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Intergenerational Trauma From A Mental Health Perspective Shopping Deals on 13.12.2019 at TOPPIDUS

  • Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents

    If you grew up with an emotionally immature, unavailable, or selfish parent, you may have lingering feelings of anger, loneliness, betrayal, or abandonment. You may recall your childhood as a time when your emotional needs were not met, when your feelings were dismissed, or when you took on adult levels of responsibility in an effort to compensate for your parent’s behavior. These wounds can be healed, and you can move forward in your life.In this breakthrough book, clinical psychologist Lindsay Gibson exposes the destructive nature of parent...

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  • From Generation to Generation: Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Storytelling

    Heal your intergenerational trauma and live a more fulfilling and empowered life!Most children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors felt the omnipresence of the Holocaust throughout their childhood and for many, the spectre of the Holocaust continues to loom large through the phenomenon of “intergenerational” or “transgenerational” trauma. In her book, From Generation to Generation: Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Storytelling, Emily Wanderer Cohen connects the dots between her behaviors and choices and her mother’s Holoc...

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  • It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle

    A groundbreaking approach to transforming traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations, by an acclaimed expert in the field   Depression. Anxiety. Chronic Pain. Phobias. Obsessive thoughts. The evidence is compelling: the roots of these difficulties may not reside in our immediate life experience or in chemical imbalances in our brains—but in the lives of our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. The latest scientific research, now making headlines, supports what many have long intuited—that traumatic experienc...

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  • Intergenerational Cycles of Trauma and Violence: An Attachment and Family Systems Perspective

    Exploring the conditions under which children, as a function of their own abuse, become abusive themselves. That experiences from childhood affect our behavior in adulthood, especially in the ways we treat our children and intimate partners, is generally accepted. Indeed, theories of intergenerational transmission of violence indicate that if we ourselves have been abused and neglected as children, we will likely be abusive and neglectful to others close to us―thus extending the cycle across generations. However, many individuals who were mal...

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  • You Are the F*cking Sh*****t: Heal Your Anxiety, Anger and Depression From the Ground Up!

    Heal Your Depression, Anger and Anxiety From the Ground Up!This book revolutionizes how you will heal and be free from your negative emotionsThe first step in unlocking your emotional strength is understanding the following statement, "Problems bring up feelings in us that existed before the problem ever happened."˃˃˃ "Problems bring up feelings in us that existed before the problem ever happened"Our feelings often say something negative about us, but it is important to remember they are never true. The F.I.S.T. process described in this boo...

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  • Still Here: Memoirs of Trauma, Illness and Loss (Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature)

    Still Here: Memoirs of Trauma, Illness and Loss explores the history, ethics, and cross-cultural range of memoirs focusing on illness, death, loss, displacement, and other experiences of trauma. From Walt Whitman’s Civil War diaries to kitchen table survivor-to-survivor storytelling following Hurricane Katrina, from social media posts from a refugee detention centre, to poetry by exiles fleeing war zones, the collection investigates trauma memoir writing as healing, as documentation of suffering and disability, and as political activism. Edit...

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  • The Handbook of Psychoanalytic Holocaust Studies: International Perspectives

    This book is a unique compilation of essays about the genocidal persecution fuelling the Nazi regime in World War II. Written by world-renowned experts in the field, it confronts a vitally important and exceedingly difficult topic with sensitivity, courage, and wisdom, furthering our understanding of the Holocaust/Shoah psychoanalytically, historically, and through the arts. Authors from four continents offer their perspectives, clinical experiences, findings, and personal narratives on such subjects as resilience, remembrance, giving testimon...

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  • Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal

    A “courageous, compassionate, and rigorous every-person’s guide” (Christina Bethell, PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) that shows the link between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and adult illnesses such as heart disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer—Childhood Disrupted also explains how to cope and heal from these emotional traumas.Your biography becomes your biology. The emotional trauma we suffer as children not only shapes our emotional lives as adults, but it also affects our physical health, longevity, a...

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  • Child of the Moon

    In between being your mother and father,I forgot to be your daughterAnd became the child of the moon "In her debut collection, Semaan offers an upfront &moving glimpse into the true nature of healing: an imperfect, nonlinear journey"—Amanda Lovelace, bestselling author of the princess saves herself in this oneAn illustrated poetry collection about finding light in the darkness. Set against the backdrop of the Lebanese Civil War and the author’s turbulent family life, Child of the Moon is a powerful reflection on her journey through fear...

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  • Mental Health and Disasters

    A reference on mental health and disasters, focused on the full spectrum of psychopathologies associated with many different types of

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  • Meaning Systems and Mental Health Culture : Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Counseling and Psychotherapy

    Meaning Systems and Mental Health Culture critiques the objectification of clients and concomitant abandonment of meaning systems that characterize contemporary counseling and psychotherapy. Hansen provides a scholarly overview of trends in talk therapy through a

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  • Leaving Cloud 9 : The True Story of a Life Resurrected from the Ashes of Poverty, Trauma, and Mental Illness

    A powerful, heartbreaking, and redemptive account of a boy who endured a childhood of poverty and abuse in an American Southwest trailer park named Cloud

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  • Journey to Recovery : A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery from Addiction and Mental Health Problems

    Journey to Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery from Addiction and Mental Health ProblemsLearn how to start recovering from addiction and mental health problemsUse practical, concise exercises to develop the tools you need to be

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  • Made For More - Mental Health Edition : Powerful Stories Of people Rising Above Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Sexual Abuse & Other Traumas - eBook

    Sixteen (16) men and women from different walks of life united to create this collaboration. They openly share how they are rising above depression, anxiety, addiction, sexual abuse, and other traumas.Through their powerful stories, they

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  • From Generation to Generation : Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Storytelling

    Heal your intergenerational trauma and live a happier

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  • Faith in the Field : A Historical Theological Perspective on Mental Health

    Although mental illness has not been eradicated, the move to equate mental illness with a physical legitimate illness has resulted in greater understanding on many aspects as to the particular course of the disease. In

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  • Addictions from an Attachment Perspective : Do Broken Bonds and Early Trauma Lead to Addictive Behaviours?

    "The John Bowlby Memorial Conference monograph

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  • Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders in Israel : From Epidemiology to Mental Health Action

    Psychiatric epidemiological research in Israel has been thriving over the years. In recent decades it has expanded its concerns from treated populations to community-based

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  • Trauma Essentials: The Go-To Guide (Go-To Guides for Mental Health) - eBook

    Basic information about one of the most common problems in therapy, from a best-selling mental health writer.Since 1980, when PTSD first appeared as a diagnostic category, the number of people seeking trauma therapy has grown

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  • Historical Trauma: Impact on Today's Mental Health

    Intergenerational Trauma From A Mental Health Perspective

    Intergenerational Trauma and Intergenerational Healing - 2017.04.11

    Intergenerational Trauma From A Mental Health Perspective
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    8 Signs Of Family Problems: Inter-generational Trauma - Psychotherapy Crash Course

    Intergenerational Trauma From A Mental Health Perspective
    toxic family members christian,toxic family members,toxic relationships,borderline pers...