    • UPC: 470002100

  • Learn French III - Parallel Text - Easy to Moderately Hard Short Stories (Bilingual - Dual Language) English - French - eBook

    Learning French with Parallel Text III is the most rewarding and effective method to learn a language. Existing vocabulary is refreshed, while new vocabulary is instantly put into practice. The French grammar easily sinks in

    • UPC: 158539867

  • French Short Stories for Beginners - English French - eBook

    **Salut !Hello!Do you understand this first French word? Yes, you do!Why?**Because it was presented to you using a new technique that is making learning languages easier than ever – the Bilingual Reading.We created this book

    • UPC: 490677848

  • Learn French Today # English verbs and their French translation

    French To English And English To French Translation
    French for beginners,Free French lesson,Learn French,Pronounce French,French course,Fre...

    Learn French While You Sleep 😀 Most Important French Phrases and Words 😀 English/French

    French To English And English To French Translation
    learn french,learn french while you sleep,learn french while sleeping,how to speak fren...

    learn french Conversation- english 1 3 real human reader not computer generated voices

    French To English And English To French Translation