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  • Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions

    Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions - Narcotics Anonymous

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  • Guiding Principles - The Spirit of Our Traditions

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  • Witch, Please: A Memoir: Finding Magic in Modern Times

    A touching and thought-provoking account of how a woman explored a spectrum of religions—ancient and new—and ended up, unexpectedly, becoming a bona fide witch. Misty Bell Stiers set out on a spiritual path to find a faith that worked for her, and accidentally became a witch. She knew the Bible well, and got to know the Torah and Koran. She studied Eastern philosophies, even the stories of the Egyptians and Greeks. Finally, after overcoming an immediate prejudice (“Um, no,” she writes as her initial reaction), she found Wicca.Witch, Ple...

    • ASIN: 1948062038

  • The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life

    For the first time, an award-winning Harvard professor shares his wildly popular course on classical Chinese philosophy, showing you how ancient ideas—like the fallacy of the authentic self—can guide you on the path to a good life today.Why is a course on ancient Chinese philosophers one of the most popular at Harvard? Because it challenges all our modern assumptions about what it takes to flourish. Astonishing teachings emerged two thousand years ago through the work of a succession of Chinese scholars exploring how humans can improve the...

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  • Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission

    Missio Alliance Essential Reading List of 2016In our quest to renew the church, Christians have walked through seeker-friendly, emergent, missional, and other movements to develop new expressions of the body of Christ. Now in the post-Christian world in North America we're asking the question again: Is there a way to be the church that engages the world, not by judgment nor accommodation but by becoming the good news in our culture? In Faithful Presence, noted pastor and scholar David Fitch offers a new vision for the witness of the church in t...

    • ASIN: B01N3Q00OH

  • Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself

    Why have the monotheistic religions failed to produce societies that live up to their ethical ideals? A prominent rabbi answers this question by looking at his own faith and offering a way for religion to heal itself.In Putting God Second, Rabbi Donniel Hartman tackles one of modern life’s most urgent and vexing questions: Why are the great monotheistic faiths—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—chronically unable to fulfill their own self-professed goal of creating individuals infused with moral sensitivity and societies governed by the hig...

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  • The Transformation of Pediatrics, How a Pediatric Department and Its Residency Influenced American Pediatrics, A 125 Year History, (1882-2007)

    Concentrates on the history of the Residency Program at Children's Hospital in Boston. One of America's outstanding children's hospital facilities.

    • ASIN: 0881354996

  • TAO: The full collection of secrets, exercises and techniques

    Have you been curious about the practices of Tao? Are you struggling to find peace and acceptance in your everyday life? Do you wish to find everyday solutions to the influences in the world that can negatively impact us? Here in this book, you will be provided with the best answers to all of those questions. This book includes the following list below:A brief overview of what Tao really is Different preparation needed for the full benefits of Tao practices including preparation of the body, breathing, and body energy Three meditation practice...

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  • Stabat Mater RV621 Study Score Series Composed by Antonio Vivaldi Edited by Paul Everette

    Inno for Contralto and Orchestra The guiding principles behind this new, critical edition of Vivaldi's works are set out in detail in the Editorial Norms agreed by the Editorial Committee of the Instituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi The edition aims at maximum fidelity to the composer's intentions as ascertained from sources in light of the contemporary notational and performance practice...

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  • Sacred Woman : A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

    A spiritual healer and teacher guides women through the nine gateways of initiation, offering her plan for achieving balance and health in

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  • Celebrate Recovery Updated Participant's Guide Set, Volumes 1-4 : A Recovery Program Based on Eight Principles from the Beatitudes

    This shrinkwrapped four-pack contains one each of the four participant's guides, volumes

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  • Celebrate Recovery: The Journey Continues Participant's Guide Set Volumes 5-8 : A Recovery Program Based on Eight Principles from the Beatitudes

    Pastors John Baker and Johnny Baker will help you continue the Celebrate Recovery journey with four new participant's guides that cover 25 lessons. The purpose of these new lessons is to help people to grow

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  • Business by the Book : Complete Guide of Biblical Principles for the Workplace

    Business by the Book is a step-by-step presentation of how businesses should be run according to the Creator of all management rules:

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  • The Illustrated World's Religions : A Guide to Our Wisdom Traditions

    A presentation of the world's predominant religions includes the essential elements and teachings of each, and a description of their similarities and

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  • Buddhism 101 : From Karma to the Four Noble Truths, Your Guide to Understanding the Principles of Buddhism

    "Learn everything you need to know about Buddhism in this clear and straightforward new guide. This book highlights and explains the central concepts of Buddhism to the modern reader, with information on mindfulness, karma, The

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  • Forgotten God : Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit

    A follow up to the profound message of Crazy Love, Pastor Francis Chan offers a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives. In the name of the Father,

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  • The Adventure of Christmas : Helping Children Find Jesus in Our Holiday Traditions

    Hanging lights on the house, wrapping gifts, and decorating the tree become opportunities to teach your children about how these activities relate to Jesus'

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  • Secrets of Native American Herbal Remedies : A Comprehensive Guide to the Native American Tradition of Using Herbs and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection for Improving Health and Well-being

    Describes the Native American concept of healing, which stresses the balance of mind, body, and spirit; offers an alphabetical listing of therapies and their recipes; and discusses other healing

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  • The Great Transformation : The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions

    From one of the world's leading writers on religion and the highly acclaimed author of the bestselling "A History of God," comes a major new work that chronicles one of the most important intellectual revolutions

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  • Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions

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    Guiding Principles The Spirit Of Our Traditions

    WCNA XXXVII: Guiding principles - The spirit of Our Traditions Deb N. & Chris C.

    Guiding Principles The Spirit Of Our Traditions
    NA,Narcotics Anonymous,Recovery,12 Steps,Alcoholics Anonymous,NA Speaker Tapes,Narcotic...

    Bob D. - AA Speaker - "The Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous" (Very entertaining!)

    Guiding Principles The Spirit Of Our Traditions
    alcoholics anonymous,aa speaker tapes,aa speakers,alcoholics anonymous speakers,treatme...