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  • Goodbye Canker Sores - Mouth Ulcer Treatment | Essential Oil Serum for Canker Sore Relief | Apply Directly to Heal Blisters in The Mouth

    Certain types of pain, such as canker sores, are excruciating! Such a small ulcer inside your mouth can wreak havoc on your day. Nutrition is essential in our daily lives, but the task of eating is painful when you have a canker sore on your tongue or gums. GoodBye Canker Sores is a revolutionary mouth sores treatment serum! Infusing high quality Omega 3 and 9 essential oils with the extracts of lavender, cloves and cilantro (also known as coriander), produces a safe and highly effective mouth sore remedy. Weíve formulated this serum to provi...

    • ASIN: B07818LJ6J
    • Brand: GoodBye Styes
    • UPC: 696288779020

  • GUM Canker-X Pain Relief Gel, 0.28 Ounce Tube

    GUM Canker-X gel is an aloe Vera based formulation that helps treat canker sores (also known as aphthous ulcers), mouth sores, and minor cuts or abrasions by providing a protective healing barrier. The patented triple action gel offers fast pain-relief and helps soothe the affected area without stinging or burning on application. GUM Canker-X gel is a non-prescription product without benzocaine or alcohol. Mouth ulcers are not generally a significant risk to your oral health. However, if you have severe and frequently recurring mouth sores or i...

    • ASIN: B01M1MSSDE
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: GUM
    • UPC: 784922090690

  • Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse, Mild Mint - 500mL, 16.9 fluid ounce

    Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse helps cleanse and promote healing of minor oral irritations. Peroxyl’s oxygenating action helps removes oral debris to facilitate healing of oral sores, irritations and mouth burns. Peroxyl also soothes minor gum inflammation from dental procedures, dentures and orthodontic appliances. This great-tasting formula is alcohol-free....

    • ASIN: B00WOSEKP2
    • Brand: Colgate
    • UPC: 035000320292

  • INTELLIGENT Saliva-Based ENZYMES Teeth WHITENING Toothpaste for Humans, Best Natural Oral Care, Get Rid of Mouth Canker Sore, Sulfate Free, FluorideFree (Mint, 4.41 Ounce)

    🤩 INTELLIGENT - HEALTHY mouth cleaning based on NATURAL saliva enzymes! 🤤 Why is the Enzymatic Toothpaste better? Intelligent Healthy Toothpaste is formulated with 4 saliva-enzymes. Their ground-breaking mechanism is a SMART biological chain reaction that turns oral food residues into natural cleaning ingredients. Is it magic? NO! It's pure science! Give the most refreshing feel to your oral hygiene! 😁 Enjoy the breezy feeling! After each brushing, your teeth will feel squeaky clean, your mouth will feel incredibly healt...

    • ASIN: B0053V9M3C
    • Brand: Intelligent

  • Gentian Violet (TOPICAL SOLUTION 1%) 2 FL OZ

    Gentian Violet is an antiseptic dye that can be used to assist a variety of fungal infections including athlete's foot and thrush. It also may be used on minor cuts and scrapes to prevent infection.

    • ASIN: B000QTG3ME
    • Color: Gentian Violet
    • Brand: Humco
    • UPC: 885590341975

  • TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray, 1 Ounce Bottle

    When you’re on the go, sometimes you need to quickly freshen your breath, but you can’t duck into a bathroom to use one of our patented oxygenating oral rinses. TheraBreath Fresh Breath Spray is our oxygenating, dentist-formulated TheraBreath Fresh Breath PLUS in a convenient oral spray format. The extended swivel head and extinguisher nozzle easily reach to the back of your throat where bad breath bacteria hide, feed, and produce the volatile sulfur compounds which stink up your breath. It is a perfect solution for those suffering from chr...

    • ASIN: B007579UF2
    • Brand: TheraBreath
    • UPC: 697029301029

  • Designs for Health Liquid Purified Silver - Silvercillin Liquid Silver, 15ppm Silver for Immune Support (95 Servings, 16 Ounces)

    Silvercillin is a highly effective antimicrobial preparation composed of pure silver complexed with purified water. Silvercillin uses Silver Sol Technology, the term sol being a designation of a mineral permanently distributed into the structure of water. The silver becomes a part of that water molecule permanently so it will not fall out of solution or suspension. Silvercillin contains 15 ppm of purified silver per serving. This is an incredibly powerful, non-toxic form of silver, with zero build-up in the body, so it does not cause argyria (b...

    • ASIN: B005KAAJA6
    • Brand: designs for health
    • UPC: 879452003262

  • Boiron Borax 30C, 80 Pellets, Homeopathic Medicine for Canker Sores

    Boiron was founded in 1932 in Lyon, France, by twin brothers and pharmacists Jean and Henri Boiron. As the world leader in homeopathic medicines, Boiron is a $852 million public company with 3,700 employees and distribution in 59 countries. It is best known for Oscillococcinum, a top-selling flu medicine, and its Arnicare line of pain relievers. For more than 80 years, Boiron has been committed to funding scientific research and educating the public and health care professionals on homeopathic medicines. As a pharmaceutical company, Boiron mai...

    • ASIN: B01G6K8PQ8
    • Brand: Boiron
    • UPC: 306960129134

  • Cold Sores Be Gone Canker Sores Begone, 0.15 Ounce

    Since the year 2000, tens of thousands of customers have relied on the Canker Sores Begone remedy to help resolve painful ulcerations inside the mouth in a fraction of the typical time. As soon as you feel the familiar burning pain of a canker sore, blot saliva from the canker sore, apply a large dab of Canker Sore Begone Stick to fingertip, then to canker sore. Accelerated healing begins instantly. Use Canker Sore Begone Stick consistently a few times a day until the sore is gone, usually from a few hours to a few days, which varies from perso...

