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Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Workout Routine Shopping Deals on 07.12.2019 at TOPPIDUS

  • K KiNGKANG Power Tower Adjustable Height Multi-Function Home Strength Training Fitness Workout Station, T056

    K KiNGKANG--Professional Fitness Equipment Manufacturer! Utilize the Power Tower for pull-ups, dips, core exercises, bench pressing, and countless other routines Features: * Thick, heavy-duty cushions * Push-up handles, multi-grip pull up bar to train arm, back, chest, shoulders muscles * Dip station, VKR station for leg and knee raises and targeted ab crunches * Double tier dumbbell rack * Heavy-duty steel frame, U shaped frame base Specifications: * 330 lbs max *51.2" L x 35.4" W x 64.96"- 92.52" H * 11.8" x 8.6" Padded back * 7.8...

    • ASIN: B071W8S9XB
    • Color: black
    • Brand: K KiNGKANG
    • UPC: 768430910640

  • Lx Free Power Tower - Home Gym Adjustable Multi-Function Fitness Equipment Pull Up Bar Stand Workout Station

    Lx Free--Professional Fitness Equipment Manufacturer!  Utilize the Power Tower for pull-ups, dips, core exercises, bench pressing, and countless other routines  Why do you want to choose our fitness equipment? * Thick, heavy-duty cushions, Fitness exercises are not deformed, bringing great comfort * Push-up handles, multi-grip pull up bar to train arm, back, chest, shoulders muscles   * Heavy-duty steel frame, Unbeatable reliability * Dip station, For leg and knee raises and targeted ab crunches Product parameters: * 330 lbs max ...

    • ASIN: B0788JD5YB
    • Brand: Lx Free
    • UPC: 748966264783

  • Stamina 1690 Power Tower

    • ASIN: B002Y2SUU4
    • Color: Grey, Black
    • Brand: Stamina
    • UPC: 706001226967

  • Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

    • ASIN: B008DNAJ5M
    • Brand: Perfect Fitness
    • UPC: 768421119700

  • Power Press Push Up - Complete Push Up Training System

    Sick of doing a quadrillion reps of the same old repetitive exercises, repetitive exercises, repetitive exercises? Yep, us too! Plug and Press in multiple pushup positions and angles like no other pushup product. Power Press Push Up is an innovative color-coded pushup board training system that strengthens and sculpts your entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms), while engaging your total core. The easy-to-follow multiple color pushup positions target specific muscles and promote proper form, which is essential to strength training...

    • ASIN: B0065RBOWK
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Power Press
    • UPC: 757183284603

  • Yes4All Doorway Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar over the Door for Home Gym, Enhance Upper Body Strength - Pull Up Bar on the Door - Support to 300 lbs (XSP Bar)

    HEAVY GAUGE CONSTRUCTIONConstructed of heavy-gauge steel (1.6 mm thick), Yes4All Chin Up Bar can withstand more strength and weight without being out of shape, broken or damaged.CXP Chin up Bar: Bar versions are specially designed to fit doorways 28- 33” conveniently and support up to 250 lbsXSP Chin up Bar: Designed to fit 33-37” with door thickness 4.75 - 6.25 inches including door trim and support up to 300 lbsSXP Chin up Bar: The bar can fit standard doorframe from 24-32” and support up to 300 lbs. SXP Chin up Bar is fully equipped wi...

    • ASIN: B019H3EDU8
    • Color: Black XSP Bar - 30 to 37" New One Piece Bar
    • Brand: Yes4All
    • UPC: 737993602118

  • DMoose Fitness Ab Straps Six Pack Home Gym Exerciser - Double Strap Support and Stitching, Rip-Resistant Fabric, Longer & Thick Arm Padding - Premium Grade Abs Workout Equipment for Men & Women

    Enhance your Ab Workouts potential by ensuring proper technique, safety and strength-building with premium Pull Up Straps from DMoose Fitness! Our Ab Crunch Straps are perfect for anyone who is wishing to build strong Six-Pack Abs and toning obliques, by adding a full motion in the legs and abdomen without straining their lower back. Our exclusive double Straps Support construction has been attentively designed with years of performance to ensure supreme abs-defining workouts and achieve greater isolation during Hanging Abdominal Exercises. Why...

    • ASIN: B07778X7S2
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: DMoose Fitness
    • UPC: 680017782757

  • Perfect Fitness Ab Straps

    Quick-connect a pair of heavy duty performance Abs Straps to your Perfect Pull-up bar or any standard pull-up bar for abs-defining workouts the way the pros do it. Experienced professionals use Abs Straps to perform off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts. Perfect Abs Straps are sturdy, comfortable and designed for years of performance. Made with heavy-duty nylon straps and mountaineering-grade steel carabineers. Extra comfortable - cushioned with thick foam padding....

    • ASIN: B00G8UGUAK
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Perfect Fitness
    • UPC: 400220229173

  • ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station, Heavy Duty Ultimate Body Press Bar with Safety Connector for Tricep Dips, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, L-Sits, Black

    Enhance your home gym with this multifunctional dip stand. The lightweight, portable design is easy to move around wherever you need it. Single dip bars adjust from 31” to 35” in height, making it great for a variety of users. A safety connector provides extra stability and allows the distance between U-shaped bars to be adjusted from 16 ¼” to 23 ¼” at increments of 1 ¼”. This means users of all shapes and sizes can set it at the ideal size to strengthen your chest, back, shoulders, triceps and abs using only your bodyweight. The p...

