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  • Everyday SEL in Elementary School

    In this new book from educational consultant Carla Tantillo Philibert, you’ll gain practical strategies for teaching social-emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness, and movement to help your elementary students maintain positive relationships, assume responsibility, become bodily aware, and grow into productive, contributing citizens. You’ll find out how to lead students through games, simple yoga poses, breathing techniques, and other activities that are easy to incorporate and help you manage your classroom. Topics include: Empowering you...

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    • Brand: Routledge

  • Empowering Science and Mathematics Education in Urban Schools

    Math and science hold powerful places in contemporary society, setting the foundations for entry into some of the most robust and highest-paying industries. However, effective math and science education is not equally available to all students, with some of the poorest students—those who would benefit most—going egregiously underserved. This ongoing problem with education highlights one of the core causes of the widening class gap. While this educational inequality can be attributed to a number of economic and political causes, in Empo...

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  • Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace

    An invaluable how-to text that details the workshop model, addresses the design challenges, and explains the best avenues for curriculum-based learning in the school library makerspace.• Explores crowdsourced research methods that lead to authentic participatory learning• Ensures that student-led workshops and design challenges result in tremendous success• Supplies practical tips that can be applied by beginner maker-librarians and provides curricula suggestions for advanced maker-librarians• Explains how to incorporate design thinking...

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  • Of Primary Importance: What's Essential in Teaching Young Writers

    From the first chapter of Ann Marie Corgill's Of Primary Importance you experience the swirling energy, the sights, and the sounds of a primary classroom. "Step inside" she says, "and breathe the writing workshop air with me. Take a look at a primary classroom, and take a minute to watch and listen and see real learning, real writing in action." Throughout these pages, you'll see Ann Marie guiding her primary students into deep and meaningful explorations of a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction. Watch as her classroom community progresses i...

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    • Brand: Brand: Stenhouse Publishers

  • Learning First, Technology Second: The Educator's Guide to Designing Authentic Lessons

    Learning with technology does not happen because a specific tool “revolutionizes” education. It happens when proven teaching strategies intersect with technology tools, and yet it is not uncommon for teachers to use a tool because it is “fun” or because the developer promises it will help students learn.Learning First, Technology Second offers teachers the professional learning they need to move from arbitrary uses of technology in their classrooms to thoughtful ways of adding value to student learning.This book includes: an introductio...

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  • Teaching Elementary Students Real-Life Inquiry Skills

    Fake news and misinformation is everywhere. Learn how to teach elementary students to locate reliable information, evaluate sources, and develop their writing skills in the classroom and in the library.• Provides guidelines elementary students can use to evaluate resources for accuracy and credibility • Explains how to teach students not only where to look for information but also how to gather and use that information • Offers lesson plans that build research and note-taking skills • Teaches inquiry as a mode of learning...

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  • The Invisible Boy

    A simple act of kindness can transform an invisible boy into a friend...Meet Brian, the invisible boy. Nobody ever seems to notice him or think to include him in their group, game, or birthday party . . . until, that is, a new kid comes to class.When Justin, the new boy, arrives, Brian is the first to make him feel welcome. And when Brian and Justin team up to work on a class project together, Brian finds a way to shine.From esteemed author and speaker Trudy Ludwig and acclaimed illustrator Patrice Barton, this gentle story shows how small acts...

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  • Cursive Writing: Instruction, Practice, and Reinforcement, Grades 4 - 9

    Ideal for students who are new to cursive writing and those who need a refresher, Cursive Writing: Instruction, Practice, and Reinforcement for fourth to ninth grades provides step-by-step instruction and practice in cursive handwriting. This Cursive Handwriting practice book provides real-world examples that motivate students to perfect their handwriting.Mark Twain Media Publishing Company specializes in providing engaging supplemental books and decorative resources to complement middle- and upper-grade classrooms. Designed by leading educator...

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  • Children as Readers in Children's Literature: The power of texts and the importance of reading

    We are fascinated by text and we are fascinated by reading. Is this because we are in a time of textual change? Given that young people always seem to be in the vanguard of technological change, questions about what and how they read are the subject of intense debate. Children as Readers in Children’s Literature explores these questions by looking at the literature that is written for children and young people to see what it tells us about them as readers. The contributors to this book are a group of distinguished children’s literature scho...

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  • The Ramped-Up Read Aloud: What to Notice as You Turn the Page [Grades PreK-3] (Corwin Literacy)

    In this remarkable resource, Maria Walther shares two page read aloud experiences for 101 picture books that tune you into what to notice, say, and wonder in order to bolster students’ literacy exponentially.  A first grade teacher for decades, Maria is a master of "strategic savoring."  Her lesson design efficiently sparks instructional conversations around each book’s cover illustration, enriching vocabulary words, literary language, and the ideas and themes vital to young learners. Teachers, schools, and districts looking to energize ...

