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  • In the Shadow of the Dragon King

    Seventeen-year-old, Eric, is a kick-butt squire to the most revered knight in Fallhollow. Well he would be if Sir Trogsdill allowed him to do anything even remotely awesome. Determined to prove his worth, Eric sets out to find the mythical paladin summoned to protect the realm from the evil lurking nearby.  Sixteen-year-old, David, spends his days collecting school honors, winning archery tournaments, and trying not to fall in love with his scrappy best friend, Charlotte.  Right when things start to get interesting, he is whisked away to th...

    • ASIN: B01BS9SZBW

  • In the Shadow of the Kings: Fabled Quest Chronicles (Book 2)

    With shadowy monsters and dark magic, the Kings’ Caravan almost killed them all before the quest had even begun! But why?They escaped the treachery and dark magic of the Four Kings of Xenhelm, but not without losses. However, the Fates have smiled upon them all with the stranger—and now their leader—known as Traveler. He is a human who has not only traveled to the fabled kingdom of Atlantea before but lived there. They are now the new Titan’s Caravan.They cross beyond the Lands of Man into the Lands Between, and into Faë-Land—or, mo...

    • ASIN: B07FS888DZ

  • Leadville Crucible (American Dragons Book 7)

    ON A WORLD SCOURED BY DEMONS, EVEN DRAGONS ARE PREY.Gaia Alpha is safe under Steven’s rule. He’s secured his borders, made allies of the remaining Dragonsoul Primes, and retrieved Icharaam’s Gift, the fabled Holy Grail.But Steven’s war is bigger than one world. On Gaia Beta, the Battle World, Spider Finger and the Zothoric are gathering, and if they find a path to Steven’s home, everything he’s fought to save will be swallowed in the Great Devouring.It’s time to take the fight to the shadows on a road trip between universes. Only ...


  • Robot Bangarang (Full Frontal Galaxy Book 1)

    When you’re a demon hunter, you probably shouldn’t invite a succubus into your bed…Blaze is a highly trained astral marine, fighting demons and saving lives, so he should know better than to bed his latest client. And yet, when she puts a hex on him, suddenly women find him irresistible. Even his ex-wife is eyeing him, which is a problem, because she’s an evil witch. Literally.Together, Blaze and Mara form an uneasy alliance with a misfit crew of aliens and monsters to track down demons, snare ghosts, and destroy hellish creatures bent ...

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  • Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass)

    Years in the making, Sarah J. Maas's #1 New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series draws to an epic, unforgettable conclusion. Aelin Galathynius's journey from slave to king's assassin to the queen of a once-great kingdom reaches its heart-rending finale as war erupts across her world. . . Aelin has risked everything to save her people-but at a tremendous cost. Locked within an iron coffin by the Queen of the Fae, Aelin must draw upon her fiery will as she endures months of torture. Aware that yielding to Maeve will doom those she loves ...

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  • Cheyenne Magic: An Urban Fantasy Harem Adventure (American Dragons Book 2)

    Gather an escort. Acquire a dragon hoard. Build an empire …Steven Drokharis knew that embracing his destiny as one of the most powerful Dragonsouls to ever live would be difficult, but he had no idea that he’d be pushed to his very limits.Ten days after rescuing Aria and ending the life of an insane Dragonskin, Steven and his escort find themselves going toe-to-toe with Rhaegen Mulk—the deadly Dragonsoul responsible for the death of Steven’s parents. And Rhaegen Mulk doesn’t fight fair. He will pull out all the stops to end Steven bef...

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  • Dodge City Knights (American Dragons Book 6)

    WHEN LEGENDS LIVE, DRAGONS DIE.Steven Drokharis is on an impossible quest to find the Holy Grail. The Dragonknights came close, but then their ranks were decimated by the mysterious Dragon Slayer, a legend that still fills Primes with terror. Standing in Steven’s way are ancient forces that have been waiting for the Lost Son and Merlin’s Daughter to continue the hunt. And yet, war has come to Steven’s doorstep, and he must balance defending what he’s earned with his greater ambition of bringing revolution to Dragonsouls everywhere.Once ...


  • Lionheart (Moonshadow Book 3)

    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the final story in her spellbinding Moonshadow trilogy…King Oberon reigned over his Dark Court in Lyonesse for centuries until an assassination attempt laid him low. Now he lies unconscious in his snow-bound palace while his Power battles the enchantment that threatens to end his life.

A skilled trauma surgeon and magic user, Dr. Kathryn Shaw reigns at the top of her profession in New York. Then comes a challenge she can’t resist—she is asked to cure the incurab...

    • ASIN: B07GJ1K9T9

  • California Imperium (American Dragons Book 5)

    They want it all, and they want it right now.Steven Drokharis has built an empire that stretches across the United States and around the world. He seems unstoppable—a force of nature and a creature of wrath.But now, he’ll have to deal with something deadlier than enemies … Dragonsoul allies. Exiled from America and on the run, Steven and his escort of beautiful women will have to unravel the secrets of the past to save their future.Friends will become enemies, enemies friends, and century-old feuds will bleed anew in this fifth exciting i...

    • ASIN: B07PJ1RK28

  • Montana Firestorm (American Dragons Book 3)

    Gather an escort. Acquire a dragon hoard. Build an empire …Steven Drokharis finally has his own Primacy, and he will stop at nothing to defend it.Luckily, Steven has a new Magician in his Escort, and she’s as beautiful as she is powerful. And yet, they are still on a journey of vengeance: his now dead enemy, Rhaegen Mulk, wasn’t working alone. At the same time, Mouse wants her own form of vengeance against the Prime who now rules the Rocky Mountains. That’s a whole lotta hate, and Steven and his Escort need to unlock the forbidden magic...

