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  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

    Official U.S. edition with full color illustrations throughout.#1 New York Times Bestseller The Summer Reading Pick for President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg,  now available as a beautifully packaged paperbackFrom a renowned historian comes a groundbreaking narrative of humanity’s creation and evolution—a #1 international bestseller—that explores the ways in which biology and history have defined us and enhanced our understanding of what it means to be “human.”One hundred thousand years ago, at least six different s...

    • ASIN: 0062316117
    • Brand: Harper Perennial

  • Fingerprints of the Gods

    Could the story of mankind be far older than we have previously believed? Using tools as varied as archaeo-astronomy, geology, and computer analysis of ancient myths, Graham Hancock presents a compelling case to suggest that it is. “A fancy piece of historical sleuthing . . . intriguing and entertaining and sturdy enough to give a long pause for thought.”—Kirkus Reviews In Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock embarks on a worldwide quest to put together all the pieces of the vast and fascinating jigsaw of mankind’s hidden past. In anci...

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  • Sapiens. De animales a dioses / Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (Spanish Edition)

    El libro de no ficción del AÑO.Un best seller internacional con más de un millón de ejemplares vendidosLúcido e iluminador: la historia de la humanidad en un solo volumen.Este es el fascinante relato de nuestra extraordinaria historia: de simios sin importancia a amos del mundo.Hace 100.000 años, al menos seis especies de humanos habitaban la Tierra. Hoy solo queda una, la nuestra: Homo sapiens.¿Cómo logró nuestra especie imponerse en la lucha por la existencia?¿Por qué nuestros ancestros recolectores se unieron para crear ciudades y...

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  • Ancient Scandinavia: An Archaeological History from the First Humans to the Vikings

    Scandinavia, a land mass comprising the modern countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, was the last part of Europe to be inhabited by humans. Not until the end of the last Ice Age when the melting of huge ice sheets left behind a fresh, barren land surface, about 13,000 BC, did the first humans arrive and settle in the region. The archaeological record of these prehistoric cultures, much of it remarkably preserved in Scandinavia's bogs, lakes, and fjords, has given us a detailed portrait of the evolution of human society at the edge of the in...

    • ASIN: 0190231971

  • Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings (Revised and Updated Edition)

    “An ambitious and lucid full narrative account of the peopling of Europe . . . this will undoubtedly provide a base line for future debates on the origins of the Europeans.” ―J. P. Mallory, author of In Search of the Indo-Europeans and The Origins of the Irish Who are the Europeans? Where did they come from? New research in the fields of archaeology and linguistics, a revolution in the study of genetics, and cutting-edge analysis of ancient DNA are dramatically changing our picture of prehistory, leading us to question what we thought we ...

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  • The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution

    Resistance to malaria. Blue eyes. Lactose tolerance. What do all of these traits have in common? Every one of them has emerged in the last 10,000 years.Scientists have long believed that the “great leap forward” that occurred some 40,000 to 50,000 years ago in Europe marked end of significant biological evolution in humans. In this stunningly original account of our evolutionary history, top scholars Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending reject this conventional wisdom and reveal that the human species has undergone a storm of genetic change ...

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  • Neanderthals Rediscovered: How Modern Science Is Rewriting Their Story (Revised and Updated Edition)

    "In the first complete chronological narrative of the species from emergence to extinction...archaeologist Dimitra Papagianni and science historian Michael Morse have shaped a gem." ―Nature In recent years, the common perception of the Neanderthals has been transformed, thanks to new discoveries and paradigm-shattering scientific innovations. It turns out that the Neanderthals’ behavior was surprisingly modern: they buried the dead, cared for the sick, hunted large animals in their prime, harvested seafood, and communicated with spoken lan...

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  • The Early Human World

    A six-million-year-old jaw bone in Ethiopia proves to be a piece of the earliest hominid discovered-so far. Big Mama, who used a tree branch to escape from a zoo in Holland, is found sipping chocolate milk at a local restaurant. Nandy, a 50,000-year-old skeleton surrounded by flower pollen in Iraq, casts doubt on the beastly reputation of an early hominid. Found frozen in the Alps, Ötzi reveals what people in Europe ate 5,000 years ago. Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba, a chimpanzee, a Neandertal, and the Iceman are just some of the characters who...

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  • Europe Between the Oceans: 9000 BC-AD 1000

    In this magnificent book, distinguished archaeologist Barry Cunliffe reframes our entire conception of early European history, from prehistory through the ancient world to the medieval Viking period. Cunliffe views Europe not in terms of states and shifting political land boundaries but as a geographical niche particularly favored in facing many seas. These seas, and Europe’s great transpeninsular rivers, ensured a rich diversity of natural resources while also encouraging the dynamic interaction of peoples across networks of communication an...

