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  • The old Santa Fe trail The Story of a Great Highway

    • ASIN: B008479GIS

  • Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane

    • ASIN: B0083ZIDZS

  • The Old Santa Fe Trail, the Story of a Great Highway

    The story of the Old Santa Fe Trail, so truthfully recalled by Colonel Henry Inman, ex-officer of the old Regular Army, in these pages, is a most thrilling one. The vast area through which the

    • UPC: 730026274
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Traveling The Santa Fe Trail - eBook

    Young learners will be introduced to an important stage in history when they read Traveling The Santa Fe Trail. This book is filled with photographs, interesting facts, discussion questions, and more, to effectively engage young

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  • Interesting Facts about the Ancient African Art - Art History for Kids Children's Art Books

    Ancient African art is history, culture and tradition fused into one. Studying art will provide a glimpse into the culture and belief systems of a civilization. It also tells a lot about tradition. Yes, there's

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  • Youth on the Santa Fe Trail

    This anthology of the stories of ten young people who traveled the Santa Fe Trail in the 19th century tells of their successes, their struggles, and their motivations. These resilient, courageous young people provide us

    • UPC: 53442838

  • The Santa Fe Trail : The Trail Drive, Book 10

    Buying 3,500 head of longhorn cattle from Gavin McCord in Missouri, Gladstone Pitkin hires Gavin and his cowboys to drive the herd to his New Mexico ranch, and they accept the challenge, unaware of the

    • UPC: 473504

  • Interesting Facts about Homer's Odyssey - Greek Mythology Books for Kids Children's Greek & Roman Books

    Homer's Odyssey is a lengthy but beautifully written tale of gods and the power of human will. It is one of the most-loved stories in Greek mythology. Treat this book as a kid-friendly version of

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  • The Perils of the Santa Fe Trail

    Adventure awaits on the Santa Fe Trail! Learn why this trail was created and why it was so important to the development of the United

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  • Lady Liberty Enlightens the World : Interesting Facts about the Statue of Liberty - American History for Kids Children's History Books

    When you look at Lady Liberty, you see a symbol of American freedom. But did you know that the statue was not even created in the US? There's an interesting story behind it and this

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  • The Second William Penn / A true account of incidents that happened along the / old Santa Fe Trail - eBook

    This book is perfectly adapted and layout, for a pleasant reading on a digital reader, a tablet, or a

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  • The Old Santa Fe Trail: The Story of a Great Highway - eBook

    This book is perfectly adapted and layout, for a pleasant reading on a digital reader, a tablet, or a

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  • 5 Interesting Santa Fe Facts - Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Interesting Facts About The Santa Fe Trail
    Santa Fe (City/Town/Village),Palace Of The Governors (Museum),santa fe opera,dstreit,Ne...

    Study Your History Along The Santa Fe Trail

    Interesting Facts About The Santa Fe Trail
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    NM True TV Santa Fe Trail Museum

    Interesting Facts About The Santa Fe Trail
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