    • ASIN: B07JPL4XMN

  • Spellbinder (Moonshadow Book 2)

    From author Thea Harrison comes the latest story in the New York Times bestselling Moonshadow trilogy….Kidnapped while on tour, musician Sidonie Martel is transported to the mystical land of Avalon. A human without magical ability, she is completely vulnerable to the deadly forces surrounding her.When she defies her captors and refuses to share her music, an act of violent cruelty leaves her broken, her ability to play silenced, maybe forever. Her only hope is a whisper in the dark, gentle hands that offer healing, and a man who refuses to sh...

    • ASIN: B072N6LC5W

  • A Storm of Swords: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Three

    THE BOOK BEHIND THE THIRD SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES, AN ORIGINAL SERIES NOW ON HBO.Here is the third volume in George R. R. Martin’s magnificent cycle of novels that includes A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. As a whole, this series comprises a genuine masterpiece of modern fantasy, bringing together the best the genre has to offer. Magic, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill these pages and transport us to a world unlike any we have ever experienced. Already hailed as a classic, George R. R. Martin’s stunning series is des...

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  • Texas Showdown (American Dragons Book 4)

    Winning an empire was the easy part. Keeping it will be harder.After killing Rahaab, the most powerful dragon on Earth, Steven Drokharis knew he’d have to fight to keep what he’d won, but the cabal that killed his father was just the tip of the iceberg. He’ll have to fend off a cult of shapeshifters, magical constructs, and two devious, busty, machine-gun-toting twins, all while keeping his Escort of human and dragon women satisfied. Meanwhile, the eyes of ancient demons are ever searching for signs of dragons, and the deadliest threat ma...

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  • Dungeon Bringer 3

    Claim a settlement. Build your defenses. Go to war.Clay Knight never asked to be Lord Rathokhetra, and he certainly never wanted to rule his own city. But when his dungeon's advancement is blocked by the need for a support village, Clay has to claim the Kahtsinka Oasis and lead it to prosperity.He also has to contend with unhappy merchants, persistent beggars, a satyr who won't take no for an answer, and threatening emissaries from the far-off King of Kyth.With trouble brewing both inside and outside his city's walls, Clay must forge unlikely a...

    • ASIN: B07S9GH516

  • Night of the Ninth Dragon (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

    The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system! Please come to Camelot.  The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie through space and time to find that the castle of Camelot has been attacked and King Arthur has been gravely wounded. To save the kingdom—and the king—Jack and Annie have only one day to solve a riddle that will help them find a missing dragon! Formerly numbered as Magic Tree House #55, the title of this book is now Magic Tree House Merlin Mission...

    • ASIN: 0553510924

  • In the Shadow of the Dragon King - eBook

    Seventeen-year-old Eric is a kick-butt squire to the most revered and protective knight in Fallhollow—well, he would be if Sir Trogsdill allowed him to do anything even remotely chivalrous.Determined to prove his self-worth, Eric sets

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    • Rating: 3.5

  • Time of the Dragons : The Indigo King; The Shadow Dragons

    Caretakers Jack and John race through history to discover the identity of the Cartographer, and Caretakers past and present come together to stop the Winter King's Shadow who has gained control of the doors from

    • UPC: 45842741

  • Wrath of the Dragon King (Hardcover)

    Dragons have declared war on humanity After a humiliating defeat at the hands of Kendra and Seth, Celebrant, King of Dragons, prepares to unleash his fury and take control of his native preserve. Two of

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Nightmare King (Shadow of Dragons 1)

    Andy and his sister, Leigh, must journey to The Land of Dreams to rescue Maggie from the dungeon of the Nightmare King. Along their quest, they are helped by creatures of myth and legend -

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • In the Shadow of the Kings (Fabled Quest Chronicles, Book 2) - eBook

    With shadowy monsters and dark magic, the Kings’ Caravan almost killed them all before the quest had even begun! But why?They escaped the treachery and dark magic of the Four Kings of Xenhelm, but not

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  • Shadow of the Winter King

    Shadow of the Winter King

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    • Rating: 3.333

  • Wrath of the Dragon King

    Dragons have declared war on humanity After a humiliating defeat at the hands of Kendra and Seth, Celebrant, King of Dragons, prepares to unleash his fury and take control of his native preserve. Two of

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  • The Dragon King


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  • The Dragon King - Audiobook

    In volume one of the Crimson Shadow series, young Luthien Bedwyr rebelled against the vicious rule of Wizard-King Greensparrow and his cruel wizard-lords. In volume two, he made use of a magical cape that renders

    • UPC: 193604808

  • Crimson Shadow (Audio): The Dragon King (Audiobook)

    In the conclusion of the Crimson Shadow trilogy, Luthien Bedwyr must again fight to keep Eriador free from the Wizard-King

    • UPC: 430936019

  • Dragonwatch, Book 2: Wrath of the Dragon King Trailer

    In The Shadow Of The Dragon King
    Dragonwatch,Fablehaven,Brandon Mull,Books,Ronodin,Kendra,Seth

    The Story of Sekiro ► Senpou Temple and the Dragon's Return

    In The Shadow Of The Dragon King

    Forgotten Realms Villains - Larloch The Shadow King

    In The Shadow Of The Dragon King
    D&D,Jorphdan,DnD,Faerun,Toril,Forgotten Realms,Dungeons and Dragons,Forgotten Realms Ex...