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  • Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (Penguin Classics)

    The controversial journalistic analysis of the mentality that fostered the Holocaust, from the author of The Origins of Totalitarianism   Sparking a flurry of heated debate, Hannah Arendt’s authoritative and stunning report on the trial of German Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann first appeared as a series of articles in The New Yorker in 1963. This revised edition includes material that came to light after the trial, as well as Arendt’s postscript directly addressing the controversy that arose over her account. A major journalistic triumph by an...

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  • The Banality of Evil: Hannah Arendt and 'The Final Solution'

    This highly original book is the first to explore the political and philosophical consequences of Hannah Arendt's concept of 'the banality of evil,' a term she used to describe Adolph Eichmann, architect of the Nazi 'final solution.' According to Bernard J. Bergen, the questions that preoccupied Arendt were the meaning and significance of the Nazi genocide to our modern times. As Bergen describes Arendt's struggle to understand 'the banality of evil,' he shows how Arendt redefined the meaning of our most treasured political concepts and princip...

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  • Eichmann in Jerusalem : A Report on the Banality of Evil (Revised and Enlarged)

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  • Hannah Arendt: The Last Interview: And Other Conversations (The Last Interview Series)

    “There are no dangerous thoughts for the simple reason that thinking itself is such a dangerous enterprise.”
—Hannah Arendt In these interviews—including her final interview given in October 1973, in the midst of Watergate and the Yom Kippur War—Hannah Arendt discusses politics, war, protest movements, the Eichmann trial, Jewish identity, and language with the incisiveness and courage that always set her apart....

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  • The Evil of Banality

    Asking, How could they do it? about the many ordinary people who have been perpetrators and those who resist extensive evils-genocide, human trafficking, endemic sexualized violations of females, economic exploitation-the book delves into historic, contemporary, national, and international examples. The author, a moral philosopher, draws also on literature, psychology, economics, journalism, pop culture. Reversing Arendt's banality of evil, she finds that mind-deadening banality, thoughtless conventionality, ambition, greed, status-seeking enab...

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  • The Origins of Totalitarianism

    “How could such a book speak so powerfully to our present moment? The short answer is that we, too, live in dark times, even if they are different and perhaps less dark, and “Origins” raises a set of fundamental questions about how tyranny can arise and the dangerous forms of inhumanity to which it can lead.”   Jeffrey C. Isaac, The Washington PostHannah Arendt's definitive work on totalitarianism and an essential component of any study of twentieth-century political historyThe Origins of Totalitarianism begins with the rise of anti-S...

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  • Responsibility and Judgment

    Responsibility and Judgment gathers together unpublished writings from the last decade of Arendt’s life, where she addresses fundamental questions and concerns about the nature of evil and the making of moral choices. At the heart of the book is a profound ethical investigation, “Some Questions of Moral Philosophy,” in which Arendt confronts the inadequacy of traditional moral “truths” as standards to judge what we are capable of doing and examines anew our ability to distinguish good from evil and right from wrong. We also see how Ar...

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  • Violence in War and Peace: An Anthology

    From Hannah Arendt’s “banality of evil” to Joseph Conrad’s “fascination of the abomination,” humankind has struggled to make sense of human-upon-human violence. Edited by two of anthropology’s most passionate voices on this subject, Violence in War and Peace: An Anthology is the only book of its kind available: a single volume exploration of social, literary, and philosophical theories of violence. Brings together a sweeping collection of readings, drawn from a remarkable range of sources, that look at various conceptions and ...

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  • Moments of Reprieve: Essays

    In this collection of essays based on his time as a Jewish prisoner in the Nazi camps, Primo Levi creates a series of sketches of the people he met who retained their humanity even in the most inhumane circumstances.Having already written two memoirs of his survival at Auschwitz, Levi knew there was still more left untold. Collected in this book are stray vignettes of fifteen individuals Levi met during his imprisonment. Whether it was the young Romani man who smuggled a creased photo of his bride past the camp guards or the starving prisoner w...

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  • The Crime of Julian Wells: A Novel

    From the Edgar Award–winning author of Red Leaves: An “intelligent and elegant” thriller in the grand tradition of Eric Ambler and Graham Greene (The Wall Street Journal).   When the body of famed true-crime writer Julian Wells is found in a boat drifting on a Montauk pond, the question is not how he died, but why? Philip Anders, Wells’s best friend and literary executor, vows to find out what drove the enigmatic author to take his own life.   The first clue is a map of Argentina that Wells had been examining on the day he died. Years...

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  • The Drowned and the Saved

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  • Sulla natura del male: Una confutazione del saggio Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil di Hannah Arendt e altre considerazioni (Saggi critici Vol. 1) (Italian Edition)

    CONTENUTI:Primo Levi. Meditate che questo è stato….INDICEPremessaHannah Arendt: la controversia con la comunità ebraica e il dovere dell’onestà intellettualePiano di lavoro e confutazioni tecniche1. Prima confutazione tecnica2. Seconda confutazione tecnica3. Terza confutazione tecnica4. Quarta confutazione tecnica5. Quinta confutazione tecnicaCornice: o una strategia retorica tra Darwin e la metafisica1. Joseph Goebbels: la voce narrante del Male1.1 Joseph Goebbels: nel terreno fertile1.2 Lida Baarova, il fattore X1.3 La vendetta di Gör...

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  • If Not Now, When?: A Novel

    Based off a true story, a group of Jewish partisans fight the Nazis behind enemy lines during the final year of World War II. Primo Levi’s powerful novel is equal parts suspenseful and philosophical.World War II is in its final throes. As the Nazis retreat from the Red Army, much of Europe is left in total devastation. Against this backdrop, the watchmaker Mendel, who lost his wife and entire village to the Nazis, meets Leonid, a teenage escapee from a concentration camp. Stranded behind German lines, the pair makes their way through a desola...

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  • The Modern Man: A philosophical divagation about the evil banality of daily acts

    The modern state of man, his thoughts, feelings, and life are dissected by the author in a direct, sensible, and poetic style.A contemporary text about the human anguishes and desires, needs and projects, dreams and utopias, which leads the reader to rethink his daily acts. Foreword by Carla Francalanci, PhD by Boston University  Awards received:Gold Medal - Literary Classics International Book Awards for Special Interest - Inspirational / Motivational, 2013; Bronze Medal - Literary AwardsReaders' Favorite International Book Award for Short...

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  • The Reawakening

    First published in English in 1965, "The Reawakening" is Primo Levi's bestselling sequel to his classic memoir of the Holocaust, "Survival in Auschwitz." The inspiring story of Levi's liberation from the German death camp in January 1945 by the Red Army, it tells of his strange and eventful journey home to Italy by way of the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Romania. Levi's railway travels take him through bombed-out cities and transit camps, with keen insight he describes the former prisoners and Russian soldiers he encounters along the way. An extr...

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  • Eichmann in Jerusalem : A Report on the Banality of Evil

    Originally published: New York: Viking Press, 1963. With new

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  • The Banality of Evil : Hannah Arendt and 'The Final Solution'

    This highly original book is the first to explore the political and philosophical consequences of Hannah Arendt's concept of 'the banality of evil, ' a term she used to describe Adolph Eichmann, architect of the

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  • Hannah Arendt And The Banality Of Evil (Podcast)

    Hannah Arendt And The Banality Of Evil

    What is 'The Banality of Evil'? [Illustrated Guide]

    Hannah Arendt And The Banality Of Evil
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    Lazy Review - Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

    Hannah Arendt And The Banality Of Evil