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  • Second Language Acquisition set: Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course (Volume 1)

    Now in a fourth edition, this bestselling introductory textbook remains the cornerstone volume for the study of second language acquisition (SLA). Its chapters have been fully updated, and reorganized where appropriate, to provide a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the field and its related disciplines. To reflect current developments, new sections on using learner corpora, semantics and morphosyntax (within formal approaches to SLA), sociocultural approaches, gesture, priming research, and chaos theory have been added. Students will al...

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  • Shadowing as a Practice in Second Language Acquisition: Connecting Inputs and Outputs (Routledge Research in Language Education)

    Shadowing is a theoretically and empirically well-examined method to develop L2 learners’ listening comprehension (input effect); enhance their subvocal rehearsal mechanism in the phonological working memory for learning new words, formula, and constructions (practice effect); simulate some stages of speech production (output effect); and  develop metacognitive monitoring and control by their executive working memory (monitoring effect). In Japan and some other Asian countries, shadowing is a well-recognized, popular method of learning Engli...

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  • From Input to Output: A Teacher's Guide to Second Language Acquisition

    This new title in the McGraw-Hill Second Language Professional Series provides an eminently accessible overview of key issues in second language acquisition research, written expressly for second language teachers. Avoiding highly technical jargon and terminology, the author gives a compelling account of current research while couching it within a framework that is of particular relevance to classroom practitioners. The result is an engaging reference that should be required reading for all language instructors and department heads. This book i...

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  • Apprentissage des langues secondes en RD Congo suivi de la version anglaise du texte: Performance analysis. Imbalance between input and output. A study in second language acquisition (French Edition)

    La République Démocratique du Congo constitue un vaste territoire linguistique avec une population de près de 70 millions d'habitants répartis en 400 groupes ethniques et autant de langues. À ces langues nationales il faut ajouter le français, langue de l'administration. En se basant sur des textes sélectionnés, l'auteur cherche à savoir si la performance des utilisateurs congolais est proportionnelle au nombre d'heures passées à apprendre le français. Cette étude intéresse les enseignants et professeurs de langues et didacticiens...

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  • Shadowing as a Practice in Second Language Acquisition : Connecting Inputs and Outputs


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  • Flexible Input, Dazzling Output with IBM i - eBook

    Link your IBM i system to the modern business server world! This book presents easier and more flexible ways to get data into your IBM i system, along with rather surprising methods to export and

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  • Primary Exergy Cost of Goods and Services : An Input - Output Approach

    Primary Exergy Cost of Goods and Services: An Input Output

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  • Finite-Time Stability: An Input-Output Approach - eBook

    Systematically presents the input-output finite-time stability (IO-FTS) analysis of dynamical systems, covering issues of analysis, design and robustnessThe interest in finite-time control has continuously grown in the last fifteen years. This book systematically presents the

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  • Umweltrelevante Fragestellungen in Der Input Output Analyse

    Umweltrelevante Fragestellungen in der Input Output Analyse: Eine Thematisierung der Zielkonflikte zwischen Wirtschaft und Umwelt (German

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  • Input-Output Models for Sustainable Industrial Systems - eBook

    This book addresses the specialized topic of input–output models for sustainable industrial systems. While these models are well-established tools for economic analysis, their underlying mathematical structure is also applicable to the analysis and optimization of

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  • Techniques for Evaluating the Differences in Multiregional Input-Output Databases - eBook

    This book introduces the Eora, Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) and World Input-Output (WIOD) databases and provides detailed metadata on the data sources, database structures and construction techniques used to build each system. It offers a detailed

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  • Compact Antennas for High Data Rate Communication : Ultra-Wideband (Uwb) and Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (Mimo) Technology

    Compact Antennas for High Data Rate Communication: Ultra-Wideband (Uwb) and Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (Mimo)

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  • Mediatisierung Der Klimapolitik : Eine Vergleichende Input-Output-Analyse Zur Übernahme Der Medienlogik Durch Die Politik

    Eine vergleichende Input-Output-Analyse zur �bernahme der Medienlogik durch die

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  • Planning Without Facts: Lessons in Resource Allocation from Nigeria's Development, with an Input-Output Analysis of the Nigerian Economy, 1959

    Planning Without Facts: Lessons in Resource Allocation from Nigeria's Development, with an Input-Output Analysis of the Nigerian Economy,

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  • Input And Output For Second Language Learning | Second Language Acquisition Theories #joshesl

    Input And Output In Second Language Acquisition
    sla theries,teaching english,input and second language,esl,efl,efl teaching,krashen,the...


    Input And Output In Second Language Acquisition

    SLA Theories: Input Interaction Output

    Input And Output In Second Language Acquisition
    SLA,Second Language Acquisition,interaction hypothesis,input hypothesis,Krashen,Long,Sw...