    • ASIN: B07BHWFH1W
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: ProsourceFit
    • UPC: 810244023341

  • Wooden Gymnastics Rings with Adjustable Straps for Gym, Cross Training, Strength Training, Pull Ups and Dips (Wood - 32mm)

    Develop the aesthetic physique of a gymnast Gym rings are truly one of the best fitness equipment available on the market. Ring workouts build strength, stability and coordination like no other gym gear. The intense concentration and focus you need during ring exercises will help you build a muscular upper body that's every bit as strong as it looks. Who can benefit from wood ring training? It's very easy to see why wooden gym rings should be a part of your gym routine. They are a highly functional type of training that builds superior upp...

    • ASIN: B01LLZ765E
    • Color: Wooden - 32mm
    • Brand: Iron Bull Strength
    • UPC: 641171785534

  • POWER GUIDANCE Pull Up Bands Assisted Pull-up Resistance Exercise - for Body Stretching, Powerlifting, Resistance Training - RED

    POWER GUIDANCE PULL-UP ASSIST RESISTANCE BANDS Whether you are just starting out with pull ups or you are an athlete working on regaining or enhancing your strength, the POWER GUIDANCE resistance band will help you take your pull up and chin up training to the next level. Lightweight, Perfect For Traveling & Easy To Transport. With your Power Guidance pull up assist bands, you can always find time in a busy day for workout, and you can exercise anywhere you want... in the park, your hotel room, at work, at home, and of course at the gym. Tuck i...

    • ASIN: B018K44B52
    • Color: Red
    • UPC: 748476815987

  • Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt with Steel Chain, Black

    Expand your weight training routine with the Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt. The contoured design of this belt provides back and upper body support, fitting comfortably during serious training. The 30-inch steel chain and carabiner mechanism allow weight to easily be added for chin-ups and dips helping to develop power and strength in triceps and chest. The Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt features thick polypropylene construction with heavy duty steel grommets to secure chain to belt for maximum durability. Adjustable, one size fits all....

    • ASIN: B001P0S3XU
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Harbinger
    • UPC: 703570169718

  • Crossfit Bands for Physical Therapy, Flexibility, Mobility, Traction, Shoulder Hip Impingement Banded Distraction, Rehab, Kipping, WOD and Pull up assistance - Long Pullup Rubber Band Green Large

    Assisted Pull up Bands | Resistance Bands for Strength & Power Training, Crossfit Mobility & Gym work | Stretching, Therapy, Yoga, Distraction, Flexibility & Pullups etc

    • ASIN: B01LW1K32R
    • Color: #5 Green (50lb-120lb)
    • Brand: Iron Core Fitness
    • UPC: 712038296637

  • WOD Nation Pull up Assistance Bands Best for Pullup Assist, Chin Ups, Resistance Band Exercise, Stretch, Mobility Work & Serious Fitness - Single Band 41 inch Straps | 1 Red 10-35 lbs

    RESISTANCE BANDS FOR PULL UP TRAINING - If you want to train your upper body you know how good pull ups are for you. The problem is that it's very hard to increase the amount you can do without some help. These resistance bands are the solution. Do as many pull ups as you can without the band first. When you can't do any more add another thin band or use just one thicker band and squeeze out your last few reps. Do this on a regular basis and you'll be stringing together multiple pull ups in no time! RESISTANCE BANDS FOR TRICEPS AND BICEPS - Th...

    • ASIN: B00P6E9V6E
    • Color: SINGLE #1 Red- 10 to 35 Pounds
    • Brand: WOD Nation
    • UPC: 702565044276

  • Wacces 3-in-1 Fitness Exercise Door Chin Pull Push Sit up Bar + Bonus Ab Strap

    The Wacces Chin up Bar with Ab Straps is a multi-function portable equipment that allows you to perform several different exercises. The most common use of this equipment is for upper body workouts including pull up, push up, sit up, leg raises, oblique curls and variety of abdominal exercises. Once the unit is assembled using the toolkit that is included, it will attach and detach to your door frame in seconds. Positioning the chin up bar on top of the door frame or down below will determine the type of exercise to perform. The extra padded fo...

    • ASIN: B00607G43O
    • Brand: Wacces
    • UPC: 729440443207

  • Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

    Iron Gym is the multi function training bar that combines every exercise you need to build a powerful upper body. Its the ultimate body sculpting and strength building tool that helps shape the upper body

    • UPC: 302326317
    • Model: IRONG-MC4
    • Color: SilverSilver,Black
    • Rating: 4.053

  • Pro Fit Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition - NEW

    The As Seen On TV Iron Gym Xtreme Workout Bar lets you get lean, strong, and ripped in the most efficient manner. This is a multifunction training system that strengthens and tones your chest, back,

    • UPC: 13032424
    • Model: IRONGX-MC4
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 4.46

  • Titan Fitness Extreme Door Pull Up Bar Gym Upper Body Workout Strength Exercise

    The Titan Fitness Extreme over the door pull-up bar is perfect for doing strength body weight exercises, both on the door and on the floor! With more bars and grips comes greater exercise variety than

    • UPC: 55111034
    • Model: OTDPUBEX
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Tricep Pull Rope, Press Down Push Pull Cord, Home Gym Workout Push Pull Bar Rope, Sport Gymnastic Heavy Duty Braided Nylon Rope for Training Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders and Abdominal Muscle

    Features: For Use with weight stack cable equipment,Optimise Tricep Contraction. Constructed with heavy braided nylon and toughened swivelling attachment. Good for use at home or in the gym. All Effectively Trained,Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders and Abs.

    • UPC: 824798608

  • ecotric 50'' heavy duty wall mounted chin pull up bar gym workout fitness home mount fitness 500lbs with one year warranty

    feature: capacity: 500 lbs can be setup vertically or horizontally mount on concrete wall at any width up to 53" with supplied bar height: can be adjusted based on ceiling height or athlete height mounting

    • UPC: 723459278

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