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  • Interior States: Essays

    Winner of The Believer Book Award for Nonfiction"Meghan O'Gieblyn's deep and searching essays are written with a precise sort of skepticism and a slight ache in the heart. A first-rate and riveting collection." --Lorrie MooreA fresh, acute, and even profound collection that centers around two core (and related) issues of American identity: faith, in general and the specific forms Christianity takes in particular; and the challenges of living in the Midwest when culture is felt to be elsewhere.What does it mean to be a believing Christian and a ...

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  • Matthew: A Commentary for Bible Students (Wesleyan Bible Commentary) (Wesley Bible Commentary)

    The Matthew commentary explores Matthew's vision of discipleship and how to live the Christian life when one's traditional moorings are under attack. The preaching of the Kingdom provided a new lens by which Jesus demonstrated the meaning of the Old Testament for His followers. The Kingdom teachings, the story of Jesus' life and ministry, and the theological truths of the Old Testament instruct the Church in right living before God and with other believers. An excellent resource for personal study, and especially helpful for those involved in t...

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  • Godspell

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  • Godspell

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  • Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

    Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

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  • The Gospel of Matthew

    This Catholic commentary on Matthew interprets Scripture from within the living tradition of the Church for pastoral ministers and lay readers

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  • Large Print New Testament Word Search Fun Book 1 : Gospel of Matthew

    Discover the Inspirational Baptism of Jesus and his Sermon on the Mount. There's more inside: the three miracles, the parables, and teachings of Jesus. Witness the confession of Peter, the Passion, and Resurrection. Start enjoying

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  • Honor and Shame in the Gospel of Matthew

    Insights from a distinguished New Testament scholar clarify what praise, honor, and glory meant to Matthew and his

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  • The Gospel of Matthew : The First Ever Word for Word Film Adaptation of all Four Gospels


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  • The Birth of the Messiah; A new updated edition : A Commentary on the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke

    The truth behind the Gospel accounts of the Nativity, updated to include the latest research--a classic by a renowned scholar, hailed as "masterly" and "definitive" in the original

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  • Fullness of the Time: a Harmony of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - eBook

    Just who is Jesus Christ anyway? Is Jesus God? Is the narrative from the four Gospels consistent?FULLNESS OF THE a harmonious account of the incarnation of Jesus Christ: His birth, life, ministry, crucifixion, burial,

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  • The Gospel of Matthew

    The Gospel of Matthew is one of four gospels that report the life of Jesus. This translation of the gospel follows the Evangelical Heritage Version and is a volume in the Wartburg Bible series of

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  • The Gospel of Matthew - eBook

    The Gospel of Matthew is the first book in the New Testament. It truly is a teaching Gospel. It serves as an important resource for learning about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The

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  • The Gospel of Matthew in Dialogue - eBook

    The Bible in Dialogue series invites readers to identify with a cast member as they explore the text with others in study or worship. Annotated notes encourage discussion and study questions assist the reader or

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  • Authorship and Audience of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark

    Intended Audience Of The Gospel Of Matthew
    Gospel Of Matthew (Religious Text),Gospel (Quotation Subject),Gospel Of Mark (Religious...

    Gospel of Matthew read-along, by JFB

    Intended Audience Of The Gospel Of Matthew
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    Background of the Gospel of Luke

    Intended Audience Of The Gospel Of Matthew