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  • After the Ice: A Global Human History 20,000-5000 BC

    20,000 B.C., the peak of the last ice age--the atmosphere is heavy with dust, deserts, and glaciers span vast regions, and people, if they survive at all, exist in small, mobile groups, facing the threat of extinction.But these people live on the brink of seismic change--10,000 years of climate shifts culminating in abrupt global warming that will usher in a fundamentally changed human world. After the Ice is the story of this momentous period--one in which a seemingly minor alteration in temperature could presage anything from the spread of lu...

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  • Sapiens/Homo Deus box set

    Featuring Two Exclusive Essays by Yuval Noah Harari: "The Crisis of Liberalism" and "The Theater of Terror"Discover humanity’s past and its future in this in this special box set featuring Sapiens—a reading pick of President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg—and its acclaimed companion Homo Deus....

    • ASIN: 0062834312

  • Sapiens and Homo Deus: The E-book Collection: A Brief History of Humankind and A Brief History of Tomorrow

    Discover humanity’s past and its future in this in this special e-book collection featuring Sapiens—a reading pick of President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg—and its acclaimed companion Homo Deus.

    • ASIN: B01NH9R8FK

  • Prehistory: The Making of the Human Mind (Modern Library Chronicles)

    In Prehistory, the award-winning archaeologist and renowned scholar Colin Renfrew covers human existence before the advent of written records–the overwhelming majority of our time here on earth–and gives an incisive, concise, and lively survey of the past, and of how scholars and scientists labor to bring it to light. Renfrew begins by looking at prehistory as a discipline, detailing how breakthroughs such as radiocarbon dating and DNA analysis have helped us to define humankind’s past–how things have changed–much more clearly than wa...

    • ASIN: 0812976614

  • Foundation: The History of England from Its Earliest Beginnings to the Tudors

    • ASIN: B007TJ17O8

  • Cro-Magnon: How the Ice Age Gave Birth to the First Modern Humans

    They survived by their wits in a snowbound world, hunting, and sometimes being hunted by, animals many times their size. By flickering firelight, they drew bison, deer, and mammoths on cavern walls- vibrant images that seize our imaginations after thirty thousand years. They are known to archaeologists as the Cro-Magnons-but who were they? Simply put, these people were among the first anatomically modern humans. For millennia, their hunter-gatherer culture flourished in small pockets across Ice Age Europe, the distant forerunner to the civiliza...

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  • The Past in Perspective : An Introduction to Human Prehistory

    "A college textbook for the Introduction to Prehistory course"--Provided by

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  • When Fish Got Feet, When Bugs Were Big, and When Dinos Dawned : A Cartoon Prehistory of Life on Earth

    Previously published as three volumes-- When fish got feet, sharks got teeth, and bugs began to swarm; When bugs were big, plants were strange, and tetrapods stalked the earth; and When dinos dawned, mammals got

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  • The History Encyclopedia : Follow the Development of Human Civilization Around the World

    Fact-packed history covering prehistoric times to the present day, with 1500 fantastic

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  • Korean History in Maps : From Prehistory to the Twenty-First Century

    A concise, beautifully illustrated historical atlas of Korean history, specifically designed for English-speaking students of Korean and East Asian

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  • Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations : From Prehistory to 640 CE

    Challenging the stereotypes and myths that typically characterize students' understanding of antiquity, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: From Prehistory to 640 CE, Second Edition, focuses on continuity and connections, along with cultural diffusion and cultural diversity, to

    • UPC: 37369837

  • Prehistory : The Making of the Human Mind

    In Prehistory, the award-winning archaeologist and renowned scholar Colin Renfrew covers human existence before the advent of written records-the overwhelming majority of our time here on earth-and gives an incisive, concise, and lively survey of

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    • Rating: 3.2

  • A Critical History of Early Rome : From Prehistory to the First Punic War

    "A remarkable book, in which Forsythe uses his thorough knowledge of the ancient evidence to reconstruct a coherent and eminently plausible picture which in turn illuminates early Roman society more immediately than any other category

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • African History for Kids - Early Civilizations on the African Continent Ancient History for Kids 6th Grade Social Studies

    Africa is a huge continent. Over the years, it has served as home to different tribes and civilizations. Use this educational book to educate your child about how Africa has evolved from then until today.

    • UPC: 716196258

  • The Prehistory of Sex : Four Million Years of Human Sexual Culture

    Piecing together evidence from highly controversial artifacts and human remains, "The Prehistory of Sex" leaves no stone unturned and no taboo untouched as it sets about to decipher the mysteries of Stone Age sex. Richly

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  • Streams of History : Early Civilizations (Yesterday's Classics)

    Streams of History

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  • What Happened Before History? Human Origins

    From Human Prehistory To The Early Civilizations
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    Human Prehistory 101 (Part 3 of 3): Agriculture Rocks Our World

    From Human Prehistory To The Early Civilizations
    human prehistory,agriculture,genetics,world genetics,Human (Organism Classification),Pr...

    Human Prehistory 101 (Part 1 of 3): Out of (Eastern) Africa

    From Human Prehistory To The Early Civilizations