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  • Teaching English in the Primary Classroom (LONGMAN HANDBOOKS FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS)

    * Part 1 identifies priorities for working with young learners and suggest strategies for teaching * Part 2 offers guidelines for creating or adapting work programmes and explains how English can be cross-curricular * Includes a Practical Activities section at the end of each part for further exploration...

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  • Developing Language and Literacy: Effective Intervention in the Early Years

    Developing Language and Literacy: Effective Intervention in the Early Years describes successful intervention programmes to improve the phonological skills, vocabulary, and grammar of young children at risk of reading difficulties. Presents two structured intervention programmes to provide support for young children with language and literacy difficulties Describes clearly how to improve the language and foundation literacy skills of young children in the classroom Includes information about how to assess research, and how to monitor and desig...

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  • A Child's Work: The Importance of Fantasy Play

    The buzz word in education today is accountability. But the federal mandate of "no child left behind" has come to mean curriculums driven by preparation for standardized tests and quantifiable learning results. Even for very young children, unstructured creative time in the classroom is waning as teachers and administrators are under growing pressures to measure school readiness through rote learning and increased homework. In her new book, Vivian Gussin Paley decries this rapid disappearance of creative time and makes the case for the critical...

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  • Inside Words: Tools for Teaching Academic Vocabulary, Grades 4-12

    We've learned a lot in recent years about the important role vocabulary plays in making meaning, yet many teachers still struggle with vocabulary instruction that goes beyond weekly word lists. Effective vocabulary instruction is particularly vital in the content areas, where the specialized language used by “insiders” often creates a barrier to understanding for those new to the subjects. In Inside Words, Janet Allen merges recent research and key content-area teaching strategies to show teachers how to help students understand the academi...

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  • Daily Language Review, Grade 4

    Evan-Moor Daily Language Review Workbook for grade 4 renders five items for every day of a 35-week school year that is presented in a standardized-testing format. Book of 112 pages help to keep your students very sharp in punctuation, sentence editing, vocabulary, reference, grammar and word study skills. Includes scope-and-sequence charts, suggestions and answer keys for the teacher....

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  • Art Is Fundamental : Teaching the Elements and Principles of Art in Elementary School


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  • The Art of Teaching Art to Children : In School and at Home

    In this accessibly written guide for classroom and art teachers as well as parents, Beal shows how to release children's marvelous gifts of expression through collage, drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, and construction. 63

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  • More Let's Cut Paper!

    Mastering scissors is an important part of developing fine motor control. This book begins with simple one stroke cuts and progresses to more complicated art

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  • Elementary Education : The Importance of Its Extension in Our Own Country: With a Sketch of the State of Elementary Education on the Continent

    Elementary Education: The Importance of Its Extension in Our Own Country: With a Sketch of the State of Elementary Education on the Continen Height : 0.43 In Length : 9.69 In Width : 7.44 In

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  • Art Teacher (Noun) 1. Similar To A Normal School Teacher But Way Cooler : Funny Journal Diary Notebook. For Teacher Appreciation, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Graduation Gifts for Education Elementary High School and Middle School Teaching

    Art Teacher (Noun) 1. Similar To A Normal School Teacher But Way Cooler: Funny Journal Diary Notebook. For Teacher Appreciation, Birthday,

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  • The Art Teacher's Survival Guide for Elementary and Middle Schools

    Easy ways to infuse art into classroom learning One of the most popular books in the Jossey-Bass Teacher series is now available in a completely updated and expanded version. With more than 110 creative art

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  • Elementary Substitute Teacher Folder

    Complete! Concise! Easy-to-use! Now it's possible to have complete security and peace of mind when you're absent from your classroom. The folder only takes five minutes of your time to complete and will assure your

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  • Only the Strongest Women Become Art Teachers: Lined Journal Notebook for Elementary, Middle, High School Art Educators Paperback

    Only the Strongest Women Become Art Teachers: Lined Journal Notebook for Elementary, Middle, High School Art Educators Height : 0.21 In Length : 9.00 In Width : 6.00 In Weight : 0.32

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  • Dynamic Art Projects for Children : Includes Step-By-Step Instructions and Photographs

    Over 200 color illustrations show step by step instructions for drawing and painting activities with paper, ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. These art projects were created for and taught to elementary school children to engage them

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  • Art in Story : Teaching Art History to Elementary School Children

    Using the book, Art in Story, teachers, parents, grandparents, and all those working with children, can develop their love for art by simply telling them wonderful

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  • Benefits of Arts education in primary school

    Importance Of Art Education In Elementary Schools
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    The Importance of Arts Education

    Importance Of Art Education In Elementary Schools
    Arts Education

    Art education matters, so what’s the problem? | Laura Mack | TEDxSalem

    Importance Of Art Education In Elementary Schools