    • ASIN: B00HF4QF44
    • Brand: Cold Sores Begone
    • UPC: 606705050014

  • Ys Bee Farms, Bee Propolis Extract, 11.4 Ounce

    Propolis Extract - Natural Liquid Honey Paste 110, 000 Mg 11.2 Oz. Paste Suggested Use As A Dietary Supplement 1/2 Teaspoon Twice A Day Between Meals, Or More As Neededd. High Potency Extract Is Better Assimilated With Honey. - Or As Directed By Your Healthcare Professional. Supplement Factsserving Size: 1/2 Teaspoon (5g)servings Per Container: 64amount Per Serving% Daily Value***calories15carbohydrates4 Gsugars4 Gbee Propolis (4x) (Equivalent To 1720 Mg Of Raw Natural State)430 Mg ***percent Daily Values Are Based On A 2, 000 Calorie Diet Othe...

    • ASIN: B00014EV1Y
    • Color: brown346280
    • Brand: YS Eco Bee Farms
    • UPC: 726635960969

  • De La Cruz 1% Gentian Violet First Aid Antiseptic Liquid, Made in USA 1 FL OZ (2 Bottles)

    Gentian Violet is a powerful antiseptic for external use on sores, blisters or minor cuts. Made in USA.

    • ASIN: B00YIA0F2Q
    • Brand: De La Cruz
    • UPC: 324286153619

  • 16 oz. Prevention Antibacterial Non-Alcohol Mouth Rinse #1 Doctor Recommended

    Please Note:Prevention Health Services has changed the packaging on their products. Prevention Oncology and Prevention Antibacterial is the same exact product with new packaging. This information can be verified on the manufacturer website

    • ASIN: B005QNQCLC
    • Brand: Prevention
    • UPC: 811032689985

  • OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend Tooth Oil, Organic Toothpaste & Mouthwash Alternative With Clove Oil Promotes Healthy Teeth & Gums, 1 Pack

    Address the root cause of all oral health issues by restoring the natural balance of microbes that live in our mouths. Tooth decay and gum disease mean that our mouths are out of balance. The HealThy Mouth Blend was formulated using plant essences that have been used in traditional medicine (some for thousands of years) to help restore the mouth to health. Stop and even reverse gum disease by restoring balance in the mouth. Heal bad breath by addressing the root cause. Support stressed tissue to heal itself. Help remineralize tooth decay by inc...

    • ASIN: B00ABN97WI
    • Brand: OraWellness
    • UPC: 736211701992

  • Just Get Me Through This! - Revised and Updated : A Practical Guide to Coping with Breast Cancer

    Written in a unique "girlfriend-to-girlfriend" style, this book offers warm, reassuring and practical advice for surviving breast cancer from someone who as

    • UPC: 15704951

  • 52 Meal Recipes to Help You Get Rid of Your Sore Throat Fast: Increased Vitamin and Mineral Intake to Boost Your Immune System and Naturally Cure Your Sore Throat - eBook

    Having a sore throat is an uncomfortable condition followed by irritation and swallowing difficulties. Building your immune system through a variety of vitamin-rich foods is always the best way to fight off different viruses that

    • UPC: 968657985

  • Bald Is Better with Earrings : A Survivor's Guide to Getting Through Breast Cancer

    A guide for women with breast cancer shares step-by-step coverage of how to navigate the emotional and physical challenges of every stage of

    • UPC: 44517970
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Eczema Cure Today - Get rid of Eczema forever natural ways to cure Eczema

    Eczema is a skin disease that causes numerous symptoms; the most common are itchiness, redness, irritation, inflammation, dryness and sometimes bleeding. It really is an annoying disease. In this book I will share with you

    • UPC: 685855605

  • How to Get Unstuck from the Negative Muck : A Kid's Guide to Getting Rid of Negative Thinking

    FACT: You have about 40,000 negative thoughts every day. And your child does too. We can't make negative thoughts go away completely. But we can learn healthy ways to cope with them. And most importantly,

    • UPC: 53398474

  • The New Get Rid of Boat Odors, Second Edition : A Boat Owner's Guide to Marine Sanitation Systems and Other Sources of Aggravation and Odor

    This is the completely-updated 2nd Edition of Peggie Hall's famous book "Get Rid of Boat Odors." "The New Get Rid of Boat Odors, 2nd ed." by Peggie Hall, known by many of her fans as

    • UPC: 53614029

  • Hello Beautiful Skin! : A Resource on How to Get Rid of Warts, Moles and Skin Lesions Naturally or with Professional Help

    Getting rid of warts, moles and other unsightly marks on the body can be difficult. Most people think they have to go under a laser and face problems from the procedure. There are natural ways

    • UPC: 53295272

  • How to Get Rid of Unwanted Thoughts : Proven Ways to Better Control Your Mind and Thoughts

    How to Get Rid of Unwanted Thoughts: Proven Ways to Better Control Your Mind and

    • UPC: 211854429

  • How Will I Get Rid of My Hernia? Without Surgery!

    A detailed instruction for the treatment of your hernia is given in this book. Hernia need not be operated! Comparable to a torn ligament or a flesh wound it will heal by itself, if the

    • UPC: 53659034

  • Taking Charge of Cancer : What You Need to Know to Get the Best Treatment

    A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying, and the first thing a patient wants to know is: How am I going to survive this? Written by a radiation oncologist and cancer researcher, Taking Charge of Cancer

    • UPC: 55388410

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