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  • Ismaili Literature: A Bibliography of Sources and Studies

    Ismaili Studies represents one of the most recent fields of Islamic Studies. Much new research has taken place in this field as a result of the recovery of a large number of Ismaili texts. Ismaili Literature contains a complete listing of the sources and secondary studies, including theses, written by Ismailis or about them in all major Islamic and European languages. It also contains chapters surveying Ismaili history and developments in modern Ismaili Studies....

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  • Faith and World: Contemporary Ismaili Social and Political Thought


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  • Contemporary American Literature: Bibliographies and Study Outlines - eBook

    This book is intended as a companion volume to Contemporary British Literature; but the differences between conditions in America and in England have made it necessary to alter somewhat the original plan. In America today

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  • Hellenistic Literature: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide - eBook

    This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of the ancient world find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format

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  • Ismaili History and Intellectual Traditions

    The Ismailis represent an important Shiai Muslim community with rich intellectual and literary traditions. The complex history of the Ismailis dates back to the 2nd/8th century when they separated from other Shiai groups under the

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  • Faith and Ethics : The Vision of the Ismaili Imamat

    Shi`i Ismaili Muslims are unique in following for centuries a living, hereditary Imam (spiritual leader), whom they believe to be directly descended from the Prophet Muhammad. The Imam's duty has been to guide his community

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  • British Music Hall, 1840-1923 : A Bibliography and Guide to Sources, with a Supplement on European Music-Hall

    British Music Hall, 1840-1923: A Bibliography and Guide to Sources, with a Supplement on

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  • The Early History of Ismaili Jurisprudence - eBook

    Researchers have shed light on the literary production of the Ismailis since the early 1930s. The cataloguing of these work has been carried out by Ivanow, Fyzee, Goriawala, Poonawala, Gacek, Cortese and de Bloise. Many

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  • Literature of the Cherokees : Also, Bibliography and the Story of Their Genesis (Classic Reprint)

    Excerpt from Literature of the Cherokees: Also, Bibliography and the Story of Their Genesis When even a quite intelligent person hears about 'aboriginal American Lit erature, ' he is very excusable for asking What is

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  • America and World War I : A Selected Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Sources

    America and World War I, the first volume in the new Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies series, provides a concise, annotated guide to the vast amount of resources available on the Great War.

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  • Salvation and Destiny in Islam : The Shi'i Ismaili Perspective of Hamid Al-Din Al-Kirmani

    Medieval Islamic philosophers were occupied with questions of cosmology, predestination and salvation and human responsibility for actions. For Ismailis, the related notions of religious leadership, namely the imamate, and the eschatological role of the prophets

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    Ismaili Literature A Bibliography Of Sources And Studies

    Quran in Ismaili Ginan Literature

    Ismaili Literature A Bibliography Of Sources And Studies
    ismaili teachings,ginan and kuran,ginan philosophy,ismaili literature urdu,the holy qur...


    Ismaili Literature A Bibliography Of Sources And Studies