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  • What Was the Holocaust?

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    • ASIN: 0451533909
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  • God Is in the Crowd : Twenty-First-Century Judaism


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  • Jewish Literacy : The Most Important Things to Know about the Jewish Religion, Its People, and Its History (Revised)

    With 348 short chapters covering every essential aspect of Jewish history and life--from the Torah to modern American Jewish culture--this invaluable reference is a comprehensive yet thoroughly accessible resource on the fundamentals of

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  • The Norton Anthology of World Religions : Volume 1: Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism; Volume 2: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

    Collects over one thousand primary texts from the world's six major religions, including foundational works as well as pieces by scholars, seekers, believers, and skeptics from throughout the histories of each of those

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  • Judaism for Dummies

    Discusses the difference between reform, conservative, and orthodox Judaism; provides a detailed look at the various Jewish holidays; and discusses Judaism's fundamental beliefs, rituals, and

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  • A History of God : The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

    Explores the evolution of the idea and experience of God, from Abraham to the present

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  • Let's Get Biblical! : Why Doesn't Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah? Volume 1

    Explore the Jewish and Christian Scriptures with the world renowned Bible scholar and expert on Jewish evangelism, Rabbi Tovia Singer. This new two-volume work, Let's Get Biblical! Why Doesn't Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?, takes

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  • Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism

    Written for the educated, skeptical, searching Jew, and for the non-Jew who wants to understand the meaning of Judaism, this thought-provoking book has become a widely-read introduction to the oldest living religion, consisely and engagingly

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  • The Lion of Judah : How Jesus Completes Biblical Judaism and Why Judaism and Christianity Separated

    This book will help you understand the history of Christianity and Judaism, get into greater alignment with God’s plan of redemption, be better equipped to share the gospel with Jewish people, and become more sensitive

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  • To Heal the World? : How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism and Endangers Israel

    A devastating critique of the presumed theological basis of the Jewish social justice movement--the concept of healing the world.What is tikkun olam? This obscure Hebrew phrase means literally "healing the world," and according to Jonathan

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  • Sacrifice, Cult, and Atonement in Early Judaism and Christianity : Constituents and Critique

    -This volume features a selection of presentations delivered at annual conferences of the Society of Biblical Literature for the Sacrifice, Cult, and Atonement section between the years 2011 and

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  • Judaism Explained: Religions in Global History

    Judaism Was The First Great Religion To
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    Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11

    Judaism Was The First Great Religion To
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    Overview of early Judaism part 1 | World History | Khan Academy

    Judaism Was The First Great Religion To
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